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  1. See other thread regarding the covers:
  2. As promised above I've already updated the full-site PDF download to v2.00 and Jason has already added it to his page. Rock on!
  3. Got mine from Thomann last month already. Yes, The transmitter is sticking out but that's what a cable also does... Looks pretty solid to me and I replaced my G30 with the G10 (2nd best decision after buying the Helix ;) ).
  4. Yes, they are on vacation until tomorrow (as I wrote above). Usually they have covers for dozens of devices listed but you want to have a custom logo (copyrighted material excluded) anyway - otherwise the default will be the word "Custom" on all covers. Here you'll find the link to the Helix-cover on EBay: It's on sale for 30.60 US$ + 19 US$ shipping.
  5. Can image he would but then someone would need to ship it to all buyers within the US. Sounds complicated. On the other hand spending 50 bucks on a nice cover for a 1500 dollar device still sounds reasonable.
  6. It sits on top, backside is half open (no velcro).
  7. Shipping to the US is 25$ with tracking or 15 without I believe.
  8. Hi All, as there seems to be some interest and not everyone is reading the "Show Us Your Helix Rig Setup"-thread where I had posted it originally I'll start a dedicated thread for this. offer these, see: or their shop on eBay: It's a small Bulgarian company and Jordan ships worldwide, within a few days for custom text/logo. He is super friendly, responsive, reliable and fun to deal with! The covers are top quality, perfectly fitting. (I'm not affiliated with them, I recommend them just because they fully convince me and I'm a happy customer.) *Jordan is on vacation until Friday May 27th* Here are some pics: Outside with custom logo (can be anything else as well), price was US$34 Rear side view. Cover allows cables attached while it's on: Inside lining (hard to see on the pic) is crushed-velvet, nice & soft and a good padding between inside and outside: They will make any cover you want, I had also make them one with custom label for my Boss RC-300: Hope you find this useful. Rock on!
  9. No, not at all. The inner side of the cover is some sort of crushed velvet and between this and the outside material there is some padding. As this might interest people not looking into this thread I've started a dedicated cover thread with some pics here:
  10. I'm not fully convinced of the RedWirez. I've tested a few/many IRs from Ownhammer, RedWirez and 3Sigma and my personal ranking is: 1. 3Sigma 2. Ownhammer 3. RedWirez 4. Internal Cab-Sim
  11. offer these, see: or on eBay: Jordan ships worldwide, within a few days for custom text/logo and is super friendly, reliable and fun to deal with! The covers are top quality, perfectly fitting. Fully recommended.
  12. @glorioso: Thanks :) @regalpierot: You can't load a picture into the forum. Upload your photo to some picture-service like and insert a link to the pic there in your post here.
  13. Here's my Helix rig: The Helix, 2x L2m on Zaor-Monitor-Stands, Relay G10, Boss RC-300, Zoom HD16, the custom padded covers and my axes on the wall (the Explorer has the G10-sender plugged in) :) The two L2m are connected to the Helix via L6Link. The RC-300 is connected to the Helix via stereo send/return loop (4 cables). The Helix main out goes into the inputs 1+2 of the HD16 for recordings. The HD16 main outs go to studio monitors. Last pic shows the custom padded covers.
  14. I have the G10 since yesterday and there is no latency/delay in combination with the Helix.
  15. But the L2t (or L2m) should neither sound boomy nor harsh. Instead they sound great a make the ideal companion for the Helix in my opinion. I run my Helix via L6link in stereo into two L2m and it sounds awesome. Maybe lower the output on the Helix and increase on the L2t and check if it makes a change. How does the L2t sound with other sources? (Not that you got a defective unit) I also thought it puts itself into Monitor-mode automatically when laid horizontally no matter what you set the switch to? How does it sound in upright position, any different?
  16. Moreover in the videos where Glenn demos a single patch each there's usually some text like: "all guitars on this track have been played and recorded with this patch." Maybe Glenn himself can comment on this (although I think he's busy at the moment so maybe he's not hanging around here now these days...)
  17. Best chill out tune I've heard in a long time, you should record/mix a 10 minute version of it ;) Scott, you nailed it again. Stay well and keep it up please!
  18. I fully second this! Scott's a really cool guy and he has done and still does each Monday through Friday a lot for the Helix-community with hin entertaining, informative videos. He and Glenn have become two Helix subject matter experts around. So go subscribe the Helix-Channel on YouTube ( and buy some of the presets to support him!
  19. There it comes in handy that you can control several parameters at once with the same FS or pedal. Kudos to Line 6 / the Helix :)
  20. Yes, We know ;) Scott's around here, too (forum user: sminchk67) Cheers, Andreas
  21. Cool tone Scott, you nailed it again! Please keep up the great work. Rock on, Andreas
  22. acelab

    headphone sound

    I've followed some threads discussing FRFR-like headphones for Axe-FX and Kemper and the ones most recommended were (no ranking): AKG K 240 AKG 712 Pro AKG 812 Pro Beyerdynamic DT880 pro Sennheiser HD 25 Sennheiser HD 650 Sony MDR-7506 Maybe some good starting point. :)
  23. Make a backup (just in case) and then do an updade instead of a clean install.
  24. I did an upgrade installation over Yosemite both on my MacBook Pro and my iMac and both worked without any hassle. Yes, you can tell Spotlight what and where to Index, you can exclude volumes or even single folders from being indexed.
  25. What phil_m said is correct. That's why commercial third party IRs usually contain of hundreds of files for various mics, mic positions and combinations. For example the Ownhammer Marshall 412 1960B with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers IRs for the Helix contain 81 mic-files (for each mic 10 different positions) and 78 mix-files (with all kinds mic combinations like dynamic and ribbon).
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