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HX effects popping presets


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I have a problem with my HX effects.
It is popping from preset to preset but not on all of them.
My amp is a EVH 5150iii. I am using 4cm and I am switching the amp via midi (BankPC)
It is not doing it on all the B presets. I think that is a bit strange.
Is there any thing I can do to make this go away? Or what am I doing wrong?
Please help me solve this problem :-)

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I am not familiar with that amp but I assume you are changing the amp's configuration by storing the associated midi commands in the HX FX preset. I also assume you can change the amp's configuration manually if you wish. Do you hear the same popping when you manually change the amp's configuration the same way that your midi commands do?

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3 minutes ago, dennisvedel said:

Yes a bank you have preset A B C D.
And on the B preset there is no popping.
I think that is the most strange thing of it all.
Why the pop on some presets and not all?


Are you changing amp channels on that preset?

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You need to test this without changing any channels on the amp at the same time.... 

  1. Disconnect the midi
  2. Set the amp to it's first channel
  3. Roll through the presets to see if the popping is there... take note if any are
  4. Repeat bullet 2 &3 for the other two channels on the amp

If the pop is ever present (to varying degrees because of the amp settings)... it's the HX presets alone

If the popping goes away, it's related to the changing of the amps channels at the same time as the HX presets


Post your results and I'll come back with another round of questions.


Separate questions...

  1. Is this a "soft sounding pop" when you change presets... more like a "thud"... or is a "hard pop", more like a "bam".
  2. Does the POP only happen ONCE when you first change the preset... or does it continue to pop repeatedly once the preset is loaded?
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