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  1. Yeah a little bit, but it's not bad. The guitar sounds absolutely amazing. And the price, wow.
  2. It is indeed and I couldn't say no at that price. It's not one of the cool colors, but it's plenty cool enough for me!
  3. You might also get lucky and have a System Restore Point set for right before you got your HD500X and can get a more-or-less fresh look at your registry.
  4. Yeah a bad USB cable isn't a wild goose chase, I was using an extender to get some more length on mine and realized last month that it was causing trouble. Of course now that I just got a longer cable I'm golden. Anyway that doesn't help. Try running Line 6 Monkey in all the different compatibility modes perhaps.
  5. I'm so glad to hear that first-hand again about the volume level. I know I won't have any problem, but I have anxiety about that for some reason. Silly of me. Glad the gig went well and thanks for the report. I want to come over and jam at your place.
  6. You switched the Effects return on the HD500 from "line" to "stomp," yes?
  7. Did you make sure that the Line 6 License Manager was fully configured? EDIT: That doesn't seem to matter for me, I just re-checked it. It may be worth a shot. What does the "Change Device..." button show you when you click it?
  8. I got my HD500X used for us$300 as well and I still feel so lucky it blows me away. I spent the extra money on a new guitar and am now saving for an L2T. New Guitar from money saved:
  9. And the guy got the notion that his amp is somehow an amazing collectible and quadrupled what he was asking for it, so this one is out of the loop - pun intended. Thanks nikoniablue, I'll be following your advice on the next one.
  10. Y'all are great, thanks for all the thoughts. It looks like a given I'll be getting a DT25 then, and in the mean time I think I'll snipe some craigslist amp with an effects loop - there are dozens a day on there for less than $150. Humility prevents me commenting on my own playing, but I'll say I don't need very high end gear to sound good enough for what I'm doing, just some loudness until I can afford the Line 6 Amp and find some peeps to collaborate with.
  11. I wasn't saying anything about the Piezo pickups themselves or how they sound or the modeling. I was just pointing out the fact that Rocksmith requires it's own proprietary D/A converting cable that ostensibly reads the magnetic pickups, or any signal coming out of the 1/4" jack on any guitar, including the variax's.
  12. Hey I just posted a really similar question in the pod HD forum, I'll stay tuned here too.
  13. I have chance at a super inexpenaive Flextone III Plus to hold me over until I can afford a DT25. I really have two questions, can I use the convenient effects loop, midi and outputs to achieve some wizardry with my HD500X? And even if only as a thought exercise, if you were on a desert Island with just your guitar, the Pod, and the Flextone, I'm I guess with your studio too haha, how would you use it to get the best sound?
  14. It seems inevitable, doesn't it? Only my better-half in the house here really wants the AMPLIFI, cause she's heavily into the iOS thing, but she's warming up to the Stagesource speakers, she loves tech toys.
  15. Seems to me that Line 6 should Lemon this, send him a new one, and take the old one back and do a serious autopsy to find out why it's a freak.
  16. That is the whole point, IMO. I've seen this a million times. Most actual guitar players can't tell the difference in A/B tests of recording of a lot of things they claim are holy and sacrosanct and simulations of the same.
  17. I haven't done it with a Variax, but I've played Rocksmith 2014 with about ten different electric and acoustic instruments and I doubt it will be any different: awesome. Rocksmith isn't capable of reading the piezo pickups AFAIK, so you're on magnetics for this one. If there's a hack or a mod, I'd love it, I hate the RealTone cable, but it's the only thing I can get to work on our PCs.
  18. I think Line 6 has made it pretty clear that there's no real reason to elaborate on the looper in the HD500 beyond small improvements like what they've already done and yes please give us the volume pedal! I mean, research shows clearly that most players who use a looper at all use it for practice in exactly the way the HD500X makes it easy to do, and also just as clearly that people who do performance looping need and demand features that it's not cost practical to put into a general effects unit. The number of people who will actually pay what it costs for something like the HD500X with the features you see in the RC-300 is non-zero, but not by much. But I agree that the bare minimum includes access to the volume pedal! Come on guys! *facepalm* I'd love to see a Line 6 Loop Station that matches the HD500x, and would sit exactly to the right. My imaginary L6 loop station has an expression pedal on it's left and the relevant buttons on the right -- connected by Variax or line 6 link of course to the HD500x. I'm dreaming.
