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  1. I used the M-Audio Uno as a MIDI interface to configure the DT with DT Edit. DT Edit has a great graphical interface that makes it a snap to use. I believe DT Edit needs 2 way communication with the amp because it comes up with the current amp configuration loaded. I used it to turn off all of the modeling in the DT, including the mic and cab. I set each voicing on both channels to Topology I, II, III and IV. Now I can use the Helix with a single MIDI cable to select the topology, per preset, that I want to use. If I want to restore the DT back to factory, all I have to do is use the M-Audio Uno to reload the original firmware.
  2. For only having a few days with the Helix he sure did a great job of explaining how it works. Great playing too.
  3. Global Settings -> Footswitches -> Knob 2 (Preset Mode Switches) -> Select Stomp/Preset
  4. Sounds like it might be due to how the Epi output jack is wired. Have you tried a mono to mono adapter between the guitar and G10?
  5. Did you turn off the built in modeling via MIDI? By XLR, do you mean the L6 Link?
  6. Man, that had to be more fun than playing with Legos. Pretty cool actually.
  7. It works fine with my Yamaha 12 string but it's not using an active pickup.
  8. I'd recommend going the midi route. If I were using my DT as a standalone amp I'd be controlling it from the DT Edit software using a $40 M-Audio Uno Midi Interface. If you're willing to throw a bit more money at it, a dedicated footswitchable MIDI controller would be great.
  9. Hmmm, I've been stuck between buying a MIM Fender Geddy Lee Bass or a Sire Marcus Miller V7 or M3. 36 mos. on the Fender might help me make up my mind.
  10. Lots of amps use a power tube, or 1/2 of one, for the FX loop. Here's a link with some cool info on as to why: ctelkes - If you'd post your patch, or message me with it, I'd be happy to try it 4 cable method into my DT25 to see if I'm getting the same result.
  11. I guess I would have known you were using 4 cable method if I had payed more attention to the thread title. You might try playing with the guitar input pad. Also, have you tried going turning each of the blocks off and on to try to isolate the problem?
  12. The names on the dials are permanent. I've loaded all of my custom stuff into the 'Custom 1' and 'Custom 2' slots (10 total). Also, with a Helix or HD500X you have the ability to call up different Variax models and tunings from the presets. For example, I can create a patch that automatically switches the Variax to a Les Paul with the bridge pickup selected and DADGAD tuning. If you're looking for a really good 'bang for your buck' solution, take a look at the Alto PA speakers. I have a pair of TS110A's, which cost $200 each, and they sound really good. And while stereo is cool, you don't really have to have 2 of them.
  13. Are you saying that sometimes a patch sounds great and sometimes that exact same patch exhibits this undesirable behavior? What's your signal chain? (active or passive guitar, FRFR, 4 cable method, etc...)
  14. DarrellM5

    Oh Snap!

    I'm really enjoying them as well and since I found out, in another thread on this forum, that you can also use them to change IR's, I'm having a blast.
  15. I don't know if there are any differences out of the box but it doesn't matter. I have the JTV-69 and loaded the 89 high gain models into it along with some alternate tunings that I wanted (Open C, Open B, Drop C, etc..).
  16. Look at the input block and make sure the gate is off.
  17. I believe it's a single SR2032 battery and it can be a bit of a pain to get to, depending on whether you have the head or combo. I sold my 2004 Vetta II combo to my cousin and the battery is still good for now, but I know a replacement has to be in order soon. I think there's a little bit of soldering work involved as well, but nothing too technical.
  18. Congrats on your purchase. I owned the Variax 500 for about 12 years and really enjoyed it. Workbench will allow you to create your own tones and set up some custom tunings. I never had to mess with the stock piezo pickups and never experienced any tuning problems. I ran Ernie Ball Slinky .10-.46 most of the time. The VDI cable will allow 2-way communication with a device like the HD500X. That lets the POD call up guitar models and tunings per preset. The VDI cable also provides power to the guitar so you don't have to use batteries.
  19. Switching IR's with Snapshots hadn't even occurred to me. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
  20. Snapshots should be able to handle this easily.
  21. This is great stuff. Looks like I'll be flipping the LVM switch for the 1st time ever this weekend.
  22. A boutique amp. An editor update to allow simulating pressing the various footswitches. Treble boost pedal. Friedman OD pedal. Kingsley Page ODS pedal.
  23. I found these videos very helpful. I was always boggled as to why one patch would seem so much louder than another even though I had used a dB meter to dial them in.
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