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  1. Have you played one? I've got a full Helix system and a bunch of good tube amps, so I know a little about tone. The Spider V's have a bad rap, because earlier Spiders were aimed a beginners and sold a million of them because of it. The newest version, V, has some great tones derived from Pod Farm which you've heard on literally 1000's of major label records. Go on Custom tone and check it out and here's a video debunking some of the memes out there: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5eukxILK3M
  2. I just checked Musicians Friend, they have both items in stock and ready to ship. I don't know why you got that info.
  3. I've tried it. The frequency response of the Spider V's aren't particularly flat, so the sound is pretty colored. It does work however, but I don't consider it an ideal way to amplify the Helix. But I tweaked my presets in the Helix to my studio monitors. Try it, you might think it sounds ok.
  4. Yes, the DI cable carries both mag and model signals. Here's the cool thing: you can use Variax Workbench to create blended guitars with both mag and models, or you can use the Helix to have separate inputs for mag and models, then process them separately. The VDI cable is not included with the Variax. You can get one from Line 6 or Bestronics makes good ones too.
  5. I've been a JTV user since they were released in 2011. As others have said, JTV's are really cool, and have many advantages especially since you have a Helix. Unlike others, I really like the JTV guitars; I have a 59 and 69, like the feel of the necks, they have been totally solid players, the quality of the components is very good. I used to bring 3-4 guitars to a gig, now(if I ever play out again) 1 will do. Here are my bullet points: They are on par with the quality of a MIM Fender, PRS SE, or similar guitar The mag pickups are very good, no need to replace unless there is a specific pickup tone you need Most of the models are good, but not great. There is a different attack envelope because of the response of a piezo pickup. With the Helix ability to blend the mag and modeled pickups, you can get better sounding models too. My favorites are the Strat, Les Paul, Gretsch, Rickenbacker and Danelectro. The Tele and the Les Paul Special are ok, but not great. The ES-335 doesn't sound like any I've heard- very nasal sounding. But having the option to try out all the guitar models is great fun and good for gigging or recording. Integration with the Helix is the bomb.com. Unlike Brue58ski, I don't have a problem with Helix changing guitar models. When building a preset, I load a Custom tuning at standard tuning- problem solved. The ability to change guitar, amp, and effects with the stomp of a footswitch is just amazing, especially when playing covers. Also, the VDI connection eliminates the need to keep the battery charged. Alternate tuning on the fly is indispensable for me. Especially with the Helix. Palm muting with the models doesn't sound or respond like the mag pickups. It was improved in the last software update but not totally solved. Either use the mags or adjust your technique and accept the difference in tone. Other guitarists will be confused and amazed when you go from a Les Paul into a Marshall, a Strat into a Deluxe Reverb, a clean Martin acoustic, and a Ricky 12-string in a Vox- all in one song... Just say "it's all in the hands" I love mine, play them all the time, and hope they don't drop the Variax development.
  6. To use the Spider V as a power amp and speaker, you would need to patch from the Pod Go into the Aux In on the back of the amp. You'll need a special cable to go from the Pod Go's 2-1/4in jacks to the Spider V 1/8in stereo jack. The other option is to do what you're doing. Try any of the "Clean" amp category but I would set up a signal chain with either the "No Amp" or "Studio Preamp" so you're not getting the coloration of the amp model of the Spider. Here's a sample chain I would use: > Gate>Wah>Comp>Studio Preamp... You can't delete the gate, wah or any of the other effects in the signal chain, but just turn them off and use the Pod Go's effects instead of the Spider V's. Good luck!
  7. Any of the currently available floorboards will work. They have different amounts of functionality and cost to go with it. I wouldn't go for less than the FBV Express MKII personally.
  8. The FBV3 will give you the most functionality- volume/wah, preset banks, effect on/off etc. It all works with 1 eternity cable.
  9. Yes, you can use the aux in to connect the output of the HX and because the Spider V has a tweeter, it should sound better than going into a regular guitar amp. But the Spider V is not a "flat" reproducer so YMMV about how good it sounds.
  10. I think you'll be very happy with the Spider V amp models. I've got the 240 and am very happy with the wide range of good tones and effects. The power amp will deliver the tones really well in a gig situation.
  11. You're asking on the wrong forum. This forum is for Spider V, there is a separate forum for Spider IV.
  12. Start by reading the manual, and learn the front panel controls. It can be as simple or complex as you like. You can start by tweaking the normal amp controls- volume, drive, bass, etc and then start checking out the presets. After you're familiar with the amp controls, and how to save a preset, download Spider V Remote software or IOS/Android app to connect your amp with a device to control the different controls. Good luck!
