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  1. They don't clean themselves... that phrase is suppose to be accompanied by "Push and simultaneously twist the switch 8-10 times. This should help clear any dust/debris." IME... that works to get you through a week or two, but there comes a time when the unit will need to be opened and cleaned manually. For me that time took 4 years to arrive - on par with any other floorboard I've owned over the years.
  2. Yes there is... Choose HX Stomp as the hardware Choose MAC OSX as the OS Sift through the results.... many versions of updater.
  3. On Windows it installs a few things... MAC, I don't know. Don't worry.... go the Line 6 website and download the Updater for your system. There are many instructions available about unbricking an HX with updates so I won't repeat them here. If this is a new unit and you can't get it updated... you should have warranty.
  4. Further testing... Did you swap the cables leading from the Stomp to the Interface? Does the problem follow the output of the stomp, or the cable? The same applies to the input of the interface... swap the two inputs and see if the problem follows the STOMP output, or the Interface input. (I see you sort of did this, but not quite) If it does end up being the output of the Stomp, have you tried cleaning it?
  5. Not possible unless someone has the exact guitar and wireless system you do. All wireless units differ to varying degrees. I use a G-50 wireless... and it sounds very similar to my primary cable, but not identical. My other cables don't sound identical to my primary cable either, so I don't worry about it. The G-50 has cable simulation (HPF) so I set that to 15' and like how it responds. If you are using a wireless without cable simulation and find it too bright, try inserting the TILT EQ on your preset and lower the title to about DARK 25 or DARK 30. That should take the edge off and make the sound more familiar.
  6. Some call this "hair", some call it "squirrels", some call it "grit". When I listed to the examples, the only one that didn't have that was the headrush. Even the tube amp had it.... just less of it. What's unnatural is the Headrush, not the others. Isolate your favorite guitar tracks in recordings, and you will find it will be there to varying degrees. What is it? It's crossover distortion that occurs naturally in a Class A/B (push/pull) amp. It's part of the power amp modeling. If you don't want that to appear in your Helix.... simply use the "pre-amp" version of the amp instead of the full amp models. (it is more prevalent in some amps than others)
  7. I keep an up-to-date setlist from my LT loaded in Native... When I need to create/replicate a preset in my Stomp, the procedure isn't that difficult. Load the source preset in Native Load the stomp preset in HX Edit Copy and Paste each block I want from Native to HX Edit. (settings are retained... even assignments in some instances) Perform any fs assignments/adjustments I want in HX Edit for the Stomp (Optional)... Snapshots are created manually, but with the original preset open in Native it's easy to replicate the settings. SAVE The result is a preset that has the exact same core tone... assignments/snapshots may vary out of limitations. I have not tried yet... but I think you can do the exact same thing by simply connecting both devices and opening multiple versions of HX Edit. Someone else will have to confirm or deny that.
  8. Glad you are enjoying the "upgrade". They are indeed different units with different target markets - but I felt pretty much the same when I made the switch from the HX Effects to the Helix. I struggled with the HX Effects, I have never struggled with the LT. Placebo or not... I do think the LT sounds better, and I enjoy using it more.
  9. Are you sure about this link or am I being blocked from outside the US?
  10. The firmware can only be updated via Monkey through a VDI box, not the Helix. If the JTV is still 1.x it won't even be HD yet, do I don't think WorkBench HD will even recognize it. In reading the OP several times, I am pretty sure that guitar needs to be brought up to date. Beg, borrow, buy an older Windows laptop and install L6 Monkey. As long as you have the VDI box and a battery with 15 -30 minutes of power you can get this thing updated. From that point forward, connect to the Helix with a VDI cable and you will have power and full functionality.
  11. Yes the amp is coloring your tone, yes the studio monitors will be much more accurate/faithful to the tone you are creating on the Helix. Will you like it? That's up to you! I love it, but that's me! You will find some 5" monitors in that price range and others may vouch for them, but I would always recommend stretching the budget to go a touch bigger. For $100 more the KALI 6's (6.5") are really good... and there are often great deals on used 6.5" monitors as users upgrade to 8's.
