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  1. tks zap, it's clear now :)
  2. consult also Amp/Pre Frequency Response graphs and data by pfsmith0...
  3. in addition 2 aris comments, consult foll link
  4. try using attached 'PODX4Edit.lang' (unzip 1st). it is a plain txt file i copied from the location duncann suggested... it contain model pack amp codes , names, etc. (opens with notepad, excel, , xml formatted). it is wise 2 keep a copy from ur original 'PODX4Edit.lang' file. FYI, i have latest s/w+f/w running BUT HAVE NOT PURCHASED ANY MODEL PACK. good luck :) ps may b someone else who installed model pack(s) compare this file with the one on his pc 'n report differences (if any)...
  5. why don't u use alt tuning (virtual capo) under E standard tuning? any specific reason whatsoever?
  6. i think HD model packs do not require activation... may b u purchased something else?
  7. i'm afraid podhd_convert.exe requires win7 (have not tried vista). tried on xp 'n i get the same error msg...
  8. how abt 1 month later? This Monday of august 1969... btw, has any L6 forum member attended woodstock?
  9. hm, interesting global eq application...
  10. hey boys, just pick up ur guitars 'n play just like yesterday get on ur knees 'n pray... keep on poding everybody :D
  11. do u use two 10 band MXR's when u play stereo?
  12. below is a vid by Glenn DeLaune, where he walks u thru the new 2.62 upgrade 'n Model Packs Purchase screens...
  13. age 59, got my old-lady (a '72 jimmy-strat) on 1972. since late 90's started using a fender custom shop prosonic (its most unusual feature was the switchable rectifier 'n power amplifier bias scheme, allowing on-the-fly changes of operating mode 'n output power, as well as subjective tonal differences). both retired on 2012 when i bought the hd500+69s :)
  14. no, it does not. still getting the "sorry etc" error msg....
  15. nico, the HD500 signal routings.doc is broken.
  16. max, did u try plugging in a 1/4 inch 2 the guitar? if yes, did this fix the issue?
  17. --------------------- ------------------- --------> | FX RETURN AMP 1 | | --------------------- | ------ | | |---OUTR L------ GUITAR---> |HD500| | |---OUTR R------ ------ | | | --------------------- ----------------------------> | FX RETURN AMP 2 | ---------------------
  18. ok, shutting mi mouth up! this thread is considered closed. roger + out :P
  19. ok, pls keep us informed abt final diagnosis, so that -if this is the case- we can also take preventive measures and (possibly) reflash with 2.63...
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