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  1. I have both and my best tone is using the pre amp of the pod and cab of the mustang. There are some settings to set in mustang, I can send it when I get home. For pod, I remember using studio/direct and connecting to return in. People say Mustang is inferior for high gain tones
  2. Very helpful nico! Thanks for that
  3. I don't know if I would be using pod HD if i won millions of dollars....probably not
  4. I guess the support is done. Unfortunately there are still some bugs....
  5. can it be accurate with no line6 products? If so, can it be accurate with the feeling in your playing of a real amp? Saying that, is h2t to address the sound accuracy and Dt50 to address feeling accuracy? Or I'm mistaken? Can't we have both?
  6. Long time ago my pod had an old firmware that hard gate was useless, when I upgraded it started working Check that
  7. Yes mine are also simple ones, but patches for gigs would be more complex to avoid patch switching
  8. Sure but do you see it clipping ? Or just me?
  9. The presence of Brit J45s and plexi leads don't seem to behave as expected.... Do you have measurements for the others? For ex: treadplate (the one I use most)
  10. Nice work, pfsmith we were waiting for It, now, DO NOT delete it!!!! :p
  11. Hey Alex Just tested with my mixer and my cheap monitors.... I hear some fizz on tread patch or maybe it is my equipment? It is like a bee in the sound
  12. Hey nico As dunedindragon said A pinned post with all important links! As per your active participation I suggest you to do it, much better than anyone I know at least
  13. Hi buddy, No need to delete the post, I also enjoyed even if you think it was not enough valid for you, there are dozens of horrible posts out there....anyway I was waiting for some results from pfsmith0 and after that give some colaboration as well... The tests that I made, quickly, the cleans reacted not as well as high gain, but hey, maybe personal taste ? Hope to see you soon talking about this topic again
  14. Hey Nico where is your topic entitled with f***** about resonance? I don't find it anymore send me a link please
  15. Almost forgot Better usb port Switch on off Bug free (this one is impossible...anyway)
  16. My list Better processor to handle IRs loading and hx modelling Same 2 separate pedal chain Same software interface, same hardware (except internally)
  17. Do you still use the same patches when you had carvin power amp and cab or they really sound totally different that you needed to recreate them again?
  18. You have good tones there, however I put combo power amp, direct/pa was too horrible with my gear. How do you set it up with yours? You seem to like uber with tread cab, bass 0.... What guitar are you using? Thanks a lot
  19. +1 The same configuration with my mustang 3 v2 without modelling. But I also mix pod's full amp no cab with mustang's cab. The best physical cab sound? Subjective and personal
  20. Mcbeddall Yes, yes The sound reminded me an old stereo system that I had, with a function karaoke, which put the volume of the voice track lower than the instruments....
  21. Hey Mcbedfall I've just tested what you wrote with my mustang 3 v2. The looper mode sounds more coloured than using normal mode + studio pre amp, no cab. I usually put some music to play to notice that. If it sounds too weird I imagine the "colour" or something is affecting the tone. That's what happened with the settings you described. And the volume drop. If you have a chance to test it, and confirm it, it would be nice So, I will keep my settings as usual but maybe put this as 2nd way of settings, not my main though Anyone has an opinion on this?
  22. That's my case, I'd like to see something creative and different from my own patches and possibly add to them. That's the idea. Hope some others share some new examples Thanks jtsc
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