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  1. Actually, custom skins in the account settings would be welcome, also the possibility to hide the dozen of pinned posts would be appreciated.
  2. funkyou86

    best I.R'S

    3 Sigma audio's Zilla 2x12 Cab Pack worked great for me.
  3. Any demos or examples of this new pack?
  4. Any restrictions on the video? Youtube says I can not access it.
  5. All right, here you go! The drums and bass are from an old rehearsal recording, no post process or EQ on guitars. Screen of tha chain attached.
  6. I believe you have to shape your tone to the music. It became a trend to cut the bass and boost the minds/treble in the Djent scene, I used to do that as well :D Since we play in dropped E tuning, the bass cab really helps to articulate the 8th string and gives so much fat than the traditional guitar cabs. Will do my best to showcase it.
  7. So, I found an absolutely amazing way to dial in super heavy tones. For this purpose I used the Friedman amp, than added a split block, everything under 500 Hz is going trough an Ampeg 8x10 IR, everything above 500HZ goes trough 3 Sigma Audios 2x12 Zilla Fatboy IR. Than all you have to do is to find the perfect blending mix between the two cabs. Sounds killer with my Ibanez M80M, I'll do my best to recreate this preset with stock cabs, than I'll upload it to customtone.
  8. Hi, am I the only who's having trouble accessing Helix subforum? I'm getting 502 error page.
  9. No worries my friend, just remember: never use headphones for dialing metal patches :) I believe you'll need a full range speaker or a pair of studio monitors. I also strongly recommend you to try out your patches with the full band on the rehearsals, make sure that your tone "sits" in the music. Good luck!
  10. funkyou86


    Here's 2.50 for Helix Rack:
  11. funkyou86

    Octo Reverb

    Octo is also great with particular verb ;) I used a lot of it in this single :D
  12. Hard to tell how's the sound on the front of house when you're on stage :) I believe that the sound coming out of it is really good but the main advantage that RCF gave me was the dynamics, it feels like I'm playing on a real guitar cabinet and that is something i did not experience in the past with my older yamaha fullrange speaker. I did not adjust anything on my helix, the FR speaker only have volume knob and a boost button :) Order one online, try it, if you don't like it, you can still send it back and get a refund.
  13. I currently own the RCF ART310 IV and it sounds really, really, really good, even with my 8 string Ibanez M80M. You can not go wrong with RCF. I have never tried ZLX 12p, so can't say anything about it.
  14. Hard to help, because there is no such thing like "modern metal" tone :) What kind of music do you play? What kind of pickups do you have? How many strings do you play? Stock amps are great, but you can achieve very different tone characters by using custom IRs (like Ownhammer, or for 30 quid you can purchase Mishas Zilla IR pack which is optimized for "modern metal"). For my Ibanez M80 (with Lundgren pickup), Archon works great, boosted it with 808 pedal and a custom IR.
  15. Yep, it's still FW2.30 :D sorry for being unclear :)
  16. So, here's a clean one, enjoy! Listen here:
  17. 2.30.1a is beta 4. The BigSky vs HX video is great. I sold my Bigsky a year ago, recently I was thinking about investing some dosh to strymon again, but after seeing the capabilities of FW2.50 I believe there is no reason for such thing :) Also note that you can change the character of your reverbs by adding modulations, delays, etc., so helix will be able to stand against the Big Sky. And that was a pretty bold move Line6, thank you!!!
  18. Reverbs! RReevveerrbbss!! RRReeevvveeerrrbbbsss!!!
  19. Nope, same here, mate! Meanwhile @ L6 HQ:
  20. Just posting to keep this thread alive... Come on Line6, just do it ;)
  21. Glad that passed on Axe FX II one month ago :D For many of us, Axe II was too much. The "endless" possibilities and bad user interface... Now, with Axe III FAS have doubled the processing power, added even more options, so it is definitely a confusion. If you want, you can land on a moon with it :D Thordendal and Mansoor will probably get some cool sounds out of it, but the rest will only hunt the "right combinations" (not meant to hurt anyone).
  22. You're right, i misread the information at the download section. Guess we have to wait for a stable version.
  23. Awesome verbs! But... On the video HX Edit has a version of 2.30.1.a? Is it a beta or something? I am unable to install the 2.50 update on my Helix LT, gives an error at the beginning of the installation :(
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