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  1. Yeah s/pdif is the way to go as the HD already coverts analogue to digital. If you go out the analogue outs the HD converts back to analogue and if going into your interface it has to convert again back to digital.
  2. Good onya. Great piece of kit and pushes above its weight for the dollars. First, while your USB connected install L6's Monkey, Drivers and edit software. You have to close out EDIT to use the USB as an Interface or use your 002 rack which you can connect via s/pdif or any analogue outs.
  3. Does the amp have voltage taps from the output transformer? Are you going into it monoL out of the HD? EDIT: I just googled it and looked at the specs. The output is for stereo 4 or 8 ohms . You'll have to rewire your cabinet so it'll be 8 ohms. The loudest will be a 4 ohms load.
  4. Yes you can. I have tried it when micing the amp from the analogue outs on the HD, just to have the option in the DAW to use sims or reamp but rarely needed it as can usually get the tone I want on the HD. I now prefer to record the s/pdif wet along with the mic'd amp. I monitor thru isolation headphones to ensure I am not getting any out of phaseness between the two by adjusting the mic on the cab. Each to their own and depends where you are and whether your recording an idea or are recording a fully worked out tune or song. I started with Sims, Amplitude 2 and Revalver and the results are acceptable but your tone gets thin even using different sims. The HD isn't as bad but several tracks of different patches starts to give your mix the HD wash. (meaning different patches etc still have the HD signature tone or as I call it the HD wash. It is similar to using the same recording chain for all tracks. You know same preamp same compressor same EQ devices. After layering a few tracks you get a tonal wash which aint so bad on a high end desk but nowdays we can get different high end Preamps, compressors and EQs and this helps create a thickly tectured mix similar to using unmatched mics on a kit. To anyone using sims I'd recommend reamping live and micing the result thru an amp to beef up your tone or at mix time especially with automated program changes. The only thing is at mix time you need a damn good reamper that costs near the cost of the HD to get it right. You could DIY but not sure how good this is. Some sims don't automate as well as others for patch changes and this is where the HD with pedalboard comes in. You can change patches on the fly as well as the foot controller. Great for live but the footsitches click is annoyingly loud.
  5. I for one wouldn't want brickwall limiting at any stage in the HD but certainly would like to see a clipping indicator. Or if there was the option to not have it. It would require DSP. not a good good idea. I don't know of any artist who gets their tone using brickwall limiting in their chain. Besides sounding horrible and harsh ear fatigue would stop you playing and your audience from listening. Leave it for the Mastering Engineer over the whole mix and only enough to bring the program material up to commercial levels.
  6. In the Menu pages scroll to input where you can adjust the sampling rate but looks like the bit rate is fixed at 24. While there is little difference in sound quality between 16 and 24 bit especially with heavy distortion etc and it does save you dithering at mixdown or mastering the fact is that Computer power andHard drive size can cope with larger audio files nowadays. That there is more headroom with 24 bit, some feel it is a waste as it ends up 16bit 41.1htz anyway. It is common practice to record and mix at 32 bit floating point. Looks like unless you are willing to go to 24bit you will have to record via analogue outs.
  7. I can see that could be misunderstood. You could use the same guitar cable going from to Amp but that requires you to patch in the one from the HD each time. From your guitar go into the HD. Have a cable from HD out that and go into the amp. Use another cable to swap out from guitar to Amp.
  8. Use a couple of cables and match level with the HD using the master out volume. (near full) with no amp or FX on in the path or with the tuner engaged. Also the toggle switches on the top near the foot pedal effect the level out. Choose what matches the tone best. Choose the FX you want but you'l have to roll the wet signal right down and some need a volume increase. Realize that the HD is now a pre amp running into the Vox peamp and will increase treble and noise and the FX models will need tweaking. You should be able to get acceptable results similar to pedals before your amp. You also have in the global pages the option to select the Combo out mode. Use the ears etc for what works best. SStudio Direct might sound fuller for the AC15
  9. Yeah, call us the tweakers, yeah the tweakers yeah! The JCM 800 default menu master is 50%. I personally find it better at 100% and the gain down a tad. It cleans up nice rolling off the guitar volume. I also like the gain up sound too!
  10. Yeah the Amp sims while good don't have the depth and feel of the HD modelling. I do most of my editing on the HD, it is just as easy to me as EDIT but I have noticed that EDIT takes some time to transfer data to the HD.
  11. I am on Sonar X2 and in the preferences you can select available inputs or not. If not selected they don't show on the track. Same for midi devices.
  12. You could try lowering the master volume in the edit pages a bit from its default.
  13. Great news! All solved then or just recognized by Device manager?
  14. Me too glad you rectified the prob Well Done!
  15. I don't thin k you can use EDIT at the same time as having the USB connection be available in your DAW.
  16. Shouda saved it as preset so you don't have to tone match or am I missing something. On a saved preset the amp levels are indicated and you can match what you had. "The force is strong in that one"
  17. bjnette


    How does it sound without the pedal, using the POD HD and then any distortion pedals in it? I believe that pedals are better in front of the amp preamp and rack FX in the Amps loop. You could try putting the pedals in the HD loop return and put the guitar in the pedals. Then you have the receive you can increase if need be. This means going to the power amp on the amp but as you are using a HD model. Not sure if you can keep the link going for this.
  18. LOLOL It sure would be great to get an update. Meanwhile i am happy with my HD500 and still getting more out of it as it is packed with a huge amount of goodies as is.
  19. You know I have a peavy valve king royal 8 classA design 5 watt and it makes a similar noise. It is a sort of rattling scratchiness especially when hold inga chord or play on the bassier notes. It makes it unusable except at lowest volumes does it sound okay. It is more prevelent on the master volume cranked than the gain cranked and with the tone control more bassy too. The is something wrong with it for sure. Any way different senario, but similar noise. rads advice is good too for I was experiencing a similar prob to yours on the JCM 900 but when I listened another night thru h'phones it wasn't there. I been trying to replicate it, the only thing I forgot to try was listening on h'phones on the motu interface. I'll check it out tonight.
  20. This is a simple DIY you can make and can use on any patch. You just disengage the volume taper and your at full volume.
  21. The Pre models come after the full models when you scroll. Go back Some FX in the chain can lower your volume to. It has been a long time since I used the usb to record does the master volume effect thee output ?
  22. Model galley.
  23. Hi mate, It sounds like your running you amps pre amp and amp modelling in the HD. Basically your guitar is microphonic from all the high gain stages.
  24. I should correct my earlier post as last night with h'phones on I didn't detect the same on the JCM model. Might of been thru my motu interface. I'd go for Axe or a KPA if it made me money. But the ultimate upgrade would be to get the pedal effects and amp models you like from any of these modelers and get the real amps and pedals. In the studio I am running 4CM in stereo to a Marshall VS 8040 and my High gain 40watt Fender and micing the cabs about 18" out (in phase and some room) as well as taking a s/p dif input and blend the three. (Using a TRS on the hD return into twin TS jacks) there are plenty of tricks to get the most out of what you got. Even if you mic a monitor feed of the guitars and place the mic in phase or into a power amp and mic it. It helps get some moving air in the mix.
  25. Thank you very much for that. Info like this should remain a sticky
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