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  1. Thanks DI. I am really looking forward to a fix for this. I know you guys are super busy with NAMM now but any idea when this nit be solved?
  2. Wonderful! Thanks Line 6. Have a great NAMM,
  3. I've found a couple of times, if I plug in a mic when the Helix is on, things don't quite work. Power cycle the unit with the mic plugged in and it works like a charm.
  4. It's Thursday morning in Paris already! Where's my update?! Get on with it! :D
  5. 9 new effects? Wow!! Really looking forward to this.
  6. +1 Im on Pro Tools, and every few minutes mad clicking and digital distortion. Increasing or reducing (it is irrelevant which) buffer size fixes the problem for a while. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Kenny, that sounds great. Will you mind posting a picture if at all possible? I have a hard time visualizing the dual lock being tall enough. My flat board just arrived and I'm figuring out where everything will go and am having a hard time e sticking helix on there.
  8. Hi everyone! i am not using amp switching or the Control Voltage output on my Helix, and I came across something interesting. My preferred tremolo, the EH Super Pulsar has both an expression input and what they call a Tap/CLK input. Below are their descriptions straight from the manual (I've boldfaced the important parts). Please excuse the long read. EXP Jack – Connect an expression pedal with a TRS plug to this jack to control the following parameters with your foot: RATE, DEPTH, SHAPE, PHASE and VOLUME. Additionally the EXP IN jack can be connected to a CV source using a TS plug; the acceptable control voltage range is 0V to 5V. Some suggested Expression Pedals: EHX Expression Pedal, M-Audio® EX-P, Moog® EP-2 and EP-3, Roland® EV-5 or Boss® FV-500L. The polarity of the expression pedal’s plug must have the Sleeve connected to the heel position (usually GND), Ring connected to the toe position and the Tip connected to the wiper. The nominal expression pedal impedance is 10kΩ though most other values will work fine. Please do not go below 6kΩ on your expression pedal’s potentiometer impedance. TAP/CLK IN Jack – This jack accepts up to 3 external footswitches allowing you to set the TAP time and control up to 2 other functions. Additionally, you can set the Super Pulsar to accept clock pulses on the Tip conductor of this jack, instead of switches, so that an external clock sets the Tap time. We recommend powering down Super Pulsar when connecting or disconnecting your external switches to the TAP/CLK IN jack. EXTERNAL SWITCHES – All external switches that are connected to the TAP/CLK IN jack must be normally open, momentary switches. The tip connection of the TAP/CLK IN jack is hardwired to set Tap time, the tip cannot be re-programmed for other functions. The ring connection of the TAP/CLK IN jack is set from the factory to scroll through the Super Pulsar’s 8 presets plus WYSIWYG mode. Each press and release of a switch connected to the ring will advance and load the next preset. You may also connect a switch that connects to both the tip and ring simultaneously; from the factory, this third switch is set to scroll through the EXP. MODEs. An example of an external footswitch that has 3 switches is the Digitech® FS300. You may also connect a single external footswitch to the tip only, or a dual external footswitch the tip and ring. PRESET ADVANCE & LOAD FROM EXTERNAL SWITCH: You can advance and load Presets using an external switch. From the factory, the switch connected to the ring performs this function but it may also be assigned to the tip&ring switch. You do not have to enter Preset mode, as described on page 13, to advance and load Presets. Upon pressing the external switch assigned to Presets, the waveform display will jump to the next preset and load it. The preset LED will remain lit for 2 seconds and then go back to displaying the current waveform. After the 8th preset, the last preset in the waveform display, Super Pulsar loads WYSIWYG mode and then cycles back to the 1st preset. This all sounds brutally exciting, however very confusing. The Super Pulsar is a VERY deep tremolo with limited foot controls. From the text above, in your understanding, can I use the amp switching/CV capabilities of the Helix to have deeper control of the pulsar? Thanks for your help.
  9. I play lots of blues, classic rock and the JTM-45 is my favorite by far. Mind you, I've never actually played a real one, so I have no clue if it sounds similar to the real deal. The sound is absolutely killer though.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys, interesting points raised. I've contacted the store i bought my Helix from (I'm in France) and they've asked me to send it back, and I will. I just fear the fact that they don't have any in stock. This could lead to me sitting Helix less for months, which is not something I can afford to to. I'll see how it goes.
  11. I've gone ahead and opened up a ticket for a failing footswitch on by brand new Helix. Anyone else experience anything similar? Any solutions? My heart is broken!
  12. I had to take off for 3 weeks due to an unexpected family health issue. I came back hoping magical elves has fixed my footswitch ;( still not working. I've just opened a support ticket. Thanks for your help everyone.
  13. Thanks for your kind words Fido. Do you mind my asking how they solved a button issue? I will definitely submit a ticket yesterday including the button's erratic behaviour.
  14. Lol user error. Yup, it's a hardware issue. If I hold down the switch and wiggle it it jumps back and forth between modes. It's not making contact with every stomp. I am gutted. There is one service center VERY far away from Paris, maybe I'll take it there soon. Paris is not doing very well now though and there are more serious things to worry about. I'm not using helix live, so I'll survive for the time being.
  15. Pressed the footswitch by hand repeatedly and now it works sometimes, sometimes not. PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE not a hardware issue.
  16. Hi everyone, Footswitch 6 on my Helix has stopped working. It worked a few minutes ago and now it is dead. I have powercycled a few times, including disconnection of mains. Still nothing. Any suggestions? I am praying to the gods this is not a hardware issue. I've barely used my Helix. Thanks for your suggestions!
  17. I bought the first of 6 I think they had at Woodbrass Paris a couple of weeks ago.
  18. Hey Phil! Yup, full amp model. JTM45, I am rather perplexed by the results. I'll have some free time later today and do the same experiment with other amps. . I do encourage others to give this a shot though!
  19. Why does an amp/cab block not sound the same as an amp block with the exact same cabinet added in another block. I tried this with the JTM45 and the difference is far from subtle. Needless to say I used the exact same settings for both the amp/cab block and the amp block + cab blocks. Any ideas? Thanks!
  20. Ernie Ball Volume Pete Cornish P2 Fuzz Analogman King of Tone MXR Univibe ( I like it better!) EH SuperPulsar until Helix provides a deep, highly configurable tremolo. H&K Rotosphere mkII, my favorite leslie emulation to date. Banshee Talkbox
  21. I'm happy to see we all agree then! Here's to a metronome in the tempo panel in the near future!
  22. Metronome! A metronome block, would be very welcome for those of us who practise with Helix. Please click below to vote:
  23. You are absolutely correct. Missed that! Post deleted. Thanks duncann!
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