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  1. The quality of the Preamps in the Scarlet would be much the same as the HD's. If from the HD go via s/pdif and set to dry. Monitor wet thru the analogue outs into whatever. If multitracking then use a pre on the scarlet as an extra DI
  2. If you cannot hear any difference then any difference is negligible and wont be a concern for a live show. It is only when you are considering the highest quality recording or mastering studio uses would you bother and you gotta spend way more than HD to get a noticeable difference. And it'l only be noticable on high end monitors in a properly treated room. It is only recent that USB interfaces have improved as full duplex interfaces. It is not clear to me how you route from the laptop, does it go into the Bean then combined and then out or does the laptop have its own interface. The stock soundcards in any laptop are unsuitable for anything except playback and even then consumer, not professional reliability. How long are the cable runs to FOH? A separate Professional Interface even a mixer one might give you the best control and reliability. It is one option if it is firewire or the latest in USB and then you could just go analogue in from the POD. You might already have an acceptible rig setup.
  3. Interesting and good to know. If you have the time someone could use the FX send to feed a peak meter and analysis tools, then by inserting the FX loop send block after each FX. So long as you keep the FX loop output the same any FX could be observed for peak limiting using something like TT Dynamic Range Meter. This will reveal how much peak limiting is occurring. But all sorts of tools could be placed from the Loop send. By completing the FX loop with a return on side B panned hard and comparing to the main outputs on the HD the comparison will have more value. The is still plenty to find out. The DAC digital to analogue converters will have a say in what goes out. Audio Diff maker could also reveal a thing or two
  4. I use Sonar but am going via a MOTU 2408mkIII. When you insert an audio track, in the inspector pain click track and on the input you will have a list of available devices, You can choose left, right or stereo of the USB from the HD. You will now get left and right selecting stereo. On the same track Or you can insert two audio tracks and select Left and right input for each. If no joy check the patch you are using.By adding a stereo FX after a Amp block you should be getting stereo. Also look at the mixer levels and pans.
  5. bjnette

    Pod Hd500x

    Check out customtone for compatible devices. I think HD500 and PRO patches can be used changing the file extension.
  6. It is either a very smart idea to get ideas for free from a customer base or a lazy one. Depends on if implemented I suppose. See if you idea for the HDs could be incorporated in this DSP module:
  7. Whoever is on lead might be hogging all the frequencies. What is the line up? General not too broad EQ boost of 6k Presence should have you cutting thru. The lead can get a little narrow 4k treble boost. On your amp you cut the treble and increase the presence. The lead should cut the presence and boost the treble. That'll fix it. You have a perfect right to own 6k. cymbols are at 13k and above plenty. Vocal is at 9-11k depending if male or female with an 8k scoop against silibance That'l clean things up FOH
  8. Over on the Ideas page I posted this; A possible solution to expand existing units and provide us with all the functionality we are requesting. Please contribute any ideas you have for such a device. Think as big as you like!
  9. I am pretty happy with the choice of amp and cabs already but of course more is always better. I'd very much like to see the FX reworked to be better than more amps even to sacrifice DSP. If it not possible to up the ante on the FX at least fix the parameters on the EQs from % to freq and db for gain. Now this is totally possible.
  10. Totallly possible, but unless your expecting someone else to do your homework for you your in for a bit of a study. LOLOL There could be a buskers forum that might be able to help too plus youtube. Essentially, all you need do is look at the output specs of the HDsPSU. Get a suitable concealed rechargable battery that are used as replacements in battery amps and the right connector that will deliver said specs and any rectifier and recharging circuits. Totally possible Or get a little Korgworx battery powered mult iFX for cheap in the meantime
  11. Glad you found it. Looks like they use a balanced cable to keep noise shielded.
  12. Time to upload a sample
  13. Is it possible that the transient spike or pick attack isn't captured in the Boss as it is in the HD and that you are noticing a difference. If it isn't to your liking you might be able to accentuate it it with the focus EQ with a tight parametric bell curve and then attenuate it. Incidentally, During a mix of mine I scooped the wet recorded signal to make room for vocals and other parts and when mixed down listening in the car I did notice pick transient fairly prominent especially after it has been compressed on a buss for glue and another for some glue verb. It was a kind of scraping in there. My conclusion is to go for the tone at the recording stage, by thinking ahead. And keep the Mix EQing to an absolute minimum. One trick is to insert the usual plugins on the main buss toggled on and off before and inbetween tracking. Hope you get it sorted.
  14. Check your guitar pickup height. Does it do it on the neck P'up? Ideally it should be fairly low to get full bass.. This is my first thought as the string effects the magnetic flux in the P'up. If you got it so close to the string. The next is the input page in the HD. You can adjust the impedance. Also, change the input 2 from same to variax as this makes it a little more quiet and might be contributing. There is some documentation on this in a tread, "What every 500 owner should know" There is also amp page edits that can be done, bias, excursion etc and this effects the attack and feel. You just might have to teak it to your liking. If it is there in no amp mode, is it there in when the tuner is engaged? How does it sound in another pre amp to PA.?
  15. I think you can take it the way you want, depends on what data you have. From what I have read here on the forum, it seems likely the Processors used in the the HD500 have been replaced by the manufacturer with one that is slightly faster allowing an estimated 20% increase in dsp available. That means that now the POD HD500 is different from the previous chip used. So throw in better foot switches and its the replacement model still at the same price with a little fanfare.
  16. I've used a Mic Pre as a Direct Input into the FX loop return for bass and guitar and it worked well. I am pretty sure if you go from the Pre to the MicXLR input you will be using the pre on the POD.
  17. bjnette

