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  1. Hey McB. Do you notice whether using the noise gate dampens your tone in addition to eliminating hum? Thx Jim
  2. Hey. I downloaded and tried both of those guitar organ presets and loved them both. I tweaked them to taste by adding more bottom and also tried changing the chorus mod to a rotary drum which gave it a Hammond B3 effect. Very nice! Thanks to those who published them! Jim
  3. I do not seem to have any of the latency delays that people are reporting unless the preset has one or more synths. I don't use a lot of synths and notice no latency issues between my presets even when jumping from one entirely different bank! But I noticed the problem when synths are involved. The quality of the FH is great. I can only guess that the Helix is dynamite but unaffordable for me at this point! I loved my old M9 but love the FH better! Jim
  4. No because I love some of the modeled amps too much!!
  5. Thanks Mc. I saw that Silver suggests turning off the modeled cabs and mics if you use 4CM. But I continue to get a great sound either way. I'm gonna give this a test at an outdoor gig in Malibu next Sunday! I'm just gonna use that one cable method though. I'll let you know. Jim
  6. Have you guys tried just a one cable method going into the power amp out in a conventional fender or other amp? I like 4CM but in a live gig that's a lot of cables! Just wondering! Jim
  7. Hey Kev I'm not a tweaker either but it seems a reasonable request to have an expression pedal do more than one thing at a time as it does with the M series multifx. For some solos I may want more gain, more reverb, more bass etc. simultaneously. It's just that I'll be doing more tap dancing than I did before!
  8. I just want to access the damn cloud and download some decent patches I have downloaded a few patches from the cloud that seemed to work well after a bit of tweaking. Some are from Line 6 others are from the cloud user group. If I play a song using Bluetooth from my device then select the "Match tone" feature, several similar tones appear in a list. They are reviewed as well with stars. I try some of these. They may not match at all but some are still nice so I store them in user locations on the FH. There is no special web site to download tones as you can do with other Line 6 devices (Amplifi). Just the Cloud
  9. Thanks Mc. I primarily use my phone now and it does not seem to have that battery issue
  10. What is the rule for signal chain assignments? I. E. What should normally go before the amp and what should go after? I've noticed when playing around with this that moving some stuff totally disables the effect while other things that get moved continue to work but with less quality or clarity. Thanks Jim
  11. Hey casaalb: I'm guessing you're Italian is that right!? Jim I love the FH and have never used a pod500HD, but I did previously own a Line 6 multi effects amp (Spyder IV) and an M9 stomp box modeler that I also really loved. The FH gives you an incredible amount of flexibility from the app. It requires some playing around, but you'll see how it best works for you. Thanks.
  12. Has anyone complained of battery drain using an iPad as a controller? I do not have this issue with an iPhone, but with the iPad it draws very quickly down to no battery after about 50 minutes of use! Jim
  13. I'm curious what other people are doing about the output of their stage sound live. I would love to hear some feedback on this stagesource. One person says it is not the same thing as using an amp. I don't see using an amp and PA output simultaneously unless your playing in an arena or something. I play small gigs and even a PA would blow out the rest of the band [not to mention the competition with the voices]. Jim
  14. I'm wondering if one of the problems you're having has to do with how you have set your volume stages from one preset to another. With all things being equal in the volume department, if you simply added a stomp with overdrive or distortion that you need for a solo, you could adjust the volume or gain of that stomp block a bit higher, then just turn it on or off when needed for the solo. Same with chorus (though I would not use the same patch as the overdrive settings). Then you are on the same preset and using the FH foot switches the way they were designed to work. I agree with Kev and Trip on this organization model. It's also a hell of a lot of work, but fun! Jim
  15. But isn't it a bit redundant to have both? Most of us previously bought the FHFX. Why would you also get the 1500 which essentially does the same thing? In my case, I do use the 4CM but I'm not always using my amp's preamp. That only happens in one patch where I use no amp on the FH and turn on the fx block which engages my amp. In all other patches I'm choosing the modeled amps etc. sounds good too!
