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    6505 amp

    Hey mate, there is the metal pack which has the original 5150 which of course is pretty much the 6505! Hope that helps!
  2. Yeah +1, These are a huge improvement, It more comes down to the volume leveling etc that the new Spank has, just doesn't sound close to any Strat I've gotten close to! Volume leveling across the board is really only Variax HD's major issue otherwise! Cheers again Matt!
  3. L6 need to update the Editor to scale up to larger DPIs and screens IMHO, the rest is kinda a dream at this point of the HD's life.
  4. Possibly chaining your output mode on the Pod might work as via Here The Pod has a Line/amp switch to help with boosting or lowering the volume/ Maxing out the master volume.. Also if that amp has an effects loop, you might be better off going straight into the return, then you can use the POD as a preamp with effects as such so you're not worrying about the EQ on the amp itself. last but not least is cutting off one of the channels on the mixer and making the mono channel moved into the center on the POD so you're not getting any volume drop via that!
  5. To be honest, I leave my POD on... a lot, I'm one to believe that modern electronics are better off getting a constant current through them, rather then being switched on and off constantly! But of course as stated you can use any setup that takes the standard 1/4" jack! :)
  6. I think part of the sales problem is that a lot of the stores don't really know what the Variax can truly do, but get them in on the basis of the Acoustic side. I was lucky with mine as I'd already done the research and the store was actually prepared as soon as i asked the bloke was trying to show me workbench and all its powers rather then just blabbing the typical sales style! That being said, I'd say L6 would have to have something lined up, need to keep the Variax up to date and I feel that the Modeling could be improved with a magnetic pickup for the electrics etc, JTV series has been around for 6 years too so sounds like time for a refresh. Doesn't make the current JTV's any worse!
  7. Just to note, If Windows 10 Updates to the Anniversary update- You will need to Re-install drivers as well!
  8. Depending on how fancy you wanna go you could get a shielded printer cable...but otherwise like said their all the same ;)
  9. From my understanding.... The Helix will sound better, you don't' have to EQ as much with extra blocks to get a great starting tone. The sound is less compressed overall for your more dirty/gainy tones so that should help the POD HD with out EQing is fuzzy as you've aid! I'd say overall its the balance of being able to get a good sound quickly and then if you wish to, adjust as needed.
  10. The mags on the 69 are fantastic! Neck pickup is just a beast, would say atleast on par with a MIM strat.
  11. I would avoid low gauge strings personally, I put on 8-38s for a laugh.... Modeling did not sound good at all, Magnetic rocked it though! Yo to the Lo!
  12. Thanks for the replies guys! In the end I've just left it for now I did as suggested psarkissian however I think it may be a solder job! I use VDI %80 of the time and magnetic Volume control works however! If i started using 1/4 jack more though than I would action it however, living in Australia leaves me wanting to wait it off until the Line6/Yamaha thing as settled, I've noticed heaps of retailers how changed stock levels etc and that could also mean the repair centers will change but alas!
  13. My friends 89F trem arm is extremely stable honestly! I'd be more worried about the Floyd Bridge, which was a learning curve for him coming from a Les Paul, took a bit to get it stable in the tuning but once that was done it's been all good!
  14. Hey guys, just recently re strung my JTV69 and I've noticed that since I've done it, my tremolo is fairly stiff and locked near the body...(No more semi floating setup). Now I did take off all the strings and the tremolo did pop out (A common surprise from the looks of things!) however I seemed like I had set it up good afterwards, Is there a easy and effective way to get that tremolo tension and back to a floating setup like out the box again? Any suggestions would be great, I've already found some more full on mods that people have done, but I'd like to keep it stock until warranty period! Im a little worried to do the same as my strats as the bridge is obviously a different design and as it is not a string through setup, dont want the strings slipping or the likes!
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