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  1. Hi, I have found lots of info about the amp switching feature on the Line 6 HX effects by putting your amps TRS cable into one of the expression pedal inputs, but does anyone know for sure if it works well with a Friedman BE100 (2015) clean/HB-HBE? I was about to pull the trigger on a HX but its 2nd hand and could do without the trouble of selling it on if it doesn't work as is the case with for plenty of people on the interweb
  2. Hi Guys , Has anyone else had success with this yet?
  3. There is hope for you do not despair! I love the Helix so much I would not be without it, this what I did to get to where I am now, I sold my Badger amp and bought a Yamaha. DXR 10 I made a new patch and put a looper first in the chain, then add an amp then a IR , I prefer them to the helix cabs, Ownhammer 4x12 is my preferred choice turn low cut upto 110 and high cut to 4.8. I have the DXR at gig volume , record a riff into the looper, play it back and cycle through the amps till you find one at stock settings that you like and work from there trying overdrive, reverb etc. Dont just worry about brand or what real world amps should sound like just play through Helix till you find what sounds good to you
  4. Would you guys use/record a dry patch from helix floor to then use Native for the final mix? or record with a pre made patch in helix floor and use the usb7/8 for dry reamp source?
  5. I use Own Hammer IR's with a Yamaha DXR10 and have found that cutting in the IR low 90-110, high 5-7 but then placing the Parametric eq at the end of the chain as described in this article works great for me. If you read the article it explains the EQ is intended to be used without a cab sim or IR as a way of making the moddeler more amp in the room like but I found just the EQ to be as you discribe to much sizzle,fizzy and very digital but IR and EQ together seem great, try it you have nothing to loose just copy the settings from Chas Boston.
  6. Ok so fate has decided for me, because one of the bosses at work threw away a row of old lockers one of which contained my guitar port. So I’m new to DAW and I’m trying to learn Reaper, superior drums and how best to implement helix native. So far I have managed to use Helix floor as my interface and recorded guitar tracks with my pre made patches and I have used a new blank patch and then used native for the amps etc both sound good, but long term I think a small interface would be better for me because I have the Helix floor elsewhere and it is hassle taking it to my desk top , Any tips on how you guys record would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Yes I see, Do you think the old line 6 guitarport would be ok as an interface?
  8. Hi guys I have a Helix floor and have been using to as the interface to my window 10 PC (usually only for an hour or 2 after I update the Helix) So why should I bother with Native? The only reason I can think of is it would be less hassle bringing my Helix to the desk and setting it up but that would also mean I would have to buy a new interface to link to my PC although I do have an old Line 6 Guitarport maybe that would work. Cheers.
  9. Helix native is something I will use in the future but at the moment I'm still loving my 6 month old Helix floor, Is there any time limit on the $99 price?
  10. Thanks guys I will try your suggestions out soon
  11. Hi Guys, My son has Garage band on his Mac book , He wants to record his drums onto it and to do so was going to blow all his savings on an 8 channel interface Until... I said I think you could use my Helix for that. Having spent most of today trying I am now thinking its not possible. I have utilised the following.... Mic 1 kick drum - Guitar in to USB 1/2 out, select audio track 1 in GB input 1 and that's good Mic 2 snare drum - Aux in to USB 3/4 out, select audio track 2 in GB input 3 and that's good Mic 3 tom 1- Mic in to USB 5/6 out, select audio track 3 in GB input 5 and that's good. So up to now these 3 tracks are all independent but I need to add at least another mic and thats when this start to fall down because the next track I add has to share a USB out and then it becomes a mix. the only USB outs showing up in helix for me are 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, How do I get access to 7/8? I have no experience with Garage band and have only owned my Helix for 6 months so any help or guidance would be very very much appreciated.
  12. Thanks Shane, I have had some fun with this, simple but very authentic rock. New Helix owners struggling to get a good tone should try these settings.
  13. Hi Verne, Yes I was aware of the cable mod and I was prepared to do that even though it was going to void my warranty, lucky for me though the store I use was able to let me A/B a few pairs of cans, to my 48 year old ears there was no loss in quality between mx50's and the DT 770 plus the mx50 had 3 detachable cables, felt slightly better on my head and sound better through my phone should I wish to listen to you tube videos in the wee small hours 😀
  14. Sounds awesome, I see Ownhammer have a link to your track on there website, well done Sir! I will be purchasing this pack when I get home from work. Please could tell me what high and low cuts you applied on the IR and did you use 1 or 2 cabs/IR's
  15. I bought a pair of DT770 250ohm for Helix use, I was very happy with the sound quality compared to my Bose, I did have to turn the volume up to drive them but it was only just over half way up so there's plenty volume left in the helix. I actually returned the DTs because I couldn't get along with the curly cable, I bought Audio Technica MX50 which are only 38 ohm but like the DTs they also sound awesome through helix so my opinion is it really does not matter what ohms you have once you have a set of industry standard cans, I have a Yamaha dxr10 and patches translate well.
  16. What are your typical high and low cuts in the cab/ IR Peter? I ask this because I have just bought a DXR10 and seem to need / want a lot more cutting than I did with my Audio Technica MX50s sp very interested in what other people are cutting to.
  17. Hi, I had same kind of experience as you with the Helix distortions. I bought my Helix last Christmas and run it 4CM through a Suhr Badger, the way I found to get the drives sounding fantastic was to just dial them right down on the gain and use 2 or 3 and stack them to achieve a 3 amp channel type effect. Also as the above post mentions the Yamaha DXR10 is great I tried out the 10 and the 12 last week in my local store and was truly blown away as was everyone in the shop, it took me about 10 minutes to make a simple patch - minator- tubescreamer- matchless amp- 2x12 cab-simple delay - 63 spring reverb and it just killed it, even natural feedback was easy to achieve, I am now mad keen to get the DXR10and so my Suhr is now on Ebay. I think DXR would be a really great speaker/amp solution for you and would work well on the ship.
  18. I have only owned my Helix for a month, After reading this thread I thought I would buy a couple of the suggested patches because I have found I am playing less and tweaking more... I bought Glenn Delaunes Boutique Amp 1 because I have a Suhr Badger and wanted to A/B, I bought Fremen's starter pack to A/B against Glenns and ultimately try to learn a little about building patches. I managed to get a couple of evenings playing out of the patches but I don't think I would use any of them full time The Badger was nothing like the real thing in fact to my ears most of the amps with drive just sound fizzy maybe FRFR would change this for me and that is indeed what I intend to try because so far after 35 years playing valve amps nothing in the helix sounds as good I currently use the Helix through some Bayerdynamic DT770 headphones for quiet practice and 4 cable method through my Suhr badger but only for effects. I know a month is just the tip of the Iceberg with this machine so any tips and advice would be appreciated, Cheers
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