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  1. Line 6 support will not respond to messages here. You have to open a support ticket on the link Customer Support link above.
  2. Even though I really like the onboard amps in the Catalyst, and use them, I prefer the amps in the Stomp directly into the Power Amp In of the Catalyst. The full Helix range of amp models and the multitude of effects just make it easier to find my tone for a wide range of styles. That said, I really like the Boutique amp in the Catalyst. You can get a wide range of tones with it.
  3. Is this possible. I know I can assign a footswitch to scroll through- Snapshot, Stomp, Scroll, and Preset views, but I'd like to be able to toggle between two views. Anybody have a solution?
  4. Like any other guitar amp, the Catalyst isn't ideal for reproducing acoustic instruments because of 2 things: the preamp in the Catalyst is replicating classic guitar amplifiers which mold the frequencies to create electric tones the designers had in mind. IOW, the frequency response isn't accurate, which is what you want when reproducing acoustic tones. the speaker in the Catalyst isn't flat response, and has a limited high frequency response which makes acoustic instruments sound dull and muddy. That said, you can try using the Clean Amp and tweak the tone controls to get the best possible sound, but you'd do better by going directly into your PA system when playing acoustic. If you can't do that, personally I'd just play the acoustic parts on the electric and use the neck pickup. YMMV
  5. With my FBV3, I can assign 6 FS to load the 6 banks of presets(I use the 6 amp models, but of course you can any). Then I assign 1 FS (that happens to be labeled Bank Up) to increment using the program change increment command of the FBV, and another FS (that happens to be labeled Bank Down) to decrement using the program change decrement command. So if I use a FS to select Bank3, it will load Preset 3A, and if I press the Bank Up FS, it will load Preset 3B, but if I load Preset 3A and press the Bank Down FS, it will load Preset 2B. So you can scroll through the banks that way. It's not the most intuitive way to work, but it's workable. I already had the FBV3, and programming it was a pain, but now I'm used to it. I'm not certain which midi controller the poster has, but if it has the increment/decrement program change parameter it should work.
  6. I would do a factory reset and try some of the default presets to see if you have the same problem. Have you tried plugging your guitar straight in, with no other effects?
  7. It depends on your midi controller. I've programmed my FBV3 for 2 buttons to increment/decrement banks. You have to have a midi controller with assignable increment/decrement functions. You didn't say what controller you have, but I would check out your controllers midi mapping chart to see what functions are available.
  8. They have different firmware, so they aren't compatible. You'll just have to manually create presets that sound like the Spider Valve. Sorry about that...
  9. Yes, it's easier using the Spider V app, but you can decide where to save a preset using the front panel display.
  10. Here's how: Load and sign in to your account Click on Customtone, select which Catalyst you have Select a tone and click the down arrow button to send it to your Catalyst folder Load Catalyst Edit and select Bank and A or B location Click on the 3 guitar symbol in the upper left corner of Catalyst Edit Click "Load Preset". It will default to the Catalyst Folder Select the tone you downloaded. That's it! Don't forget to "Save Current Preset to Catalyst" using the 3 guitars menu- both to the Catalyst, and if you edit it, "Save Current Preset to File".
  11. Being a modeling amp, none that I know of have an extension speaker jack because it would be easy to blow up a Class D power amp if the impedance was too low. BUT, since you have an XLR output with integrated IR's(and multiple cabinets and speaker options) you can hook up a powered speaker if you need to send the tones to another speaker. It works great. You gripe about the inability to have two effects at once is a common one. Go to Ideascale and vote for them to make this upgrade on a future update. It is my main gripe too and many others. Especially when you compare it to a Katana which has way more effects, and the ability to use them at the same time. I'm surprised the you think it's bright sounding. Most people think it sounds dark compared to other amps. Play with the tone controls- they have a lot more range than most amps.
  12. I would use an EQ in the effects loop to try and replicate a Deluxe Reverb. I don't know if that would sound good with the internal models other than Clean, though.
