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  1. Setup for this: Guitar>Helix>Mesa 2:90> 2 1x12 speakers. I had scrolled through the preamp only, but just noted they were softer and similar to the amp or amp + cab sound, so hadn't messed with them much. Tonight I went over to the just preamp list, adjusted volume so they were loud enough, and I'm really pleased with the results. I had been using a Triaxis in an in/out loop, and kept finding I like that better than any of the amp or amp/cab models. Sounds great, but my tiny brain had a fart - if I like the preamp only as a loop, why wouldn't I like one of the modeled amps preamp as well? Kind of a duh, moment - I had a power amp, I was using speakers, take the modeled ones out and check it out. So far, VERY pleased. Medium volume, will really see how they sound at band volume, or in a band situation. After watching one of the hundreds of videos, in the patch I auditioned each preamp, I had an LA compressor out front, and a simple EQ, with some treble cut, after the preamp. Just wondering if anyone else is doing this to their satisfaction? One thing I did notice - if one of you Line 6 guys read this - there is a marked volume difference between the preamp models - and this is comparing like channel and master volume settings. Don't remember exactly which ones, but a couple were actually faint, compared to some that were on the loud side. Anyhow, anyone?
  2. Using the Helix rack in 4CM with Triaxis and Simul-Class 2:90. High gain patches on the Triaxis creates lots of noise as describe by other posters. I did nothing as extensive as LateratoR to try and isolate. I was moving my ancient GSP2101, and just 'cuz I hadn't heard it for a while, replaced the Helix in the signal chain setup with the 2101. Same patches on the Triaxis, same cords, foot controller with about 10% of the noise floor of when using the Helix. My simple test rules out everything else, so it's something in the Helix/outside world interface. High gain modeled amps inside the Helix - very little noise floor at all. I'm suspicious... Anyhow, the noise isn't much worse than most when using high-gain amps, so it isn't a Helix killer issue, but it would be nice if it performed to 1990's level - in that area only, of course. It has a couple of other attributes that are slightly better. I use a power strip. I've got a rack-mount Ebtech Hum Eliminator I'm going to try next.
  3. I don't use IR's. Extra EQ into PA system when going direct. EQ/effects when going into DAW. With dozens of amps to choose from (each with multiple/different controls), various EQ blocks to choose from, a power amp and real - vs. virtual reality - speaker boxes to choose from (literally I've got 1x10's to 4x12s), I can't justify using provided or thousands of commercial IR's (more EQ variations) with their own sets of controls. As an added layer of complexity, each amp changes the interaction with any given IR and it's number of adjustments. While I'm dealing with dry amp tones, I've got legacy analog amps and pedals - which were carefully discovered over years - to either integrate or try to closely replicate digitally. None of that touches the vast choices of effects, with their adjustments, and their particular interaction with the choices of amps and cabs. And for me (maybe I'm the exception) this is all at the time expense of actually playing the guitar - about which I forgot the variety of guitars, and their various personalities and the use of volume/tone control on them. None of the above ends the need to recalibrate at higher volumes or inside a group of other musicians or a different venue or a different backline or no backline or... Endless choices are great to have. And the Helix gives lots of them in a useable way. If that's the end-all of a user's desired activity, then I'm not criticizing, just choosing other goals based on my interests, needs, situation. Maybe I'm just not smart enough to sift through all of this, and make a decision. I find myself constantly comparing, changing, chasing the next tweak. Cool, 21st century problem to have. But I've got enough problems. I've got to choose which foot switch makes sense to control which effect, and how, and on which page and/or snapshot and which extra (or not) MIDI pedal, and BTW maybe my trusty old wah... Andy Timmons (along with hundreds of other artists) licks won't learn themselves to add to my playing vocabulary. That's my IR preference - none. Unless, you know, someone posts a video using IR"s that sound great...and I try it, then I return to the cosmic virtual reality tailspin of endless choices and combinations, using the same old tired licks to audition the interaction of...
  4. Thanks, will revisit that one. Like I said, I'm using a 3rd party controller without scribble strips - but i do remember messing with a Helix floor unit and seeing that "multiple" message. That will make turning multiple blocks on/off without using snapshots possible for the OP.
