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  1. Plugging into the XLR outputs doesn't mute the speakers, so there has to be another problem.
  2. There is no digital connection from the Pod to the Spider. You could use a two 1/4" to 1/8" mini plug cable to go from the 1/4" outputs of the Pod into the Aux In jack of the Spider.
  3. I wouldn't let the fact that there isn't a PC editor stop you. I'm using an Ipad, and it works well. You can edit all functions on it. You can edit on the front panel too of course. There are problems with some Android devices, check and see if yours is compatible. That might be a deal breaker. Honestly, the Spider V is light years improved over the IV. I had a IV. I would never gig or rehearse with it, and sold it quickly. I am very happy with the tones on the V; I'm using it regularly as a alternative to my Helix rig and don't feel like it's a huge downgrade. The amp models are much improved- dynamic and more accurate. I have no problem cutting through the band mix.
  4. Chances are slim and none that they will create a pc based editor, and slim just left town... :wacko:
  5. The preset switching delay on my 240 is fast. I don't notice any real gap when changing presets.
  6. I've been a recording engineer for about 40 years. I know all about EQ. The 120 couldn't keep up with a loud drummer, the 240 has no problem. Post EQ helps if you are trying to carve frequencies to cut better, but doesn't boost all frequencies, so apparent loudness is effected. I don't like to screw with my tone to overcome deficiencies of an amp. YMMV
  7. Have you tried your 120 with a loud drummer? At max volume, mine was barely getting by. And distorted sounds with naturally more compression got lost.
  8. My V240 is plenty loud too; I have no problem keeping up with our very loud drummer. The V120 couldn't, BTW, so I swapped it for the 240. Speaker efficiency might be a factor too. What cabinet and speakers are you using? Inefficient speakers can dramatically effect overall loudness. For example, in my Fender SCXD, the stock speaker is about 1/2 as loud as a replacement Eminence Legend 105!
  9. Since the headphone jack has a switch that cuts of sound to the speaker, if you haven't tried it already, try inserting and removing the headphone plug in several times to see if it's just a sticky switch. Good luck!
  10. gtrman100


    Nope, none have a VDI input.
  11. I guess I'm not explaining it well. In a preset, if you have an external pedal connected to the FVB3, if you assign an effect to be controlled by an expression pedal, it automatically assigns it to the external pedal. I want to assign it to the internal pedal. I don't know any way to do that, Is there a way? When an external pedal is connected, if there is no effect assigned to an expression pedal, the external pedal controls volume, so some presets will have the external pedal controlling volume, and those with an effect being assigned will have the internal pedal controlling volume. This can be confusing during a gig., especially when you have both kinds of presets on one bank.
  12. There is no way to change the pedal assignment of the volume or the assigned effect. Once you assign an effect to be controlled by an expression pedal, it defaults to the external expression pedal. Is there a way to assign it per preset? I don't care if it's global, I just want to lock the external pedal to be volume.
  13. I've got the FBV3 and use an external expression pedal to control effects. What I've found is that when you assign an effect to the FBV3, it defaults the effect control to the external expression pedal. But since volume control defaults to the external pedal with no effect assigned, volume control switches to the internal pedal. I know that the red LED on the FBV3 indicates the change of mode, but it's easy to overlook it. This can be very confusing when gigging. Is there any way to lock the volume control to the external expression pedal when assigning an effect to the FBV3? That way the external pedal will always be volume, and the internal pedal will always be effects.
  14. Do you have the USB select switch in the correct position? It has to be switched to whatever operating system you've got- Windows or IOS.
  15. There is no way to save a tone on your computer unfortunately. You can only save in the cloud or on the amp. I don't believe the tones from the Firehawk are compatible with the Spider anyway.
  16. gtrman100


    I don't hear a "resonator" at the beginning of the tune. It sounds like synth pads to me. You could try some of the synth effects on the Spider, but I don't think they will get you there. They're more for simple lead tones.
  17. I have. I'll try again. Thanks.
  18. I'm not sure why, but I don't have either of those presets and I've done the update. I've got all the new amps and effects.
  19. I'm having a rough time setting it up too. What presets have the effect? I think they released it before it was ready.
  20. You have to use the Spider Remote app to save presets. If you only save presets using your amp, it's lost unfortunately. If you've used the Spider Remote app, it will be saved in My Tones if you used that option when the preset was created. Many have complained that the lack of a computer editor makes it hard to manage presets, since all presets are stored on the Cloud, and can't be accessed by the user. A computer editor would be a great addition and probably increase sales for an already solid product. But it doesn't seem like it's in the cards...
  21. Customtone isn't the platform compatible with the Spider V. Using the Spider Remote App you access the cloud function where you can search and download user presets.
  22. How are you boosting the volume using post EQ without changing the EQ? There isn't a gain control.
  23. gtrman100

    Worst amp ever?

    I've been playing guitar for over 50 years(scary thought) and have played in studios and gigged with a wide array of high dollar tube amps, boutique pedals, huge pedalboards, digital multifx and was a recording studio engineer in one of the most prestigious LA studios. Those are my credentials. The fools on the internet, like the guy who smashed the Spider V, who get their egos stroked by trashing inexpensive equipment, are just that- fools. They're just trying to get attention, and make themselves seem like "experts" to the uninformed. It happens in every internet forum or video from politics, stereo equipment, you name it. The curse of the internet. Though not perfect, and not a $3000 tube amp in terms of "ultimate" tone, you can get excellent tones from a Spider V. I know, I have the 240 and wouldn't give a second thought to gigging with it. And I don't care what the cork sniffing guitar players in the audience think. It's a tool... Like was stated before, many, if not all of the modeling amps in the price class can be tweaked to give you decent tones. I prefer the Spider because of the wider range of tones and effects available, the superior footswitch arrangement, and the ease of tweaking. YMMV. Read the manual of one of the modelers,go to a store, take one into a isolation room, play with it for a while. If you bond with it, take it home. Return it if it doesn't work for you. That's my advice. Good luck with your search.
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