  13. I totally agree with you about the footswitch functionality. It kind of blows my mind that they would release it with a most basic function of a 2 channel amp implemented with a glitch like this. Since I got a used unit from GC, even though it was sold as new, they gave me a free cover and a LFS2 footswitch as compensation. The LFS2 is backordered so I bought a Hosa FS for $19 (no LED's) and it works fine, that's how I discovered the wonky FS functionality. I think the target market is inexpensive modeling amps, and the Katana and Catalyst are almost identical in that way. But I agree, if you compare effects the Kat is much more comprehensive and that will be a deciding factor for the buyer. But the Catalyst as a monitor for the Helix works extremely well, which is why I'm holding on to it. I'm using my Helix floor to control the Cat via midi and it works well, but I mainly use it as a powered monitor with Helix amp models.
  14. I have noticed this FS behavior as well. I don't understand why Line 6 would have it function this way; I've never had another modeler work this way either. I have posted 2 requests on Ideascale, one about footswitch behavior and the other about replacing/adding useful effects like compression and overdrive that are common in modelers. My ideas are: Have FS behavior returns to saved setting when toggling between Channels Have FS behavior selectable per Channel: i.e. Chan A FS toggles Boost, Chan B FS toggles Boost and Effects Replace/ add Pitch effects for compressor, overdrive and clean boost This would make the Catalyst much more configurable and flexible. Considering the target market is the Katana, which has WAY more effects, and configurability, I think it would make the Catalyst more competitive in the market.
  15. I had a DT25, and still have a DT50, and just got a Catalyst 100. If you're in a band with other high end guitar amps, I would go for the DT25 or 50. The have great tube tone with the Helix, especially since you can run a AES/EBU cable and run the Helix amps into the DT25 power amp directly. Plus using Helix Edit, you can configure the output stage of the DT to match the Helix amp- Class A or AB, Fender, Marshall, Vox, Mesa topology, and Triode or pentode mode. I've been doing this for years and it's awesome. That said, the DT amps are heavy, and the Catalyst is light and sounds very good, so the decision is ultimately yours.
  16. I think the OP was referring to new amp models or effects, not functional releases like 2.02 which just was a functional release for G10 transmitters. I doubt that we'll see any new sounds updates, especially since Catalyst was released.
  17. I'm thinking that the problem is not the position of the effects loop, but the way Catalyst defaults when you change presets. I've posted this on TGP. Here's how it works: 1. load preset A- no boost or effects 2. engage boost or effects on preset A 3. switch to preset B (stored with no boost or effects) 4. preset B is loaded WITH BOOST AND/OR EFFECTS! What?! 5. turn off boost and/or effects on preset B 6. switch back to preset A 7. preset A has no boost or effects This is different than every other modeler I've had. The way is should work is: whatever you save to a preset should be the mode when you return to it from another preset. One presets changes shouldn't effect another presets default status. I hope they at least make an option to change the default way switching presets work in the next update. It's especially hard because with the two button footswitch you only have the option to switch between A and B presets, and turn on and off boost and/or effects.
  18. Thanks for doing the legwork! I just got a Cat 100 and am going to use my Helix floor when I need more flexibility.
  19. I've got an FBV3 and am interested in getting a Catalyst100. I know the 60 can do midi via USB2, and the 100 and 200 have a normal 5 pin din midi connector for midi. Is it possible to use the FBV3 to send midi messages over the USB connector to control the Cat 100?
  20. Classic mode turns off the tweeter.
  21. You also have the built in guitar samples to experiment with the effects.
  22. -The FBV Express MKII is compatible with your amp. -You can assign some effect parameters to the volume pedal of the FBV shortboard. It depends on the preset which effects can be assigned. Not all parameters can be assigned. - You can't connect an expression pedal to the FBV Express. You'll have to get one of the bigger boards to connect one. I have an FBV3 and an outboard expression pedal and it works great. But it's a pretty big investment for a fairly cheap amp like the Spider V 30. - Go to the Line 6 website, they have a full description of all the floorboards - I am my favorite charity, All donations are non tax deductible. Minimum donation $1000.
  23. I wholeheartedly agree. I would have kept the Spider name for the 20 and 30 watt versions, and changed the name of the higher powered ones to something else. That said, I really like my Spider V 240. It has a ton of great tones, and with the FBV3 is a fully featured gig/practice rig. Too bad it doesn't get the respect it deserves.
  24. If you decide to destroy your JTV, make sure you video it. You may as well monetize it on Youtube!
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