  19. Oh I see. That makes sense. Well a decent workaround to get what you want is to use the computer a little differently to help, if you are using a computer, that is. You can mentally set aside one of your setlists for current projects (or two or whatever), and in the desktop software copy patches your're working on to it from their different styles. You can then copy them back later if you like the changes you made, or just leave them. Then you can export and import whole setlists in the desktop software to make it easy to switch projects. I do things this way. In fact, I backed up all the presets that came with it and pretty much don't use most of them, but they're all saved as setlists. I love your sig and am now working tirelessly in fireworks to copy it shamelessly...
  20. I own Mainstage and it is a freaking fantastic product. You don't even need the POD -- you can just buy a bunch of MIDI controllers of any type you like and control it. The reason why everyone doesn't use Mainstage is that it requires a really fast Mac and either firewire or thunderbolt to work best and for $500, my HD 500X is pretty great. It's so easy to make the sound on your mac totally take a dump and fail unless you have a ton of CPU headroom. I'm certain that USB would be fine with something like the POD HD500X, which has a lot of juice of it's own and doesn't need the computer to pick up the slack. Trent Reznor uses TWO rack mounted Mac XServes, one's a backup. Those are servers, not desktop macs haha. And his guitarist, I forgot his name, has one like Trent's as a backup, and some other insane piece of hardware to run it on the actual stage. To control it he has a MIDI hand switch on his Mic stands. Big bucks. But this is where I'm going with my Rig, it's my long-term plan. My Line 6 Dream Rig plan is about half of that future too. I wish us both luck!
  21. O.o I didn't even know I clicked on that! I'm sorry, I must have just been clicking and not paying attention.
  22. I am keen on this because I plan a stereo rig using either the DTs or FRFR speakers with my 500X and these things are going to come up. But mainly, I have been shopping out Variax guitars, and not to derail the thread, but I'm incredibly interested in how big the difference is between the korean and US made models. You're the only person I have seen recently in a band with one of each.
  23. Hi there. I'm right in the middle of building a new guitar rig from scratch (long story) and because I'm starting from scratch this time -- I don't even have a tuner pedal right now -- I decided to take the leap into the land of Line 6 dream rig. It'll be a while before I can afford a variax, but my new guitar is great and I don't need a cabinet or speaker for a while. I've been shopping for an HD500X for months, and I finally saw a deal on Craigslist I couldn't pass up! So I bought a one and I couldn't be more excited about it. I've already obsessively watched every video I could find on youtube so I have a good idea what's in store for me, but apart from just reading the manual, which I'm enjoying right now over a cup of delicious coffee, do you seasoned owners have any tips for a POD beginner? Until I meet some more locals or get involved in a band I don't need a speaker. Until then, I'll be using this on my graveyard shift working at home at my computer. I have all the drivers and software all installed, everything works just fine, firmware etc is up to date. I've uploaded a couple of patches from right here, and created one or two of my own. I have a lot of learning to do with that I can see! That's my Girlfriend's awesome Jaguar in the picture above, my guitar is a 1992 Washburn MG74 that I pretend is a Telecaster with a 43mm nut. I actually did install a Tremol-No in there to give me a little more flexibility with tunings. I've been using the POD HD500X for about 12 hours now and I am just flabbergasted at the quality of this device, and the possibilities. Having said that, I can certainly understand the learning curve and some of the frustrations people have with the HD500X. My unit is only four months old and I'm the third owner. The last two fellows sold it because they couldn't make it sound right in their rig. Since I'm starting from scratch, that's irrelevant -- I'll just buy a speaker or amp that sounds great with this! But I think that's a telling tale and is probably the whole reason the AMPLIFI FX100 exists. I am very good with tech and I do a ton of research so the solutions are maybe a bit easier for me to arrive at, but I see what they mean when they say it takes time to dial in your sound, and that you should start with a fresh preset as soon as you learn how to edit them. Mostly the only obvious problem I'm having is that the recording level coming into my computer seems really low, so any I/O tips are welcome. I mean any tips at all :) And later, there's this question:
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