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  1. I used to love the 335 model in 1.9, to me the 335 in 2.1 iw useless. I have a real 335, and the 2.1 doesn't soiund like my 335 or any that I've ever played- real nasal sounding in all 3 pickup positions. I've tried it with the Casino body(which I like), but it sounds too close the the Casino with the original P90's. Anybody have a good one?
  2. There are plenty of things you can do to play with the volume levels. In Workbench you can adjust the preset volume, the modeled pickup volume, change pickups, and change individual string volume. I've changed the Strat body to Masonite Plank(Danelectro) like others have suggested, and it keep the Strat tone, but adds more sustain and volume. As far as the taper of the volume control, It's not adjustable. You can roll back the firmware by using the Monkey as long as you have the 1.9 version downloaded on your computer. Click on the Support tab above, go to Downloads. It's all there.
  3. When playing gigs, I have a small ($8) fan that I put behind the amp to facilitate air flow to the chassis. If you are playing extended periods, I would do the same thing- heat damage is cumulative and the lower temps resulting from the improved air flow will extend tube and the amps life.
  4. Check the input assignments on the HD500. If it is assigned to "same" you get a hotter signal. I'm not certain this will solve your problem but it's worth a try.
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