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  1. It will work. Be sure to set your output to line level.
  2. You might find this video of interest:
  3. Are you planning on having Margaritas during the gig? :D
  4. Ha, never upgrade to a .0.0 major upgrade, always wait at least for the first bug update. The rule looks like it applies again!
  5. I agree that you probably won't need a MIDI distrubution box for three or four devices, you can just chain them as long as each is on a different channel. But since you ask, I have used and recommend the Quadra Thru box from MIDI Solutions. I own a number of MIDI utility boxes from them and have found them very solid and reliable.
  6. You'll be fine with standard 1/4" TS to RCA cables, just so long as you don't make them extremely long and don't run them around interference causing stuff like rheostats or some laser printers. 6 to 10 foot cables should be fine, you can also get adapters and use with standard RCA or 1/4" cables. You will probably want to change your 1/4" output level to line level on the Helix global parameters menu. The quality you get will have way more to do with the quality of the monitors themselves and almost nothing to do with 1/4"TS to RCA cables. IMO.
  7. DBCrocky

    Power Cabs?

    I too am considering the PowerCab 212. I like that I can run in stereo, which would lead to lots of fun patches. I also like I can run acoustic models in my Variax into a flat PC212 program, instead of having to run those out to the PA with a seperate line. I can even run the acoustic out of one speaker, and the electric out of the other. And I've got two XLR's in the back for the sound guy, so no worries about mics and micing. It's hard to give up on my Boogie Mark I Reissue, though! But one cool thing with the PowerCab 212, you only need one L6 link cable to carry both stereo channels and control signals so Helix can control the PC212.
  8. I certainly have no qualms about criticizing Line6, but in this case they made it clear they didn't have Big Sur compatibility yet. You run it on Big Sur at your own risk. Line6 is not responsible to make sure you can upgrade your Mac OS at the earliest opportunity.
  9. Yeah, I use an Amp 4CM and a couple of tube preamps, so I don't need amp and cab sims. I'll have plenty of DSP.
  10. Playing with snapshots is interesting and challenging, but I am now excited to try this!
  11. DBCrocky

    Auto Spillover?

    Does this mean, by losing the bottom row, I can now have seamless changes between presets? If so, this will be a big happy dance for me!
  12. DBCrocky


    Geez, if yer gonna argue on my thread, at least argue about something Line6 related...
  13. DBCrocky


    So I just got why Line6 named this model the Litigator. It's based on a Dumble, those rare amps that cost so much only Lawyers can afford them (and are old enough that they like those kinds of tones) :)
  14. You could also assign a physical pedal to control the Merge Mixer ALevel and BLevel parameters, with one in reverse, BTW. Glad you are getting the results you want and having fun!
  15. How long is your USB Cable? I was having an issue updating my Nord with a 6ft cable that worked for a printer, the software just didn't ever see that a keyboard was attached. I checked their site and they recommended trying another SHORTER cable. I dug and found a 3ft cable and it worked like a champ.
  16. This is a possible example of how you could do it. The top line has two input blocks, one for Variax (acoustic tone), and another for Variax Magnetics (amp tone). I have a modulation effect on the accoustic, and a wah pedal and a distortion block before the amp and cab. After mixing, they both go through a compressor, delay, then reverb, then out the XLR jacks. Notice I have highlighted the Merge Mixer, you can set your snapshots to set the A Level and B Level to pick your instrument, and therefor you won't need the volume blocks to do this. You can even use the Merge Mixer controls to setup a stereo mix of the two. Hope this helps!
  17. I will second the recommendation of the Cioks DC7 with the correct adapter to run the HX Stomp. It's a solid power platform, doesn't weigh a ton, and fits nicely underneath a Pedal Train board. I don't recommend cheaping out on pedal power, you'll regret it for sure.
  18. So, the Link6 cable will carry audio AND control. So there is no need to connect a 1/4" cable in addition. I suspect when you set to multi, you are sending out both the L6 and 1/4", causing the Powercab to receive and mix two signals. Then when you change to 1/4", you are no longer sending out the Link6 port, and hence your sound changes.
  19. and it gave me this idea... So as I understand it, Helix models are mainly component level sims. Then they should be in a unique position to produce a piece of software that allows you to bring up a circuit, for example a Tube Screamer, and tweak the values of various components, and maybe even make a few simple mods, all the while being able to play through the circuit and hear what it sounds like. If you get something you like, you can save it and load it into your Helix and use it.
  20. FWIW - running a preamp into another (and another...) is perfectly valid and can lead to great results. This applies to normal tube preamps as well as modelers.
  21. Get the Helix Rack, put a rack with the Helix under your amp. Use the Helix Floor controller and attach footswitches/expression pedals to taste. Your four cables are now one cable from your guitar to the Helix Rack, and three short cables in the back of your rig from the Helix to your amp. Additionally, the Helix floor unit only needs one VDI cable to provide power and all functionality, including supporting the footswitches/expression pedals. It doesn't get any neater than that. As a bonus, since the Helix Rack has four FX Loops, you can add additional preamps, in mine here I have a Mesa Boogie Triaxis in the rack, and in the bottom behind the screen I have a Soldano GTO and a Victory "The Sherriff" pedals
  22. The answer is No. Snapshots were added on later when Line6 underestimated the issue, and they are an interesting fix, but not the real one. While it can be a fun challenge to make presets that do what you want with snapshots, the dream of making 10 or so killer presets, then putting combinations of those with the occasional one-offs on various floorboard setups for songs or styles is dead on the Helix. Be thankful you didn't buy a Firehawk FX!
  23. Anyways, in my case I can use a mono cable plugged into the Helix as normal and plugged into my pedal halfway so the cable tip connects to the jack ring, and the jack tip is left unconnected, so luckily I don’t need another device to setup and supply power to.
  24. Yeah, sorry, but BS. You basically have two connections that can be open or closed. That’s only four ways to possibly set it, but Line6 decided to only allow three of them? This was some bungling middle manager who does not understand tech at all and thought this would be ‘easier’. My Behringer FCB 1010 has better ext amp switching control. Lame.
  25. I have seen amps, Bugera comes to mind, where they have, for instance, Channel on Tip and Reverb on Ring. I would presume you would want to be able to have all four variations (ch1dry, ch1verb, ch2dry, ch2verb) not just three of them.
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