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  1. I understand the tone will be different at low volume. What I'm wondering, once you start raising your volumes, has anyone noticed a difference between cranking the Helix volume knob very high when the FRFR is a bit low, verses starting with the FRFR fairly high, then adjusting the Helix up as needed, but not over pushing the monitor? Like I said, I don't have enough seat time myself, so I'm still trying to figure out if there is a best method to start with. Thanks.
  2. What do you use as a base for setting the volume on the guitar to Helix to FRFR. I have the typical problem where my patches sound okay practicing by myself but then sound thin when I get to band rehearsal, and I think it has to do with my volume settings. Do you set the FRFR volume fairly high and then step down with the Helix volume and the guitar volume? I've only had my Helix a few weeks and haven't really figured this out yet. It seems like if I have the Helix too high and the FRFR too low, it creates this thin boxy sound, but if I raise the volume of the FRFR, it opens up a bit. Like I said, I'm still fishing, so I thought I'd ask advice.
  3. I got my bag today that I had ordered off of Ebay. I thought it was coming from Romania, but it was actually Bulgaria. Regardless, it's a very nice bag, well made with felt lining and a perfect fit for my Helix. I'm real happy with it. It took two weeks to get here, and I couldn't track the shipment, because I guess the BPS doesn't have that capability. So there was a bit of blind faith involved. It was about $75 including shipping, so a pretty good deal.
  4. Okay, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I hadn't tried moving that slider and hadn't noticed the IR names on the right side of the slider. Now that I have all of these IR's available, I'm going to go nuts tweaking.
  5. "IR Select Slider" were the magic words I was missing. So as I extend the slider, what ever IR is showing up on the right is active?
  6. I'm having trouble loading IR's into my patches. I have 40 IR's imported into my Impulses list. When I select an empty block and then highlight Impulse Responses, the only IR's available are two samples. I can't seem to get an IR from my list into the patch. I've tried copy and paste, but paste is blacked out in the block. I've tried dragging an IR to a block, but it doesn't latch. To reiterate: I'm not having trouble importing IR's into the editor. I'm having trouble getting them into the patch.
  7. An alternate is the two cable method. I plug my guitar into the Helix, take the main out and plug it into my amps FX Return. Now I'm just using the power section of my amp. I use a pre amp sim in the Helix, but no cab sim. Using a cab sim while playing through a guitar cab seems to make it very muddy. The guys that are using the 4CM, are you using amp sims?
  8. I've been using my Pedaltrain PT-2 bag. It's a little big, but a pretty good fit. I just ordered a bag off of Ebay that is coming from Romania, (Lord help me!). I wouldn't have taken the chance, but someone on TGP vouched for the guy and says they are very good quality. It's half the price of the Helix bag, even with shipping.
  9. Like maybe that Silvertone amp that was built into a guitar case. That would be so......weird.
  10. I've only had my Helix for about 10 days. This is something I've been contemplating. Thanks for doing the video!
  11. I had to get mine from a Sam Ash in Florida and have it shipped to L.A. I see now that a GC near me, Sherman Oaks CA, has one in stock.
  12. Thanks, I'm going to give them a try. His video is pretty impressive.
  13. Nice tones. The only difference between you and the other guitarist is there's no amp behind you. I just got my Helix a few days ago. I'm thinking of getting Glenn Delaune's patches, but I'm not sure how to load them. Is it a simple copy and paste job with the editor? He seems to have several that I'd like to play with.
  14. Regarding going into the FX Return of a tube amp. I tried both pre amp and amp models. They both work. With a preamp model, you need to turn up the volume to get dynamics. A full amp model has a little more balls. Definitely I have to shut off cab models for this method of hooking up. I'm so pleased with what I'm getting, that I don't feel in a hurry to get a FRFR speaker and amp.
  15. Thanks, that's a good tip. I only have a few hours with the Helix going into the FX Return of my tube amp. When I turn off the cab models, in the factory presets, it makes a big difference. Like removing a blanket off of the speaker cabinet. On the other hand, on a couple of presets that have an IR, it doesn't make as big of a difference.
  16. Do you need to use amp or cab models when going into the FX Return?
  17. specracer986

    Matrix FR10

    I see the Matrix is 300W. Would that be considered the minimum needed to play with a live rock band? I haven't gotten a FRFR yet, so I'm still researching both speakers and amps.
  18. I just got my Helix. I don't have a FRFR speaker or amp yet. I do have several nice tube amps. So, until I can get a full digital setup put together, I plan on putting the Helix into a tube amp. I haven't tried it yet, but my plan is to set up a test patch in the Helix with a few effects and a pre amp model and connect that into the FX Return of my tube amp, then into a guitar cab, and see how that works. I've read on other forums that I may need to use an amp and cab model to fill out the sound. I'll try all variations to see how this works. I also plan on trying the four cable method. I have a six cable snake that I use with my pedal board now, so that will be no problem after I figure out how to do the routing in the Helix. Again, with the FCM, I'll have to experiment to see if I need pre amp, amp or cab models to fill out the sound. This is all preliminary planning by me, since I haven't had time to even plug the Helix in yet. Work is getting in the way of play again.
  19. Thank you. That should keep me busy till it gets here.
  20. Hi; I just ordered my Helix yesterday. Won't get it for a week or more. I wanted to download the manual, but didn't find one on this site. Is it here and I'm just missing it?
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