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  1. Classic mode turns off the tweeter.
  2. You also have the built in guitar samples to experiment with the effects.
  3. -The FBV Express MKII is compatible with your amp. -You can assign some effect parameters to the volume pedal of the FBV shortboard. It depends on the preset which effects can be assigned. Not all parameters can be assigned. - You can't connect an expression pedal to the FBV Express. You'll have to get one of the bigger boards to connect one. I have an FBV3 and an outboard expression pedal and it works great. But it's a pretty big investment for a fairly cheap amp like the Spider V 30. - Go to the Line 6 website, they have a full description of all the floorboards - I am my favorite charity, All donations are non tax deductible. Minimum donation $1000.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree. I would have kept the Spider name for the 20 and 30 watt versions, and changed the name of the higher powered ones to something else. That said, I really like my Spider V 240. It has a ton of great tones, and with the FBV3 is a fully featured gig/practice rig. Too bad it doesn't get the respect it deserves.
  5. If you decide to destroy your JTV, make sure you video it. You may as well monetize it on Youtube!
  6. Walt's Trout Hut?! Isn't that right next door to the Dew Drop Inn??
  7. You can use any generic expression pedal, or a volume pedal with 25ohm output like the Ernie Ball VPjr. It does have the generic TRS jack. It's great to have a foot controller anyway if you're going to play live. I have an FBV3 which works great for accessing all the basic tones. No problem, glad to help!
  8. You have to connect the expression pedal to one of the Line 6 foot controllers, it can't be connected directly to the amp. You could connect a typical volume pedal that you would connect between your guitar and amp but that would simply be a volume pedal, whereas you can control other functions with a pedal connected to a floorboard. Check the website for compatible floorboards.
  9. It's called Spider V Remote and you can download it from this website. It works much better than the IOS or Android apps.
  10. It's not possible to change the looper footswitch as far as I know. I think if you practice it a bit, you'll get used to the upper footswitch control. Guys with huge pedalboards somehow are able to tap dance all those switches on multiple levels. I was tired of the tap dancing which is why I decided to go digital. It's great for live playing.
  11. The amp models presets default to levels compatible with normal single coil and humbuckers. All your pickups are on the hot end of the spectrum, so I would expect that you would have to lower the gain to get a reasonable distortion tone. That's the great thing about digital, you can adjust parameters to your taste with lots of options for shaping tone.
  12. Spider amps don't have IR loading. Your best bet is to go on Customtone where you can download presets for free
  13. Here are a few ideas: - check the lights on the FBV. The red (volume) should be on. If not, the expression pedal is assigned to a parameter like delay, etc. - do a factory reset - plug in the FBV. Look under the pedal- there should be a light glowing inside. If not, the opto led may be bad.
  14. Because there are so many possible ways to configure a modeling amp with effects, it's really up to you to experiment to get the sounds you're trying to create. As far a boost goes, there is an effect called "Boost and Eq" which you can move to the end of your signal chain to increase volume. I use it all the time as a boost, or to equalize volumes between presets. Check it out. If you're not using the Spider V Remote app, I recommend it- it will make creating a signal chain much easier.
  15. Don't bother with it. Just get some plumbers Teflon tape, wrap the end, push it in, and it will fit pretty snugly.
  16. You might be confusing Master volume with Channel volume. Master volume is modeled from tube amp circuits, and Channel volume is a control modelers use to level preset volume
  17. The channel volume is modeled but since it has no effect on tone, use it to level your preset volumes with no worries.
  18. I guess I'm not understanding what you're asking. When you connect the Spider V to the Spider Edit app, there is a list of all the presets that you can overwrite. There are 128 preset slots to load your custom presets, and you can also click and drag the presets in the list to move them into the bank you want.
  19. If you're happy with the tones of your V60, and don't want to play in a band or jam, I'd probably say don't bother buying the 240. The advantages of the 240- much louder, better speaker(s), stereo tones, XLR outputs probably don't outweigh the cost of the 240. But, I have a 240 and it's a great amp, so if you plan on moving up down the line and it's a great deal, you could go for it. How's that for playing both sides, lol!
  20. If you hook up to your computer, you can save presets with Spider Edit. That way you can store presets you might not use that often, but load them on your amp when you need them. Or you could get a FBV3 and you'll have 32 banks to store your presets.
  21. It sounds like you need a setup. It shouldn't be necessary to adjust the bridge like that. You probably need a fret level.
  22. On a Spider V, you can overwrite any preset location, factory preset or empty. That's 32 banks of 4 presets (128 total) for your dining and dancing pleasure. Using the Spider V remote app it's easy to move things around.
  23. Since I'm no longer gigging, I have a near mint condition JTV59 in Tobacco Sunburst that I can sell if you're interested. It is my backup. Included is gig bag, battery and Workbench dongle.

  24. Personally, i think a deodorant application block should be a higher priority...
  25. Have you played one? I've got a full Helix system and a bunch of good tube amps, so I know a little about tone. The Spider V's have a bad rap, because earlier Spiders were aimed a beginners and sold a million of them because of it. The newest version, V, has some great tones derived from Pod Farm which you've heard on literally 1000's of major label records. Go on Custom tone and check it out and here's a video debunking some of the memes out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5eukxILK3M
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