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    Boot time?

    Sounds like analog pedals and a solid state amp and / or SS preamp will be the quickest boot.
  2. Line 6 would have to answer that one!
  3. I have to be more clear: I set the volume knob to something I'm NOT using as an output at the time (Digital)
  4. I definitely want an editor. But not having it forced me to really use the thing as its designed via the interface, including standing up over it in FS edit mode. ( Wish I could actually change the resolution of that feature so it would make more dramatic in-model changes, quicker)... But I don't feel the 'ugh' of having to make a tweak at sound check with the thing that I would with other similar products.
  5. Before gigs I go into global settings and turn the volume wheel OFF. So front of house support gets a consistent level in case you bump the knob. Also check your overall levels between patches. Although the helix has been better about that than any other gear I've had
  6. Looks like component failure instead of an unit assembly error? I know how this kind of thing can feel but that looks easily repaired... Best of luck with it!
  7. A day later offers perspective...I wasn't prepared to have an issue because of how flawless everything was up to that point. End of the day its pretty much back to where it was .... It happens.... I do appreciate the forum. I've been a part of it a long time way back when but don't usually post. Not really my thing until of late. But I've learned a lot of tricks here. Thank you.... Apologize for the rant.
  8. So.... after playing through the new presets ( Knife fight) and just having a lot of fun and calming down I've come to this conclusion...They built this kit for those that (1) like to be on the cutting edge (2) for people that actually work gigging and need the flexibility this thing provides and (3) those who are on their way to category 2..... I work 2 jobs to keep my kids in college and pay my mortgage. the main job does most of it but my music gigs pay for the extras. So, I make money for my gear by gigging. I need the money and I need my sh*t to work. I did buy the Helix because it was finally a personal indulgence for all the years playing to 4/4, But I saved for it and it was to provide IO to help me pare down my bass or guitar rigs depending on the gig. I was supported by my family to do so and that is all good. I've played gigs with it and its worked awesome. It is the best piece of gear I've had in years... But its stressful to get in this situation where I spent a lot of time on patches to have them altered and feeling insecure about its viability after an OEM update. In the end, I got back to close with the patches.. The reality is, who I play to could give a rats a$$ of whether I used a Vox, Matchless or Fender model and our sound guy will adjust to the room anyway- that is all for me. The thing has been a great instrument. I think what took me aback was how solid it was from day one and I got used to it just working exactly as intended. I let my tech guard down a bit, but its not the end of the world.
  9. I think I figured it out. This firmware does not seem to recognize the new models they did in the last update! I have patches that used the Teemah and Autofilter for example and those models and their settings are gone from my patches amongst other things. Nightmare Line 6- Help straighten out my $1k+ USD problem here... unacceptable
  10. I'm curious if others have also had models drop out of there presets or footswitch locations
  11. Really frustrating but I guess this is the result of wanting to have the latest and greatest. I'm not a noob at this stuff but feel like it based on how this one has gone..My patches are missing models and presets are whacky here and there. I reinstalled a bundle after figuring out a way around the invalid cert or app signature. So basically 3 steps back... I'm thinking on putting the old firmware back but I'm sure I'll get met with some level of weirdness there too... There has to be an easier way. One comment about software installs. It doesn't seem to make sense to not suite the apps and look at a NVidia , AMD, etc on how they handle and communicate driver/ software and firmware updates. Always very clear, concise... and QUICK.
  12. Every firmware update is ultimately twice as complicated as your previous generation of product. Maybe not in the the 'ideal' but in the reality of uninstalling and re-installing the Updater each time
  13. http://www.idjnow.com/gator-g-club-control-27bp-27-dj-controller-backpack-with-adjustable-interior.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAi4a2BRCu_eXo3O_k3hUSJABmN9N1Yu1qVTeLvsVvIWslYbaveNy2wQF0Fy0GhJE4t00EwRoCg27w_wcB This item seems to have a bit more room? It extends the compartments all the way through the top of the unit but may not be as deep. It's also more money (199 us ) but it looks like another option
  14. Thanks for doing this! I bookmarked it as well. Really clear and easy to navigate...The hyperlinks right to the manual of the instrument that was modelled is super useful.. I've used that feature already...Thanks again.
