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  1. Americian Musical has now changed ETA from 9/21/2015 to 10/1/2015... LoL! I'll believe it when they ship one to my door. LoL!!!
  2. Americian Musical has now changed ETA from 9/21/2015 to 10/1/2015... LoL! I'll believe it when they ship one to my door. LoL!!!
  3. Yeah... That 9/15 one flew the coop, too. American musical (where I pre ordered awhile back) still says 9/21... I don't really find myself believing it at all. LoL!!!
  4. Guess this one got answered... LoL!!! Now lets see how my American Musical Supply estimate of 9/21/2015 pans out. *rolls eyes*
  5. Would love to hear it! I don't have a DT, but it's hard to believe they kind of just left you guys out. :(
  6. American Musical is still saying Sept 21...
  7. I like my Kemper, but I'd rather have pedal and processor all in one live. Simple setup...
  8. If it's the Atomic FR with the little horn driver, they actually warm up a POD or other pedal nicely... I still have one and use it from time to time for small venues.
  9. glideman

    Helix FAQ

    American Musical actually emailed me and said there were 11 of us on pre-order and that they expect their 1st 25 units by July 15th. We'll see. LoL! 8 payment interest free plan was the ticket, though!!! :)
  10. I'd be surprised if they haven't improved the modeling 10 fold after taking so long between the HD line and the Helix. I'll be keeping the Kemper and FCB with UNO4KEMPER chip, but I like the idea of Helix for live use. Simplicity...
  11. Anyone else own a Kemper and jumping off the cliff on this pedal, too? Not unhappy with my Kemper, either. I just want another option. :) Curiosity definitely has killed the cat as well......... :wacko: :D
  12. glideman

    Helix FAQ

    That page no longer exists... LoL... but they DO have 8 easy payments versus forking the whole thing out at once!!!
  13. glideman

    I Pre-Ordered

    Pre ordered a couple days ago... Not getting rid of my Kemper, but I want to go simple again for most gigs with just a pedal box and some sort of amplification versus Kemper, footpedal, and amp. It will be nice to have both... takes care of those "let me change up again" urges. LoL!
  14. It probably won't be a hub... it'll probably be all by itself on the stage. One pedal into some form of amp. I love my Kemp, but the extra gear at small gigs is a pain in the rear. I want the simple life again since it's a hobby, not a primary job. :) I'll keep the Kemp, though... rack, pedalboard, amplification. Now, pedalboard, amplification again.
  15. glideman

    Helix Insight?

    As long as HD serious has been out, I'd say this was not rushed. LoL
  16. ... from Sweetwater. I am such a Gear Hooka Ho........ Former HD500 and HD500X user as well. Still have Tonelab SE and LE, too. HD's are gone pre-Kemper. Liked then fine. My manic bipolar mode is on. :P
  17. glideman

    Hd500x Extra Dsp

    Well, I just got my HD500X to replace my soon to be on Ebay HD500. I must say that I am pleased with being able to add 63 Reverb to some dual amp presets I had before that wouldn't even allow me to add ANY reverb! Might be only 20%, but I'm running 8 effect slot fully loaded dual amp patches with any reverb I choose. Now if they would just throw out a token firmware update that added some new toys (particularly amp cabs and mics, maybe an amp or two). I do actually like the new switches. Definitely feel a little more rugged than the other ones when depressed (although I never had a failure on either one of my HD500's in the button department). GLiDE
  18. I"ve got an HD500X on the way, delivered tomorrow. I've had too many tones I've built with dual amps that I just can't shove that Reverb on the tail end of. That extra 20% will hopefully give me that option. If it does, then I won't have to utilize the Sweetwater money back guarantee. Then there will be yet one more HD500 on the used market, most likely FleEbay...
  19. I've used it to control and Eleven Rack, but did not route signal through the HD500.
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