  12. @mtumi... many great reasons, those are already listed above. In case you didn't know this, Line 6 gave us options that you can use to your advantage in this case. User defaults to the rescue, roughly page 19 of the manual. If this is something that really bothers you... simply go through each amp model and adjust the "channel volume" of each amp model so they match - and save them as a user default. The next time you are auditioning amp models, they'll be leveled the way "you" wanted them leveled.
  13. Yes.... There are some experiences users here that have already said your preset is fine... so I'd love to hear what the problem really is.
  14. Firmware 3.5 is a giant leap forward compared to the earlier versions. I don't know when you sold... but aside from the additional "amps/effects/& now cabs", they have added dozens of features under the hood that thoroughly improve functionality. I bought my Helix in late 2018 when the current version was V2.6... and 3.5 is a MASSIVE leap forward from that.
  15. @craiganderton.. I love the concept/approach, thanks for sharing that with us. I notice a huge different on my studio speakers.
  16. The Albert Lee approach to tuning a mandolin works well for me on the Variax... just the top 4 strings of a guitar - D,G,B,E. It sounds good, but won't get the familiar voicings of a traditional mandolin. This is my approach with the Variax to fake a mandolin sound. Use one of the 12 string acoustic models Set the D & G as unison, not octaves (the B & E should already be unison) Optionally... turn down the volume on the low E & A... Now, put a capo on the 12 fret... or simply stick to playing in that range. IMO - that sounds way more realistic than attempting to alter the tuning that dramatically.
  17. I found the answer to #2... it looks like I need part # 30-51-0381. But #1 is elusive, I can't find them anywhere - which leads me to believe #3 could be my only option.
  18. It's half an LT, with additional limitations. The tones are the same... but you cannot get as much out of a single preset. The split blocks are the same, but you don't have the same number of paths. No. The LT has up to 32 blocks, the Stomp has 8. Nope.... You get one parallel split... ie: 2 lines. For the most part... YES. Off the top of my head I can't think of any exceptions, but there could be.
  19. I just picked up a used 2014 (W1404) JTV 69... excellent condition, everything works great. As with many used guitars, the trem bar is lost in action. I don't use trem, I tighten down the bridge and call it a day on my Strat style guitars - but I wouldn't mind having one to complete the package. Where can I find one? I understand there are 3 generations of bridge on these guitars... I know I have gen 2 or gen 3. Is the bar the same for each generation or do I need to find a specific one for the generation I have? If they are not available... would our resident Variax expert@psarkissian kindly share the thread specs so I can tap my own?
  20. Well... I'm old school. When I need my backup guitar (or to simply switch guitars) I simply unplug one and plug in the next. The EXP on my LT is always a Volume/Wah... so muting is extremely simple when it's time to switch - just heel down the exp pedal. That said - I do use one of my returns as an input for my Pedal Steel which is always connected.
  21. The short answer.... it's TWO HX Effects in one box & more.... From there you can use your imagination. If you can't think of a way to use it then it's not for you. FWIW, I made the switch from an HX Effects to an LT and never questioned my decision once. It was worth every penny! But that's me, you are you! His tone is not a mystery. The Helix has the amps, cabs and effects needed.... the HX Effects has the effects needed.
  22. Yet there is a very good chance your amp fx loop is line level. Or it could be a parallel loop rather than a series loop? Make sure you know the the details of all the gear you own... and how it will all interact with each other. You can't just blame one piece of gear when two pieces are not playing well together. As for getting volumes to match.... aside from Line/Instrument level, there is also a send level and a return level. More than enough tools available to match volumes.
  23. I don't compare anything to anything else. Two amps off the assembly line one serial number apart don't sound the same so what would I truly be comparing anything to? The only thing that matters is that I get great tones and like using the product. My Helix LT and my HX Stomp deliver on both. Admittedly, I was not a fan of the original cabinets so I used IR's but the new cabinets sound really good.
  24. ^^^ this ^^^... for me. I also own a Peterson and find the Helix Tuner in strobe mode works equally as well, minus a few features.
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