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  1. Besides doing alternate tunings, the Variax can do reasonable approximations or Resonator acoustics, banjo, and sitar. Also you can turn the volume level of various strings up or down with the Variax. For example, if you wanted to start with a twelve string acoustic, turn the bottom two strings off and retune the top four strings to 5ths, you can get a reasonable Mandolin. Finally, the Poly capo and 12 string simulator blocks in Helix 3.0 eat up a lot of DSP and are prone to have weird artifacts if you don't play them perfectly, while the Variax 12 string sims and alternate tunings take NO DSP and do not suffer from weird artifacts.
  2. What is your problem? I posted my first impressions of the PowerCab 212. I had lots of nice things to say, and a couple of things that bothered me. Why is this such a big problem for you?
  3. Not sure when it will come out, but when it does it should be called the "Double Helix"
  4. I would like to have a standby switch, thank you. That's why I posted it.
  5. Just got a PowerCab 212 yesterday. It was bit bigger than I thought, but hey, it's a 2-12 cab. About the size of a Fender Twin, but not nearly as heavy. So far it's been really nice. I am having fun programming for it. Sounds really really nice, and so far I have just been doing dual Shade (Boogie Black Shadow C90) mode, with my Boogie Triaxis in Rhythm Green the clean sound is so beautiful sounding, I haven't got much further yet. I Needed to set Helix on full on line output, big knob all the way dimed, all the PowerCab settings to 0.0 db, and adjust volume using PowerCabs input knob. Seems to be about perfect looking at the PowerCab LED's, going into yellow commonly, red rarely on clean and lead settings. I noticed you can't run one speaker in FULL mode while the other one was in SPEAKER mode. With a Variax, I was thinking I could make a More Than a Feeling patch with acoustic 12 string on one side and electric 6 string w/chorus on the other. Not a big deal, I could probably achieve it with DUAL IR mode, or put a Speaker Cab block or IR on the Helix electric and run the PowerCab in FULL mode. What I miss the most, coming from using real tube amps, is a Standby Switch! While I know since it's not a tube amp we don't technically need one, it's would be nice to have a switch that mutes the rig for setbreaks and such without having to turn the amp off (and hoping it boots ok again) or turning a knob down (and losing it's setting).
  6. The MIDI Solutions Event Processor is a small box that will convert one MIDI command into two. It could also do your alternating commands for latching. It can do a lot of other MIDI manipulations as well. You'll have to use their small software tool to program it. It may not be the right solution for you but maybe it will. It is a very useful little MIDI box: http://midisolutions.com/prodevp.htm
  7. Yeah, everyone wants different stuff. I have no need for more amp models, but I have been super happy with the new control functions like the ability to customize stomp mode and the Auto Spillover function. Finally, I can use the Helix without having a Bank Dn or Preset Dn switch in the bottom row to actually hit! I know other folks don't have any use for Auto Spillover, but I like it! I am appreciative that the Line6 folks are still making improvements. Now if they will only put a global setting for the Variax knobs and change the output switchers so they will support all four possibilities rather than just three...:D
  8. It will work. Be sure to set your output to line level.
  9. You might find this video of interest:
  10. Are you planning on having Margaritas during the gig? :D
  11. Ha, never upgrade to a .0.0 major upgrade, always wait at least for the first bug update. The rule looks like it applies again!
  12. I agree that you probably won't need a MIDI distrubution box for three or four devices, you can just chain them as long as each is on a different channel. But since you ask, I have used and recommend the Quadra Thru box from MIDI Solutions. I own a number of MIDI utility boxes from them and have found them very solid and reliable. http://www.midisolutions.com/prodqth.htm
  13. You'll be fine with standard 1/4" TS to RCA cables, just so long as you don't make them extremely long and don't run them around interference causing stuff like rheostats or some laser printers. 6 to 10 foot cables should be fine, you can also get adapters and use with standard RCA or 1/4" cables. You will probably want to change your 1/4" output level to line level on the Helix global parameters menu. The quality you get will have way more to do with the quality of the monitors themselves and almost nothing to do with 1/4"TS to RCA cables. IMO.
  14. DBCrocky

    Power Cabs?

    I too am considering the PowerCab 212. I like that I can run in stereo, which would lead to lots of fun patches. I also like I can run acoustic models in my Variax into a flat PC212 program, instead of having to run those out to the PA with a seperate line. I can even run the acoustic out of one speaker, and the electric out of the other. And I've got two XLR's in the back for the sound guy, so no worries about mics and micing. It's hard to give up on my Boogie Mark I Reissue, though! But one cool thing with the PowerCab 212, you only need one L6 link cable to carry both stereo channels and control signals so Helix can control the PC212.
  15. I certainly have no qualms about criticizing Line6, but in this case they made it clear they didn't have Big Sur compatibility yet. You run it on Big Sur at your own risk. Line6 is not responsible to make sure you can upgrade your Mac OS at the earliest opportunity.
  16. DBCrocky

    Auto Spillover?

    Yeah, I use an Amp 4CM and a couple of tube preamps, so I don't need amp and cab sims. I'll have plenty of DSP.
  17. DBCrocky

    Auto Spillover?

    Playing with snapshots is interesting and challenging, but I am now excited to try this!
  18. DBCrocky

    Auto Spillover?

    Does this mean, by losing the bottom row, I can now have seamless changes between presets? If so, this will be a big happy dance for me!
  19. DBCrocky


    Geez, if yer gonna argue on my thread, at least argue about something Line6 related...
  20. DBCrocky


    So I just got why Line6 named this model the Litigator. It's based on a Dumble, those rare amps that cost so much only Lawyers can afford them (and are old enough that they like those kinds of tones) :)
  21. You could also assign a physical pedal to control the Merge Mixer ALevel and BLevel parameters, with one in reverse, BTW. Glad you are getting the results you want and having fun!
  22. DBCrocky

    helix lt issue

    How long is your USB Cable? I was having an issue updating my Nord with a 6ft cable that worked for a printer, the software just didn't ever see that a keyboard was attached. I checked their site and they recommended trying another SHORTER cable. I dug and found a 3ft cable and it worked like a champ.
  23. This is a possible example of how you could do it. The top line has two input blocks, one for Variax (acoustic tone), and another for Variax Magnetics (amp tone). I have a modulation effect on the accoustic, and a wah pedal and a distortion block before the amp and cab. After mixing, they both go through a compressor, delay, then reverb, then out the XLR jacks. Notice I have highlighted the Merge Mixer, you can set your snapshots to set the A Level and B Level to pick your instrument, and therefor you won't need the volume blocks to do this. You can even use the Merge Mixer controls to setup a stereo mix of the two. Hope this helps!
  24. I will second the recommendation of the Cioks DC7 with the correct adapter to run the HX Stomp. It's a solid power platform, doesn't weigh a ton, and fits nicely underneath a Pedal Train board. I don't recommend cheaping out on pedal power, you'll regret it for sure.
  25. So, the Link6 cable will carry audio AND control. So there is no need to connect a 1/4" cable in addition. I suspect when you set to multi, you are sending out both the L6 and 1/4", causing the Powercab to receive and mix two signals. Then when you change to 1/4", you are no longer sending out the Link6 port, and hence your sound changes.
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