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  1. I've had JJ's in other amps before, and never had a problem with reliability. Any brand or quality of tubes can fail, so I would buy them from a reputable dealer which usually comes with a warranty.
  2. I always rebias power tubes when changing. It can make a big difference on how the amp sounds and tube life.
  3. I'd been having a few volume and tone issues with my DT25, the volume seems to had dropped a bit, and the tone had sounded a bit weak, and not as punchy, so I figured t was time to retube,, I've had JJ's before and they were a good sounding, not excessively expensive tube, so I bought a set from Eurotubes. They were delivered quickly and I highly recommend them. The verdict- huge improvement in tone! The volume is back- headroom has increased markedly.The tone is tight and focused, and the low end isn't flabbly at all. I can crank a high gain tone to pretty high volume and not get mushy. The balanced 12ax7 in the phase inverter section might be responsible for the improved headroom. If you're looking for replacements, you might try these out.
  4. I view the complaints about the "lack" of updates as a symptom of today's entitlement society. We are "entitled" to updates because we want them, and sure as hell, don't want to pay for them.. Wahh! I want to download music for free, and don't want to pay for it.(which has ruined the music business) Wahh! I'll pirate movies, because I deserve to watch it without paying for it, screw the people who spent millions to create it. Wahh! I own a business, and you can't believe how many people want stuff for free, just because they feel entitled to it. I have to explain that we can't stay in business, and deliver quality if we give stuff away for free. But they don't care- they just want it. Get a grip, dudes! If the HD500x or other digital device doesn't do the job for you for the price you paid, return it or sell it or do a work-a-round. And stop complaining, make some music...
  5. Maybe i'm a troglodyte, but if you can't tune your guitar and keep it in tune, maybe you should learn that basic skill instead of a bandaid solution like a pedal.
  6. I've had my 69 for three years, my 59 for 1 1/2/ Both have been excellent- not a problem (except the modeling knob got stuck on the 69. Solved it with a paper shim under it). I play both almost daily and gig/rehearse weekly.
  7. Actually, there is something wrong with the Line 6 "haters" that are dismiss L6 products out of ignorance. Don't be swayed by group think- make your own decision. I have a DT25 and 50 using the dream rig and get a huge variety of great tones, that get compliments from many of my guitar playing friends. In a cover band playing a wide variety of material, it's a godsend. BTW, I have Fender, Marshall,(had) Matchless, and Groove Tubes amps which I use to record, but my go-to live rig is the DT25/50.
  8. This happens to me sometimes if I don't press the footswitch cleanly. Also make sure none of the physical knobs aren't either at 0 or 100% on the pod or amp. The vibration can cause the encoders to engage and cut the sound. I'm assuming you don't have the pod connected to a computer.
  9. DT50 or DT25- seamless integration and maximum flexibility combined with great realistic tones.
  10. i see- I wish the studio preamp was an amp model. But you'd think that a bypassed amp could still feed the VDI output. Thanks for the help.
  11. I've tried everything I can think of., but many of the factory presets don't output to my Dt amps. Try FX HEAVY 03A- Otherness. No sound through the DT, but outputs through the analog outputs? What's the secret?
  12. I used to love the 335 model in 1.9, to me the 335 in 2.1 iw useless. I have a real 335, and the 2.1 doesn't soiund like my 335 or any that I've ever played- real nasal sounding in all 3 pickup positions. I've tried it with the Casino body(which I like), but it sounds too close the the Casino with the original P90's. Anybody have a good one?
  13. There are plenty of things you can do to play with the volume levels. In Workbench you can adjust the preset volume, the modeled pickup volume, change pickups, and change individual string volume. I've changed the Strat body to Masonite Plank(Danelectro) like others have suggested, and it keep the Strat tone, but adds more sustain and volume. As far as the taper of the volume control, It's not adjustable. You can roll back the firmware by using the Monkey as long as you have the 1.9 version downloaded on your computer. Click on the Support tab above, go to Downloads. It's all there.
  14. When playing gigs, I have a small ($8) fan that I put behind the amp to facilitate air flow to the chassis. If you are playing extended periods, I would do the same thing- heat damage is cumulative and the lower temps resulting from the improved air flow will extend tube and the amps life.
  15. Check the input assignments on the HD500. If it is assigned to "same" you get a hotter signal. I'm not certain this will solve your problem but it's worth a try.
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