  15. The podxtlive seemed to have a lot of compression generally anyway. It always had that "thunk" sound to me....I've always been a digitech guy first and boss guy second. I would use a guitar modeler to pare down my rig and would play both of those entities live and found usable tones in each (gnx3000, rp500, gt10,gt100) including their compression models. The helix is different in that the amp models have programmable sag etc ('squish' -if you use an amp model). In some cases it eliminates the need for a comp block altogether. The LA comp I found to be strange add unless you want it for vocals. The deluxe comp is sensitive and has a high resolution to dial in what you need. The red is the bull in the china shop you expect to be. I use the helix for both bass and guitar gigs and compression is more important on the bass to me and it works better and cleaner than anything I've used previously...
  16. I bought the Helix for the IO , sonic upgrade and interface so I didn't HAVE to be tied to an editor. Don't get me wrong, I want it as well but it was awesome last weekend to be able to QUICKLY and confidently tweak a patch during sound check. The thing is made for such stuff.
  17. I haven't noticed that happening. I've gigged with it etc... No issues. Are you sure you aren't double tapping on your way out of the tuner?
  18. Sounds great.. great playing too. I like that you can hear pickup position changes with this thing. A lot of other modelers don't bring out the character of the guitar as well.
  19. I have the deluxe compressor 6:1 with a low threshold so its basically on. I give it 2-4 dB gain bump. I have a parametric eq with 2 db bump in the middle. All this is in front of the pitch change (-4) then a Plexi model after it. Low sag (2) on the amp to tighten it up. Not particularly metal but chunky..Also note that my guitars have Tone Zones (Dimarzios) that have an exaggerated mid range as well. I have no idea if this is whey it sounds OK but its what I did... Its not perfect but I get very little warble and fun to F- around with. I have no gigging use for it.... its just for fun. The thing is packed up for gigs this weekend. I can look at it closer in a few days. The Line 6 guys probably have some good tips.
  20. Hi, I use the Helix in a dual rig situation (play guitar and bass, both in Return 1 & 2). I do it this way so the tuner works for both. ( I couldn't get the Guitar in and return 1 both use the tuner as an example. They are on separate paths yada yada. Anyway, when I'm not playing bass, I play guitar and the keyboard/harmonica player plays my bass etc. I tell this up front so you can get a sense on how I route things. It works awesome and has cut my 2 rigs down dramatically. The guitar is fine. But for bass, I go from the Helix with a few basic foundation effects. (Compressor/limiter, chorus, EQ) out to a Markbass Superbooster with the VLE (Vintage Loudspeaker Emulator) engaged on 6 (Out of 10). I go direct out from this XLR to FOH, and 1/4" to my bass amp which is set flat and more or less for stage monitoring. The Markbass creates a gritty jazz bass roundness and high end and low end rolloff to my Ibanez SR that I want to duplicate in the helix so I can shed this piece of gear as well (road worn and I expect it to start getting flaky and they don't make it anymore.) I can use the direct out ( Pre EQ) from my amp to take care of the FOH. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows this piece of gear and has tried to emulate it. On top of the rolloff, there is I think a slight bit of compression as well. While its a unique EQ, after all that I've done with the helix so far, I have to believe its absolutely possible to emulate. I'll be down to 1 lightweight class D amp, 2 instruments and the just the Helix if I can replicate this thing!
  21. I do some really well tracked drop tunings by adding a punch compressor and a pushed mid EQ in front of the pitch shifter, then add the amp model etc. The EQ may or may not have made the difference, I just wanted it regardless. Its the best pitch shifter I've used actually...
  22. The update was a good adder. The new amps, Timmy, and especially the swap feature are absolutely great. I find myself almost always revising footswitch layouts after I make a patch based on actual use and this saved a lot of time/ opened up a much more flexible experimentation process. Especially since this is the center of a dual (bass and guitar) live rig. As this was my first firmware upgrade, I just found, though, that I had to reload/re-install the updater application for some reason as it wasn't seeing the Helix. Minor issue. Great update...
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