    No Sound...?

    Seems like your under a process of elimination. Try another pedal or rack effect thru the power amp to rule out your first suspect. Oh you did that. The FX loop on the HD has a send and return level. Could be that. and double check the cabling again is all I can think of.
  18. Great Video! I think it is worth it! The change over that is! But two Amps on an FX heavy patch are not needed. Wasted in fact as their tones are gone. The last patch is DSP usage in real terms. I really liked your analogy, if you like the HD500 then the 20% more is valuable
  19. LOLOL yes, but smart corporations set up industry Events and win top honors, especially if they produce the top of the line products. It probably has production stats like biggest seller in some category of the Industry as the HD models have been popular choice for quality and price. I'm still a fan despite the Marketing drivel and yes perhaps some smoke and mirrors. Better than some snake oil dealers out there like in the Audiophile industry. LOLOL maybe the HiFi market sets the hype and BS mark and filters down to the Audio musician.
  20. I look foreward to it! I guess how much more DSP/memory is the main difference, A systematic adding of FX side by side would be a good on to see. There is a more detailed reference to FX DSP approximations somewhere then this link
  21. Wow! Eleven over the HDPRO and you get ProTools as well. What a score! I didn't AB the HD500 to the Eleven, but to the Boss GT100. I did check out some youtube comparison videos and like the HD modeling better in the Amps comapred to Eleven. I even liked it better than alot of the FractalAxeII Amps Looks like there is a liability using the unknown recording setup nature of video demo's and reviews. Even in a City like Sydney comparing one to the other in the same shop doesn't weork if they don't carry that product line and depends on the service given in the store, thus a reliance on youtube which is better than nothing.
  22. 12" for guitar, 15" for bass. The 15" won't be as utilized by guitar. It'll work alright I being primarily a bassist want my bottom end and don't want a guitar invading my space and washing me The guitar lives in low highs to highmids. Isn't that enough space! 2x12" is as low as your permitted on guitar and we bassists would prefer you stick to 4x10" unless your soling a 12 is great! LOLOL
  23. That is a fair enough attitude. What is this "leaked" advertisement? I must admit I was under the impression it was twice the processing/memory power which I got from this forum on a couple of the first "photoshopped" HD500X and a few subsequent posts and links to the gear page. Edit: Relooking at the Andertons HD500X video it infers this impression and didn't dispel it. With "we've increased processing power"... "should hit it (DSP) 'a lot' later on" at just before 2mims43secs. in retrospect it covers itself and doesn't claim anything. If it is a 20% only increase, I'd call it "we"ve increased the DSP a little" "should hit it a little later on". Sure enough later he says "which you could always do with the HD500 but now you have a little more" at 3:00 I think there was plenty of time to dispel any false impressions gotten from translations. But the benefit of the doubt has to be given in cases of plausable indeniabliity. Thanks dennisrford for the link and data-cheers
  24. I don't feel so bad like I missed out with a 20% DSP increase. I can have it as a replacement model. I don't have to urgently sell my existing almost one year old unit for any real reason then. Cool Looking forward to the A/B video man of DSP. We existing users don't wanna feel too bad so be nice and conservative will ya.
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