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  1. I upgraded this morning. I tried connection with my Samsung S6, which was previously flakey with constant crashes, and it worked very well. No crashes, responds quickly. I'll test it more this weekend, but I think the bug fixes may have been related to Android devices. There is also a fix for a problem with V240HD's.
  2. You're a class act, aren't you? I was just trying to give you information so you could make an informed decision. Have a really great day!
  3. Since the Spider V's have full range speakers in them, they might be an option for you. Try one out and see if it sounds good to you. I would use a preset with the Tube Instrument Preamp. One of the acoustic guitar presets will probably work.
  4. Are you using Android or Apple? I had bad luck with my Samsung s6, crashed constantly. With my Ipad mini, it's been flawless.(Hear that Line 6?) There is no PC editor, unfortunately. There isn't a manual, but most of the functions are pretty obvious. The one that I've found that isn't is the pedal assignment. You have to touch and hold in the function you want to assign the pedal until a dialog box pops up. Ask questions and maybe we can help you. BUT, they should have a guide for the app, and they should create a PC editor.
  5. I had a Vetta years ago, and my memory is a bit foggy but I think the Spider V sounds better. It's much easier to navigate with the simpler interface which makes tweaking easier. The mid/ high gain tones seem more dynamic. I had the "lost in the mix" syndrome when I had the Vetta, I believe a function of the lack of headroom in the power amp section. I've got none of that with the Spider V 240.
  6. You have a ground loop between your computer and the amp. You can check it by using a ground lifter (3 to 2 prong adapter) on the amp. That will most likely solve it. Be aware though, it isn't the safest way to operate, but usually there isn't a problem in a simple setup.
  7. Glad I could help. BTW, why have you given up on the amp as a guitar amp? I'm getting some stellar tones out of mine.
  8. It's pretty simple, plug a 1/8 inch into the Aux In jack on the back of the amp. The master volume control on the amp will control overall volume of your external device. The amp models do not affect the sound of what you send to the Aux input.
  9. The XLR outputs are line level. You would have to patch them to a powered full range speaker to get your desired result. You could patch them into your PA system also to get a wider sound.
  10. I tried holding the position parameter, nothing happened on my Ipad mini...
  11. That's actually not the way it works. Double tap on the blank area( outside of the slider) of the parameter you want to control with the Exp. pedal and a dialog box will pop up. BTW, is there a manual or guide on the Spider Remote App? I've had to discover things by experimenting- not the best way to learn it.
  12. gtrman100

    Transfer Tones

    Nope- different amps, different software. You can only get tones from the Cloud through the Spider App or create them yourself.
  13. My experience: Samsung Galaxy S6 phone- unstable. It works ok until you try to download from the Cloud. Ipad mini- 10.2.1- very stable
  14. gtrman100

    Worst amp ever?

    Have you downloaded any presets from the cloud? You should be able to find a few good ones quickly. Try searching for Hindmarsh. He's the guy in the Line 6 demos, and has created some good ones. Maybe try a different guitar too. Have you updated the software? That affects tone also. If you've done all that and it still doesn't sound good, the amp might be defective.
  15. You have to go to the delay effect and select "note" instead of time. You then use the slider to determine the note value of the tap tempo. Then the tap button will control the delay time.
  16. According to Digital Igloo, the modeling engine in the Spider V series is an updated and reworked version of the Pod Farm modeling engine. I think they started with that version because there are so many different amps modeled, and then massaged them to work with the Spider series.
  17. Is it me, or is this a totally bug ridden app? Almost every time I create a new preset, save it to My Tones, then try to download the preset to the V-120, it crashes my Samsung S6. I can't even restart the app or phone, I have to reboot the phone. Is this happening to others, and is there a solution? I'm trying to create banks of tones as a backup rig to my Helix. So far it's really frustrating.
  18. DI mentioned that they would be reviewing and updating the Helix reverbs in the future.
  19. It sounds like the modeling and effects are the same as the combos. The only difference is that the 4x12 is a regular cabinet, and the tweeter is in the head with the 2 stereo speakers. Pretty ingenious...
  20. Thanks for the info. It's what I thought- with an amp with this many options, a real editor is really necessary. I'll vote and hopefully there will be a solution soon.
  21. I just got a SV120 and downloaded the app. Linked to my Samsung S6, the app is glitchy, but operational. Question: is there any way to drag and drop, or cut and paste presets using the app without saving to the cloud and then downloading down to the amp? It's unwieldy to have to go through all those steps to create banks of presets for gigging. Also, I haven't found any manual for the app. Is there one?
  22. When you plug in an external expression pedal and it becomes the default volume pedal, it frees up Exp 1 for wah or other effects control. The internal pedal is the only one with a toe switch, so it's the best for a wah wah effect.
  23. I have a 59(and a 69). Both have been flawless for years, and integrate with the Helix extremely well. I have big hands(unlike some :D) and find the necks very comfortable. The shape is different than my Fender and Gibson guitars, but I got comfortable with them in no time. The ability to change guitars and amps with a single footswitch is a godsend to a cover band player like me. As mentioned before, you can determine if you want to send both the mag and modeled pickups to the Helix in the input stage of the Helix. Like any mid range guitar, having a setup by a pro, maybe a bit of fretwork with increase the playability to match just about anything out there because the design of the guitars is good out of the box.
  24. The product is only 6 months old... do you consider music equipment an investment?
  25. I have it set up basically like I did with my HD- amp model changes with preset and the Topology, Class, and tube state follow. It works great after a bit of programming. The Dream Rig lives on...!
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