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  1. The gold lettering on mine faded pretty fast under lights.
  2. In no particular order and some of which you may of done aldready check usb drivers might be corrupted on the record. Also, unhinge it from the audio player if possible. open pc "sounds" utility in control panel and select it in there. Reinstall asio4all.
  3. I moved this from the POD HD forum to here where it belongs,
  5. Yes I notice it too, like a filtering and some volume loss it sounds brighter on some, especially when I run Gtr to Amp send to HD return and out back to Amp return with nothing in a block going thru each FX has its peculiarities.
  6. It sounds like the Edit software drivers have corrupted. Try reinstalling the drivers. Oh I just recalled, after you reinstall you must restart your computer and that might of occurred or similar when it stopped working. Hopefully its all good soon.
  7. It is only a few screws and no seal so long as you have correct fitting philips head screwdriver attachment to your screw gun will take 2 mins. Goes back easy too as everything is fixed inside. No way to say if still under warranty that it has been unsealed, so long as you don't leave tell tale marks on the screws with ill fitting driver LOLOL. You'l find the ribbon cable. It'l be obvious. and is my guess too, no need to boot her up and test before reassembly. Just reassemble as you found it.
  8. left or right are both mono outs either is fine. Depending on your amp the best tone might integration might not be what you'd expect. I have a few amps and one sounds better with PwrAmp selected as output the other studio direct. Another combo, Depends on the amp toggle the live/studio switch etc as well, though on the 300 if I recall it is night and day tone wise.
  9. The Q or size of the bell curve of the parametic effects frequencies either side so it best to to say one as the frequency chosen.for the narrowest bell curve. What that exactly is on the HD is a guess by good ears or a frequency analyzer with an output from the HD. With a wide bell curve the frequencies effected are much more and best considered as a group. low mids or high.
  10. You can save as many as you like in different patches, but maybe I just read your question wrong. It is a fairly limited para Es in the HD with only one variable frequency and high and low shelves I think. To work it, narrow the "Q" and boost the gain then sweep the desired area of cut or boost.
  11. Reaper is excellent! well supported, as good as most DAWs and better in some respects for silly money: $50 after a months free trial if you want it for keeps.
  12. bjnette

    Hd 500 Solution

    Wow Déjà vu, I think I wrote an almost identical post a while back. You sure your not taking the mickey out of me? LOLOL The Royal 8 are notoriously noisy and the transformer certainly quietens it and guitars which I have also shielded. Mine is in need of a new power amp valve which I have on their way. I have heard replacing the output transformer also improves the tone but I kinda like it without the HD in front. Sort of voiced like a Vox I reckon.
  13. yeah me too, but you loose the wah distortions in front of the amps pre as they don't work so well in the FX loop but it does preserve the Amps tone better.
  14. You have a ripping amp with the EVH and as you are interested in the Variax or the possibility of it, go for the HD. The FX are generally good and there are heaps to use. Almost too many versions of some and it can take a long time to give each a proper evaluation. As you won't be using the Amp models I have a setup that really keeps the Amp pre there and utilizes the HD's DSP by connecting your guitar into the Amp and it's send to the HD FX return and it's out into the amps FX return. The only disadvantage to this is not running FX before the Amp's Pre to which you use the 4CM or use pedals. The advantage is the Amps tone is more intact and less changed from running thru the HD's Preamp before your Amp's Pre amp. It does effect the original tone of the amp as do pedals. Your Amp's FX loop can utilize the HD in an embellished integration that preserves the Amp's tone better in my opinion.
  15. Sell the GT100 unless you want to it to collect dust. LOLOL. I woulda kept the Laney, nice amps. Try plugging your guitar into the marshal combo and it's FX send into the FX return on the HD and raise the return level once you select the FX Loop in a slot. Run the Out on the HD into the FX return on your Amp. Revert to 4CM to use the amp models or if you need a distortion in front of your Marshal Pre. But do try it. Gives you lots of DSP without an Amp in the block and you can get some serious harmony FX going as well as traditional tones. I recommend this for anyone using a great Amp and don't want any tone suck running 4CM might impart.
  16. If you are using h'phones or computer speakers you'll need to get into your soundcard and adjust the latency. And doing it within EDIT will have latency. It is better using a recording software like it has a free 30day trial and only costs $50 for non commercial licence and it is up there with the best of them. In preferences select the usb and asio driver and lower the buffer to 256 if not already by default. Select your computers soundcard as the output device.