  16. Right Kick. I agree with one of the previous replies here. I'm starting to lay stuff out that I know I can use within the same bank or, if it is applicable, use the FH as stomp box by just turning foot switches on or off as needed depending on the song (sometimes just turn on a FS for boost, fuzz, overdrive for a solo then switch it off).
  17. Wait. What are missing here? Why is it so hard to go from 1a to 2a in less than 5 seconds. I do that all the time for some solos. Not much harder than stomping a distortion FS on or off for a solo or a boost FS
  18. I'm not sure why you'd shell out $450 for a FHFX just to use it as a foot controller for the FH 1500 amp. Redundant! And the StageSource sounds like another PA speaker. Why not just make a really great FR powered speaker that looks and feels like an amp when matched with the product you just sold us!! Really frustrating. I'm basically using my nice sounding Fender amp as a powered speaker for the FH connected by 4CM. So far so good. Any thoughts for live gigs where a PA is not an option? Jim
  19. Sorry. Part 2: My work-around to the problem mentioned above is to copy and paste a patch next to the original then on the second one, tweak it as if I were switching between a clean and dirty channel where the first patch is clean and the second patch is dirty or overdriven for a solo. You've got 128 slots after all! Works for me. And this is not the same as switching a stomp on or off because I still use a little overdrive on that first patch. Likewise with other blocks that use delays or mods, etc. lots of options here without using an expression pedal. I've stated in earlier forums that using a second exp pedal is very buggy! After a few attempts, the second pedal replaces the volume/wah function and the built in pedal becomes useless or no longer functions properly! Jim
  20. Don't know if you've ever used an M series modeler but I also have an M-9 and it allows you to do exactly that: with one expression pedal you can tweak between 4 to 6 parameters at once! The FH does not support this! And depending on the fx block you're tweaking, this does allow for a virtual channel switching performance. For example, on a distortion pedal block you can go from no drive to 100% with the heel down to toe down positions and simultaneously decrease or increase a delay or reverb or trem mix! Loved that about the M series! Jim
  21. I don't think it's fair to compare the FH or pod 500x to the Helix. Helix has a completely different and vastly superior computing engine if you believe the videos and reviews about it. I've never owned a pod but I've had many Lune 6 products, amps an M-9 and now my FH. The quality of the FH blows all that older stuff away, yet I am disappointed that it does not include some of the simplest features of that older M series, esp being able to tweak several parameters of a block simultaneously with one expression pedal!
  22. Hi p...sorry what is FOH? Do you use the StageSource like an amp in live gigs or like a monitor to hear yourself? Also, I've been a little confused about whether I need to use the 4CM at all. Have you tried plugging just the 1/4 in out from the FX straight into the frond end of a conventional guitar amp, then designating "No Amp" in the Remote app? One thing for sure, if you do that and don't turn off the Amp block, it sounds horrible. Like a xerox of a xerox. Very tinny and like listening to music over your phone. If you just plug one wire into the power amp in, you basically are using a conventional amp like a powered speaker (probably not the same quality as a StageSource)! Any thoughts on this? Thanks Jim
  23. Hi...I've been using the built-in pedal to tweak one parameter at a time as well as volume (never tried it with the wah). For instance, I can control the mix of a delay block and reduce volume simultaneously. It also seems to work with gain on a distortion/overdrive and volume simultaneously. I'm not doing anything special. It just works. My only complaint is that you can only control one parameter with a pedal (1 or 2) with the FH. My M-9 allowed me to control any number of parameters simultaneously with one expression pedal. I loved that feature! Jim
  24. I quit using the second expression pedal tom. I found it was easier to use the built in pedal with volume on and assign that pedal to tweak certain parameters depending on the patch. So, this allows me to add volume and say drive on a stomp pedal block in toe down position or back off to 70% volume and decreased drive in heel down position. I do the same in a different patch for increasing or decreasing delay/mod mixes with increased or decreased volume settings. Using the 2nd pedal was frustrating and clearly buggy!
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