  5. Possible. I'm a Helix rack user, and use a third-party MIDI controller. Assuming you know how to assign expression pedal to parameters. You can make that assignment to multiple blocks in a preset. When you move the pedal the parameters change. You can prove that by making your assignments, then go to each block, move the pedal, watch the parameters change as you set them. If the block is off, the changes still occur, but you can't hear them (duh). If the block is on... So you'll have to figure out how to control the on/off of each block according to your needs. You could have two on at the same time and, for example, increase the gain on your amp block, and decrease the feedback on your delay simultaneously. I tested that by having a wah and pitch shift on the same pedal assignment. Breaking new ground there turning both on - sounded like crap - ha ha - but both responded to expression. I just keep each block assigned to an on/off foot switch (wah, pitch), turn the desired one on, use expression pedal, turn off when done. You could also make those on/off changes with multiple blocks via snapshot. I don't think you can make multiple Footswitch assignments in a single patch - example: can't assign Footswitch 5 assignment to turn two separate blocks on or off (unless in snapshot). I could be wrong on that one...still learning. However, I can send a single MIDI cc message and turn on/off multiple blocks - as long as it's not one of the reserved MIDI messages inside the Helix. As stated, this is for Helix - but I'm guessing the HX unit works the same...?
  6. My setup is the Helix rack, Triaxis and 2:90. I know it can do what you want, I do that with my rig. But I use a different foot controller, so the step by step is different. Someone can walk you though, it should be easy when you get how they all relate together. Talk about some versatility. I go into 2 1x12 cubes, no cabs in the Helix whether I'm using the Triaxis or one of the Helix models. Studio sounds good, looking forward to trying it in a venue.
  7. Two space rack mount, effects only - no ams/cabs. Built-in wireless for no cord guitar.
  8. I noticed the same thing. Only had it a short time, so I figured it was some adjustment I would have to learn about and would get to later. Is taking the original note away possibly not do-able? That seems kind of weird. Most of any of the other units I've used were the opposite - the default was that the original tone was gone @ 100% mix, and you had to add it in on purpose. It does seem to track well, though, so there's that too.
  9. Glad to see the varied responses, similar to various locations on my journey. So far, the Helix is like my other experiences with the modeling world. For me - in low and medium volume level scenarios, I can get any/all sounds out there of all the rock/blues standard bearers, and my own sound, esp. in stereo. But whenever I would play in context of the musicians, and had to compete with drums volume levels, I was constantly finding something missing. More gain, less gain, EQ, mono or stereo, in our out of the PA - nothing to dial in or out would ever seem to cut it for me. When I return to my conventional setup, the missing piece, whatever the hell that is, was there. The irony is I really like the sound and ability to shape and manipulate digital effects, requiring A/D and D/A conversions - making my beloved old-school stuff digitized - I struggle with that piece, so what am I hearing, or what do I think I'm hearing? IR's and FRFR, or into PA only, literally unlimited amp flavor choices or.... Like many, I spent years and have piles of stuff I went through chasing the coolest gear, and was very successful at getting what I like, and is part of my musical journey - seems the IR and output choices are more of the same, just in the digital sphere. Gigging is rare, so carrying stuff is only a minor concern. And the difference between two minute, two cord setup and 30 minute, six cord setup is - only one or maybe two beers - it's part of the fun for me - I can spend the cost of those two beers "paying" a friend to hump little boxes. Still, Helix very cool all the way around, will continue to experiment with the various possibilities in the ways Pete Thorn did in his demo video (with a slightly different combination of notes and picking and riffs and stuff). Looking for that implanted, bluetooth chip. Headphone size cord from guitar to a iPod sized send unit, broadcasts directly into my brain, and out to a receiver on the PA or straight into the internet for real-time jam sessions with - anyone in the universe. C'mon, LIne6, how hard can that be? Heading over to the Idea thingy right now....
  10. If only buying any piece of gear made you better...
  11. Anyone using their favorite pedals with Helix, esp. in 4CM? I like some of the choices in the Helix, but also like the ones I already have. Just wondering if anyone else is going that way too. BTW, I also prefer my amp's preamp section, so the Helix is mainly for fx. My main goal is not portability right now, so I guess I'm using the Helix as a new and improved version of the G-s*stem. Having said all that, for portability purposes (sometimes that is desired), I plan on making presets that mimic the above. Not (to my ear, and that's the bottom line for all of us) an exact replica (if that were the case, then why use all of the outboard stuff), but good enough when going light is the purpose at the expense of the "exact" tone I want. I really try to get "that" sound using only the Helix, and will continue to do so, but pretty satisfied with the sound of the mass of wires and crap.
  12. Mighty fine Jimi-playing! Forgot to pay attention to the Helix so much.
  13. Don't forget at some point to tell us what you tried, and which you liked best!
  14. MikeDV1

    Firmware Update

    Same setup, can't remember which was successful but - either have the Helix hooked up, and turn it on after the updater says select device, or plug it in after starting the updater, or have it turned on when you start the updater - you get the idea, change the sequence around and it should finally appear in order to be selected - that's what happened for me, I just don't remember which sequence.