  17. I was under the impression that the DT25/50's uses selectable hardwired topologies. There is digital cab simulations on the direct out. All in all it is a real tube amp with selectable circuitry. Perhaps the voicings are digital and for matching with a HD. I do understand the dollar factor and from past model resale experience one would be apprehensive. Some, who have real quality amps complain there is tone sucking via the HD models even when not using the amp models. One solution I recently found with a friends JVC 1000 was to not use the 4 CM but rather the amps send to the FX loop receive and then out to the amps return. This worked better and enabled me to put the FX loop block where i liked. It did sound better than the 4CM. My conclusion any really sort after amp won't need a HD. Apart from running the HD direct to a FR powered speaker or PA the area where I think the HD's really can be of use is to use locally made solid state or hybrid amps, even cheaper lines of well known amp makers. What matters is the power amp and that it has a serial send and return. These can be gotten for silly money and with a half decent cabinet/ speakers the HD amp modelling becomes integral. An example of what I am talking about is Marshall's Valvestate amps and many of the Laney solid state Amps. there are plenty of others. Anything without dsp FX but has a real spring reverb in it or tremolo system. I recently got a Valvestate 8240 for silly money which has 2x12" eminence speakers an inbuilt spring reverb and is made in the UK. It has a valve on the distortion channel. What I really like about it is, it runs quiet. It ideally needs to have most of the pots replaced, which I can buy genuine replacements for $30. In the meantime its had a clean and much better. It sounds great. Has that Marshal tone, well made. Better than most Chinese brand name amps and costs less. The clean sounds great too.
  18. yeah good on you for posting this. While I barely use the looper this could be a possible reason why. Cheers
  19. Here is the page on the Quick Start guide with the info; I may still work with balanced but would be better to wire balanced to TS jack leaving the earth shield unconnected.
  20. Sounds like some post production embellishment in parts. What ever the key is, probably G, two smart Harmonies. One in G major the other in Em, one non shifted should get you there, essentially the same thing but not quite, 30%wet . Best setup left and right. turn off for chromatic runs and outside the key elements.
  21. Nice EVH guitaring mate. Cool tones too! I do like those stickers, got a link? cheers
  22. One advantage of the clean amp channel set flat, until you got your patch tones how you want them, is, you can use the amp tone control to adjust to different gigs and rehearsal rooms.
  23. Connect a s/pdif cable from HD to Scarlett. On the HD press the enter and scroll right to output page. Select dry, s/pdif resolution say 48k or whatever and select the same on the scarlett drivers on the PC in your DAW. Also select s/pdif as avaialable and arm a track with that input. The s/pdif out set to dry is clean no HD Amp or FX. To answer the how do I know, the scarlett is a good value interface if you want higher quality preamps you need better. But to get better the cost can be high, Lynx Hilo, Aurura, RME HDSP, Prism Orpheus, Apogee, Metric Halo, Focusrite saffire etc. I presume that the HD uses an available preamp design for guitar already and didn't design something new than what they had already developed. Compare it to their UX series, I think the Scarlet might be a little better as it is newer, but they are both in a similar ballpark quality wise just by the cost factor alone. To produce an affordable interface, the preamps are simple opamp designs, the expensive ones are quieter and higher quality components and faster response designs or ideally dedicated preamps have input and or output transformer mojo. You have to have good ears to really hear the difference and the difference is really only noticed when track after track is tracked with same pre the noise builds up. Same goes for the converters your ADC & DAC quality. But this is whole other technology which we get into as it has a say in our results. Even some of the expensive ones color sound but in a pleasing rather than accurate way The thing is is that the cheaper stuff is still above what we had when digital first came out. The Scarlett and any number of affordable interfaces are made as clean and as accurate, as possible, at the least amount of cost. and it costs much more to go up from there. We live in a great time for recording! Last question, If you have a few friends over you have the scarlett to use as a DI, like plugging the bass in it or keyboardist. I have my HD connected via s/pdif and have other preamps for Bass etc that I route to my Motu2408mkIII. You can route in the same way. If you want to hear the HD via the monitor speakers you just plug the analogue outs into the Scarlet on a stereo track in your DAW to record the tones from the HD or just to listen. The Scarlet is the interface now. Hope that helps
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