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  1. Thank you all for your responses. Usually hi-gain tones require a minimum noise gate. I'll try putting the noise gate after second amplifier.
  2. Yes, I have also tried with the pad switch, but greatly affects the tone.
  3. Hello everyone. I have a noise problem. I have my POD HD500 connected to a stereo power amp and 4 x 12 speackers. When we play with my band in rehearsals, to be playing a chord, this is not ringing and then I get feedback. I POD input 1 set to "Guitar" and input 2 to "Variax". The impedance is set will at 230K. My guitar has pickup Bill Lawrence XL500, which are not very noisy. The pickup height is correct. All cables are in perfect condition. It bothers me that I can not play a chord without the feedback appears, and it hurts to have good sustain. I attached my preset. Thank you very much in advance for your help. Sorry for my English. mesa sala.zip
  4. I personally feel that the category "high gain" is not entirely covered by the HD. A couple more hight gain amplifiers (5150, 6505, Diezel) is all that I need to be completely happy.
  5. Hello everyone. It has long had a multi-effect rack that commanded by a midi footswitch. This footswitch had the ability to select a preset with a switch, and if I could drive again move to the previous preset. This way, I could switch two preset with the same switch. Is this possible with the POD HD 500? Thank you very much from now. Sorry for my English.
  6. Hello Friends. I'm using my POD HD500 connected to a stereo power amp (clone of the power of a Randall Century 200), with a 4 x 12 cabs with Celestion speakers seventy/80. This stereo power amp "Colours" signal much as it produces a very sharp and scoop sound. What power amp do you recommend to use with POD HD500? Valves or solid state?? What brands and models? I'm a guitarist in a band of modern metal. Thank you very much from now. Pdt. Excuse my English
  7. Do you could upload audios to compare?
  8. My vote is for Samplitude, but not on the options ...
  9. Thank you very much. I stay calmer. I thought it was a problem in my unit
  10. The tuner is heard by a channel only. The other channel is muted.Does anyone has the same thing happened.? Do you have solution? Thank you very much from now.
  11. DeanDinosaur thanks for your answer. A true Tube Screamer could serve instead of a compressor?
  12. edstar1960, thanks for your reply, Yes, the proper configuration of Bias And XBias helps reduce, but still continues to be heard.I'm starting to think it's a microphone 409. I'm happy not to be the one to hear this ;)
  13. offashead, thanks for the tip. I have read the two post Bluebrain, apparently still remains unresolved ...
  14. brian6string thanks for your reply. I must say that I passed with almost any high gain patch. I enclose one single and also prduce fizz. Thank you very much for your help. RECORD.zip
  15. In some presets use two noise gate that my songs have many palm mute, and the abrupt cut in sound is achieved with only two noise gates.
  16. mredman, thank you very much for your answer.It is true what you say, many users have complained about these "digital artifacts", so I think we're not the only ones to hear this. Apparently, there is more equalizing solution, lower gain levels and with different values ​​of Bias and XBias ... Also, I refuse to believe that the pod could not sound better. Many people on Youtube showing great sounding recordings and very good quality. I am aware that the POD is not a device with which you can get a sound in a short time. We must fight with him to understand. I still believe that there must be a solution, because if it were not so, would mean that all those people would be lying Youtube. POD HD500 I bought 5 months ago and it came with the previous firmware. Now I have installed the latest. I make a question to users oldest POD: Is there any firmaware version that does not have "fizz" or "digital artifacts"? Thank you very much from now.
  17. Friends , I describe my problem . 5 months ago that I have the POD HD500 , and I have a hard time getting the tone I want. I have read , countless post on this forum and I reread a thousand times Meambobbo excellent guide . My two guitars have pickups Bill Lawrence XL500 . The problem is that the tone I get is " fizz " and heard in my recordings a little " break " or distortion . I set my presets with the main entrance " Guitar " and the second entry as " Variax " . Pad switch does not seem to do much. No digital clip between modules, and I hear the fizz at very low levels . Disconnecting all amps, cabs and effects blocks, NO saturation hear the sound of my guitar. I have placed in my presets up to 4 parametric equalizers , filtering frequencies that produce fizz . The truth is that I do not find solution . I have the latest drivers and the latest firmware installed on the POD . Also, I reflashead the unit several times and nothing happens. I tested with several preset I downloaded from Custom Tones, and I see that I still have the same problem , including , I turn up the gain to most of these presets , because in my pod are heard without gain. I really do not understand. I see people on Youtube that get amazing results in your recordings , but when I download your presets , I do not sound the same way. I'm not a neophyte in technology , but it really is costing me get the tone I'm looking for ( hi -gain tones to modern metal "spongy" ) . I would appreciate any indication you can give. Thank you very much from now. (Sorry for my English)
  18. I understand what you say about this preset, but when the pod re-amplifies a clean signal, it works ok. Produce fizz when you connect the guitar to the POD. The preset is the same as this but modified. You can see it in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M-We-yw7hw
  19. Thanks for your answers. For the recording of "non-fizz.mp3", first recorded two guitar tracks connected to my Presonus AudioBox VSL, without any effect.Subsequently, these tracks were reamplified with the POD HD500.Apparently, the optimal level of signal (low?) Applied to the POD achievement does not appear the fizz. Then to "fizz.mp3", recorded two guitar tracks, connected to the Pod and using the same preset. Now appears the fizz. In the DAW, everything is around-12dB. I attach a screenshot of the preset. Thank you very much from now.
  20. Hello everyone!I was doing some testing on this and I have managed to identify the problem. This is the famous "fizz"'s so much talk in the forum. To better explain what I'm experiencing, two files attached mp3.The file "fizz.mp3" corresponds to a recording made ​​using the POD HD500 as a USB audio interface, with the guitar connected to the POD. In this file you can hear the fizz perfectly.The second file ("no-fizz.mp3") corresponds to a recording in which the POD was used to clean reamplified 2 guitars. In this file there is no fizz. Something happens when the guitar is connected directly to the POD. The pickups in my guitar are at normal height (are Bill Lawrence XL500). The Pod is configured with the entry "GUITAR" and the second entry as "Variax", which according to the forum, allowing less noise and Fizz.Recording levels do not saturate, and the application "Line 6 Midi-Audio Devices" level is set to-3dB. The firmware and driver are the latest. I also reflashed, resetting to factory parameters and no change. Thank you very much from now. fizz.mp3 no-fizz.mp3
  21. Thank you very much for your reply. The pad switch does not change all that much.As for the firmware, I've reinstalled, making the total reset to factory parameters. The only thing that can be (says you) is that these presets were created in PODs with another firmware ...
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