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  1. there is also the 4 cable method, check it out!
  2. Do you have the latest version of the app? in my case, with different versions availabe on the website, I mistakenly installed an old version instead of the latest, so monkey asked me to update it. But it couldn't finish it.... so I had to download and install it manually (outside monkey). Everything was fine, otherwise I would contact line6 for support.
  3. I throw it in my pool, but someone told me it is not good
  4. I have found many things outside, I google by a song + pod hd maybe?`
  5. Hey Nico, I missed your post, sorry, man. I guess I answered you questions previously. you guys still in this forum, it has been years! good to know
  6. thanks pianoguyy my bad, the looper was at pre position. sorry yes, the default settings like global eq enabled, diff output mode, etc. I had check them before. Now, for your answer, my settings are: input is guitar, input2 variax, global, In-Z=70k what about yours?
  7. mine is working, maybe is your web browser, try others
  8. Hi, guys I have tested for 2 days all high gain amps using the same sound (looper recorded) AB comparison and now I have just reset to the factory settings. While I was testing previously, the pre version of the amp was more "in your face" comparing to the whole (amp cab mic). Now it is not the case.....that's a bit strange.... There was no firmware update, I was already using the latest. The only change was the reset and the files (I guess I had some problems with corrupted file (new tone/setlist) in the past. Any of you guys experienced any of this change? if you decide to try this make sure you make a backup before doing so, and overwrite all presets....
  9. here is my set up: guitar > pod hd500> mustang's return in patch: studio preamp, no cab (cab off), fx loop position: looper pedal (latest firmware 2.2) let me know if it helped you, pls, thanks
  10. Thanks for it malhavok, I'm back with the pod hd 500 edit version 2.27 firmware 2.62 on windows 10! it works!
  11. demodex, I ve just tried, however I find similar to my "neutral" patch which has only "studio pre amp", thanks for the advice
  12. I have both and my best tone is using the pre amp of the pod and cab of the mustang. There are some settings to set in mustang, I can send it when I get home. For pod, I remember using studio/direct and connecting to return in. People say Mustang is inferior for high gain tones
  13. I don't know if I would be using pod HD if i won millions of dollars....probably not
  14. I guess the support is done. Unfortunately there are still some bugs....
  15. can it be accurate with no line6 products? If so, can it be accurate with the feeling in your playing of a real amp? Saying that, is h2t to address the sound accuracy and Dt50 to address feeling accuracy? Or I'm mistaken? Can't we have both?
  16. Long time ago my pod had an old firmware that hard gate was useless, when I upgraded it started working Check that
  17. Yes mine are also simple ones, but patches for gigs would be more complex to avoid patch switching
  18. The presence of Brit J45s and plexi leads don't seem to behave as expected.... Do you have measurements for the others? For ex: treadplate (the one I use most)
  19. Nice work, pfsmith we were waiting for It, now, DO NOT delete it!!!! :p
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