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  1. Its great the Line 6 provides such a great vehicle for us all to share sounds via Custom Tone. Its works pretty well but I wish there was a check box for all tones that include IR's so I could just filter them out right away. There are so many IR's and everyone has their slots / IR's set up completely differently. I appreciate everyone who puts their tone up though and then advises at least what the cab is supposed to be based on....That helps a lot.
  2. I had some great Smith's patches that I suddenly need but they were in my old POD XTLive which is now long gone. I can replicate them but wondering if there is a way to view edit older modeler patches? May be as simple as firing up the old editor....But I already had the forum open :)
  3. I don’t disagree with that last comment. I look all the time to see if something got released but don’t necesserily expect it. I just find that many seem to expect it as a right. I see it as gravy.
  4. I tried really hard to not click this thread....When we bought the thing, I don't think there was a quantifiable / guaranteed update feature of "XX amps and XX effects every quarter until the product is discontinued". I've got to think most of us have really only scratched the surface of what it can do as-is. Especially if you are gigging. I've had one since it basically came out and one of the earliest if not the release firmware. Its stable, dynamic, and versatile. Those that are needy for an update, did the unit not satisfy when you got it? If not, why'd you keep it? Or are you just bored? Which is OK-Its not a judgement, I'm just curious.
  5. sounds like a site power issue?...Who knows what the Helix saw before you either but they are built incredibly well / resilient. .. Curious how much it was used. Maybe its worth investing a bit more in getting a factory fresh one?
  6. We are all sums of a bastiches and iceholes
  7. A train going from Boston to Chicago stops in NY. 20 Helix's are taken off the train and sent to various cover gigs. At the next stop in Pittsburgh, 18 Helix's are put on. Once the train reaches Chicago, 85 Helix's in total are counted on the train. How many Helix's were on the train when it left Boston and what firmware did they all have?
  8. I agree with both of your comments above. Some of the posts about "why this" or " how that" often show little initiation to learning the thing. My second statement was more a realization over a judgement. To each their own.
  9. I was building a bunch of patches over the weekend for an upcoming thing. More classic rock/crunch inspired than anything else. I made what I needed pretty quick but after also went on Customtone and searched through and found a couple other patches where I found some cool elements to bring in on a few sounds. I keep forgetting about it over there. There are over 1500 tones on it. (Count is like 1900+ but there seems to be a lot of duplicates or reloads, etc.) As an aside, it seems the amount of people coming in to do a sales pitch on their "latest set of preset bundles" to sell has been increasing. I'm not against capitalism and I've bought a few specialized ones here and there but in general, usually (85% of the time) feel like, "is that it?" I'll keep the who comments to myself. Its ironic how Line 6 (a commercial concern) is giving away these great firmware updates on a product I initially bought "as-is" but members of the community are now so actively looking to get paid to put together stuff that Line 6 made so easy for them to make in the first place....
  10. I tried this particular situation to the letter as per the OP and could not replicate the problem. Note: I have Helix Floor connected to a gig rack with a Furman M-8 ( Not a high end conditioner) but even going into my house power direct, there was not a noticeable jump.
  11. I set up guitar and bass through my Helix for gigs. When I switch to guitar, our harmonica/key player takes over bass. I never use a guitar amp just the wedges for stage monitoring. I sometimes use a Fender Bassman amp just for bass over my Alto 210's if i'm in the mood but my bass signal going to FOH is pretty much direct with no amp emulation, that is just for the stage. ( I use amp emulation for guitar for both stage and FOH) All goes to FOH for the sound support to do what they need I use the standard guitar in for guitar and the Aux for the bass with a 15 dB bump via a gain block in the front end because my bass has an EQ preamp but is not technically "active". I've gotten around the low dB on the Aux input by using a Return as a bass or guitar input as well but in the end I settled on the way I have it now. No real reason other than it was there and easier to navigate input for setup so I can get onto the next thing. ( I'd constantly plug into the wrong 1/4").
  12. I keep a pack of travel baby wipes in my gig box. I find I usually have to squeeze out a bunch of juice before I use them but they safely clean gear and wipe down poly coated guitars/basses etc. +1 on a spare terry towel to buff things out if needed and to double as a helix cover before/after sets. Its preserved it here and there from the (well documented) audience splashing beer syndrome that seems to set in between the 2-3rd set break through the end of the night. I think I did try Windex on Helix before when I had it out at home and didn't notice any ill effects but interesting comment on wheat it does to tinted windows etc. I'll stick with the baby wipes!
  13. I liked these Mackies as well. I liked the *idea* of the amp options over the Altos but they didn't have a 10". I ended up buying and ultimately returning the (2) Alto 12" for (2) Alto 10" and extremely happy I did. They weren't overly different but the 10" seems a bit punchier and really just as loud and easier to move around. I play bass, acoustic and Guitar through them. End of the day it doesn't color too much and translates to the PA well enough. Love them.