  15. I use the 2:90 with the Helix straight in, to two Bogner 1x12 cabs. Low to medium volume is great, haven't had a chance to try it with band members yet at volume. I've switched back and forth between amp and preamp models. Preamp models are way quieter, so you need to make volume adjustments either in the model itself or on the master volume knob, or the power amp. If you do that, I find that some of the amp character that is modeled is lost a little bit 'cuz I guess as they built the models, it was intended to use the combination of the preamp, power section, and selected cab to reflect the "real" world. But, the preamp models do stay true to the amps they modeled, with some slight differences and a few less controls. Original question? Helix straight into MB 2:90 works just fine! I've also got a Triaxis, and a JMP-1, and finding that the Cali model sounds like a relative of the Triaxis, and the Marshall 2204 is likewise related to the JMP-1 - whether you use the preamp only, or the amp model. Try it, crank it. take the cab IR's out for comparison (you may like those, don't rule them out). People sometimes say the factory presets suck, but I think they were written with a purpose by someone who didn't think they suck because they didn't use our guitar/speaks/room, but theirs - and of course my tone is awesome, and most other people...
  16. Another thing to check - many of the patches seem to place the volume pedal prior to the amp model. What happens when you do that is lower the amount of signal going into the amp - like rolling your guitar volume off - which would take away lots of high-gain character. Just a thought, if nothing else is working, check where yours is located - is it before the send/return of your amp's preamp section? If so, just bypass the volume pedal entirely and see if your high gain tone returns - of course that maximizes overall output, so you'll have to turn amp overall volume down, or turn down the output of the Helix if you're not somewhere you can be loud. If that is it, and you still want the volume pedal, move it just after your send/return that contains your amp's preamps section. Then control overall output volume with the amp's volume or the Helix output knob. If you use delay, putting the volume pedal after preamp but before delay sends your chosen and complete dirty signal into the delay without changing it's character, which you now control with the guitar volume knob. Hope that all makes sense. I lose very little preamp character using 4CM - of course there is some change for a variety of other reasons, but it doesn't destroy the character, just tweaks it slightly.
  17. Great tasty chops, awesome use of effects, song had plenty of great twists and turns, next one cooler than the last. 2 thumbs up!
  18. So far, biggest gripe about the Helix - too many possibilities, too many good sounds. Today - guitar - Helix - Mesa 2:90 - two 12" Bogner speaker cabs. It kills like that, pretty much turn off all IR's, for me they mud up at volume with those. But - JMP-1 and/or Triaxis as a 4CM with the 2:90 - not too shabby. Pile o' pedals - dial up a clean model (or a slightly dirty model, or a really distorted model), and run guitar into pedal pre-Helix - mighty fine!. Or, put a pedal into one of the Helix loops, about 4CM with a Freyette Sig-X...and/or through the PA along with one of the about those pedal models...crap! They all sound good - which frackin' one? Kind of fanboy-ish, but I guess if these are the biggest complaints (the controversy over +- 2 cents in the tuner not withstanding), I guess it could be slightly worse. Pete Thorn's video was the best/worst of it - he made every single configuration sound good. Of course, he does that with everything he demonstrates, but he gave great examples of the heartburn/happiness caused by this thing. My wishlist? No more models, no more IR's, refine and tweak the little things (like spillover or letting us decide which expression pedal is #1 or #2). Don't add the ability to tweak the amount the flux capacitor directs to the power grid that contains the amount of steam that goes to the Chinese or Korean virtual 6L6 or EL34's we've chosen in our virtual Diezel VH5 (a virtual Diezel prototype)....I don't need a firmware update for that, and even if I understood what any of that might mean on "real" amps, I would never in a million years touch that stuff anyway.
  19. Two days! Been there, done that, then bought the same piece back again later. It seems like you tried every possible way to make it happen for you, but still - your story is very similar to mine, and before I got it I vowed to give it a chance - use the various combinations, and see what happens for a bit, not just fail to get something you're looking for and not being a little persistent - more combinations of things - I'm still letting it really grow on me for good, or not. So far, mostly good. Anyhow, good luck, I didn't hear you talk about G-System, it's pretty bad-lollipop in your configurations - no modeling, only fx. Low on the number of menus and tweaks (compared to Fractal and Helix).
  20. I hope this works too, reading the manual it does look like you can send MIDI program changes along with MIDI cc commands. I've done this with other units, but haven't tried it with the Helix yet. One of the other smarter folks here will have to lay it out step by step, but it looks pretty promising that it can be done. I'm planning on controlling a Triaxis, but the Diezel responds to the same kind of commands to change things. I think you can set it so you can send various MIDI commands when picking a new patch or within a patch by programming one of the foot switches.
  21. No more amp models needed. Add/refine the effects types and controls!
  22. New owner/user here - spillover definitely not a big deal for me, plenty of work-arounds if that's a critical feature. Digit*ch GSP2101 from 1999(?) or so has spillover from one patch to it's possible...still not a big issue, definitely not a deal killer.
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