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pod hd pro to mesa 2x12 cabinet


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Hey guys.. so i needs some help/advice..


i'm getting a pod hd pro and i'm wondering a few things:


1: how can i use it live with my mesa 2x12 cabinet


2. what's a good power amp to use, that won't break the bank...


3. how do i connect everything (the mesa 2x12 cab has only 1 input / 8ohms








mesa 2x12 cab

pod hd pro

schecter pt

schecter damien solo elite

schecter damien elite 7

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Not sure what "Breaking the bank" would be for you... but I have heard good things about the Quilter ToneBlock 200. I can't personally vouch for it, but the reviews seem to be solid, and it certainly has enough power for just about anything.


As far as hooking it all up...


  1. Guitar into POD HD Pro.
  2. L(MONO) unbalanced (or L(MONO) balanced out depending on the Amp/Power amp you end up with) out of the HD Pro into the Power amp.
  3. You will want to experiment with the Output Mode settings on the HD Pro to find what works best with the Amp/Power amp you get.

    Combo Front & Stack Front: For connecting into the front input of a typical combo amp or amp head + external cab, respectively.
    Combo Power Amp & Stack Power Amp: For connecting to the power amp of a combo or head amp
  4. Speaker out of Amp/Power amp to your Mesa cab.

There are more details about the output setup in the System setup section of the manual.

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Power amp my man, either SS or Tube. I love the Peavey Classic 50/50 - the tube power amps gave it something (mojo?) tough for me to describe but the more cranked the sweeter it got (still miss it **sniff**). That said I also like the SS Roctron Velocity power amps - pretty neutral. Crate Power Blocks were pretty nice too.


Typically a Full Range Flat Response (FRFR) yields good results for a head.


But you can also get a pretty decent used head and run a 4 cable routing or into the Loop Return.


Lots of options. Connect as above :)

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What's your budget ?  Are we talking $200 or $1000 ?  Is used an option ?


You have 3 guitars and no amp.  That was an Interesting decision.  Like buying a car with no wheels.  Sorry but I had to pick on you for that.

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What's funny is that I have since sold both the 2:Ninety and the 2:100 and have kept the Velocity 300. And I'd amend that review to say it's fairly close to a 6l6 with the reactance on full, and an EL34 with the reactance dialed between 6-8, and the wooliness I experienced with the definition (presence) control seemed to have as much to do with the preamp/amp model and 4x12 cabinet I was running it through as it did the character of the power amp itself.


It came down to the fact that it's 1 rack space, 1/3 the weight, and zero tube maintenance  and as "tubey" as I need it to be. Those heavy tube power amps required a separate 2u rack case to move them around since all of my gear in one rack case was just too heavy to move. I mean it was close to a separate 40lbs+ just for that poweramp/rackcase 2:90 or 2:100 combo!


In a band mix, it doesn't sound any less "tube-like" than a real tube amp. Compared to my friends' JCM 900, Orange Rockerverb, or 5150ii amps, my rig holds its own, and most of the time I think it sounds better! And more than once they've asked me "you sure there aren't any tubes in that thing?"

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(the mesa 2x12 cab has only 1 input / 8ohms




if you end up with a stereo power amp (very likely), the mesa 2x12 is easy to rewire in stereo, by soldering one speaker to the output jack, making it the second input. Just solder one speaker to each jack on the back - now you have a stereo cab. Did this for awhile with my Mesa 2x12. Great cab to use with the pod by the way.


As for power amps, i'm running a mesa 50/50 and love it. 

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