  14. I thought this was a great comment/adventure on how you found your sound. Thanks for the offering such a detailed explanation. compelling process...
  15. TLF2007

    Alto ts212

    I just bought a Ts212 to try it/ AB against my TS110. I wanted to get 2 TS210's but the local GC didn't have any in stock. My intent was to make an all around solution since I use the Helix out with Guitar, Bass and Acoustic. Its definitely louder than 110 and and the low end is there but I like the punch of 10's like my bass amp and don't know yet if i'll get that out it. It seems to make sense they though they will be a better reference to my FOH tone than the 10's (Peavey 15's and 2 subs when we aren't using venue PA).
  16. I love the Helix for this purpose. Incredibly powerful to use one effects unit for both. XLR goes to mixer for guitar 1/4" goes to bass amp. I also have 2 Alto TS210's that I multipurpose as a bass amp and simultaneous guitar amp for small acoustic-y gigs.
  17. OK. - I play bass for 2 sets and guitar for 1 set in a band where there is another guitar player and a harmonica/key player and I use the Helix for both my lead/rhythm duties and bass duties (When I play guitar, the key player plays my bass) . I use the helix for bass effects and DI to PA and a Fender Bassman for stage monitoring because its just sounds good. The DI bass and guitar is absolutely better for the FOH guys. Its consistent. I use NO AMP for guitar but there are 2-4 stage monitors for the band to get my tone and the crowd gets PA tone and they have 0 issue with it. Your bass player is misinformed, one-dimensional and maybe a little douchey but sounds like he needs to get more of you on the stage volume! I love not having to pull around a temperamental Marshall but plug both of my bass and guitar effects into ONE unit that efficiently
  18. This is exactly what my kids feel... My oldest knows she has to play her strengths and quirks to gig professionally and my youngest will lofi, as an example, to try to find a niche.
  19. I'm a moderate 'working' musician which means my guitar and bass hobby gets me gear money but also a tax bill. I have an oldest daughter who grinds it out in musical theater gigs (singer/actor/dancer) and a youngest son who writes and performs hip hop stuff from his DAW, a MPC and and IPad. We are all polar to each other on our primary genre love but we all love music. I can say they could care less about guitar. They love music and the eclecticism / dynamic range of all of it that they can get today. They aren't bound to this one instrumental convention. They know how to play OK but don't see the need to excel at it. BUT I've heard my oldest toil over a vocal refrain with nothing but a piano backing over and over and over and my youngest toil over snare attack in a 20 track mix. I have loved amp emulation tools from the beginning because of all the non-archival options they give you and my kids agreed that the next group of heroes have to think beyond the past. The Helix means nothing to my kids when they look at this list of 'classic amps'. But once my son saw the helix had a ring modulator and some other mod effects, he had an application with the box. He was also super engaged when I was grinding out some Royal Blood the other day all on my own with just a DAW drum track, the helix, a FRFR for guitar and my bass amp...Again, not a conventional "Mesa with a 4X12 cab" emulation that I may or may not really dig but that he could care less about...
  20. The thing with a lot of the FRFR things is I'm not a fan of the small driver. Looking at the 12" alto subwoofers, you can actually switch off teh crossover filter so teh thing gets the whole frequency response. They aren't wedges but for both applications would think they'd fit the bill. Am I missing something?
  21. This sounds very cool.... Please post your project progress.
  22. Hi all- I play bass through the Helix and via a Bassman 2 X 10" with a compression driver that is a low end-y $ amp but for whatever reason it sits in the mix great along with a Markbass booster with VLE at about 10:00 . I also play guitar through an Alto TS110 and send separate feeds of both to the FOH via the 1/4" and the XLR. All Mono... The gig I play mostly bass but when I switch to guitar the keyboard player takes my bass. Works well. I want to find a comparable sounding 2x10 (total) bass and guitar rig maybe by use of another Alto but likely to switch to something else. I have fear to go to 2 12" I will lose the punch I love about the Bassman but 2 X10" I may not find a powered speaker that has the SPL. Bottom line- I'm wondering if anyone else uses the Helix and FRFR for Bass and if so, what do you recommend? I want a separate 2 speaker system so I have stero options for other gigs where I only play guitar etc. Thanks in advance...
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    Yeah, I'll upload a starting base template to Customtone. Adjust amp/effects and outputs etc. as you see fit. It will have a guitar kill and a bass kill switch ( Momentary- hold them down to keep whatever path off etc) you can change that to a latching on and off if you want. The volume pedal will adjust bass volume blend to the guitar tone. Very basic.
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