  13. Spider amps being computers, sometimes glitch on boot up. Unless it happens regularly, I wouldn't worry to much. Also, using a surge suppressor is a good idea.
  14. What recording program are you using? There are different reasons you are having the problem. 1. if you are recording into a typical daw- Pro Tools, Cubase, Cakewalk, you have to designate which is master and which is slave. The Spider should be the master and you can monitor through the Spider speakers or use the line outputs into your system to monitor 2. the sample rate of the Spider is not matching the sample rate of your recording program. Try different sample rates in the recording program- 44.1, 48k etc and that should solve your problem. Check out this video which can help explain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeWtRSGHlYw
  15. I had the same problem until I realized you need to connect both midi in and midi out cables to your midi interface. Hope that helps.
  16. First, there is no Spider V15, it's a Spider V20, so I imagine that's the one you've tried. The difference between the 20 and the 60 is night and day in terms of sound quality and flexibility. - updated modeling based on Amp Farm with new algorithms - over 70 amp models and 130 effects with full tweakabiliy - the drum loops, metronome, guitar riffs, tuner, looper - built in wireless capability - usb recording - customtone, and cloud preset sharing The Spider Jam is 12 year old technology, no warranty, and missing many features of the current Spider V series. I think it's a no brainer to get the newer amp, and my suggestion would be to move up to the Spider V 120 because it will keep up with a drummer if you ever want to jam with other musicians. My $.02
  17. I'm not certain what you're trying to accomplish. First, which Spider V do you have? They have different options for outputs. If you don't use the internal speaker, how are you going to amplify the Spider? Are you going to use another cabinet, the line out into another amp or the line out into a powered speaker? You know you can't plug a speaker output of an amp into another amp. Before you go through the hacking up of your amp and void the warranty, I'd make sure you do the update to Spider V MkII if you haven't already. The revision of the amp models is dramatically better and you might be satisfied with the sound of the speaker with the firmware update.
  18. Are you using the Spider Edit app on PC or Mac? That will do just about everything you've asked for. You can't drag an drop presets, but you can save on the app, go directly to the cloud, reorder presets by dragging, import or export presets, etc. Check it out.
  19. I'm not sure what you mean by "table top amps", but there are a variety of clean amp options under "Clean" (lol) when you look at the amp menu on Spider Edit-Line 6 Super Clean, Sparkle Clean, etc. Most of the time, when using pedals, you'll want to look for an amp model that has the basic tone you want and put the pedal in front of that model. In other words, if you want a Marshall type sound, find a Marshall amp model that sounds close to what you're looking for, and use that as your pedal platform. HOWEVER! The Spider V series are digital modeling amps, meant to be an all in one solution to recreating a variety of amps and effects. They don't act like a normal tube guitar amp when using stomp pedal, etc, plugged in front. Most of the time it doesn't sound that great, but you can try it out.
  20. That is not the right software- you need Spider V Edit- the one you've got is Spider IV Edit. It won't work with Spider V's. You need to download Line 6 Updater, and drivers before you load the software. Here's the link- https://line6.com/software/index.html
  21. You can use either or both. I usually use the tone controls on the amp to get the sound I'm looking for. If you're in Full Range mode, you can try changing cabinets and mics. Then fine tune it using the post eq. I prefer the classic mode and usually can get good tones by starting with an amp model that's in the ballpark of the tone I'm looking for.
  22. You know you can work this amp very simply- just twist the knobs on the front! Twist the knob under the display to scroll through the presets. Twist the knobs and get the amp sound you like when the lights are white. Push the effects button and the lights turn to colors and turn the knobs to add effects. If you like what you hear, just press and hold the button under the display- press it again to save the sound. Spider V's do have many options, but you can use it very simply if you want. Then take some time and explore other options if you like- it's easy to get some very good tones. Also, if you're connected to a computer using the usb port on the amp, go to Customtone and try some of the presets others have made.
  23. There is only one rule- use your ears! If you have some Variax models you like, keep those. Then start experimenting with different bodies, pickups, all the possible changes and listen. There is no right or wrong, and everyone will have their own preferences on what sounds good. Have fun, that's the beauty of a Variax- no soldering necessary.
  24. 1) Yes 2) Let your ears be the judge. Personally, I think Classic mode sounds more real-er. IMO
  25. If I could get a copy I'd really appreciate it. I have had no overheating issues with the earlier firmware. Please PM me. Thanks
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