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  1. Thanks! Really looking forward to trying it out.
  2. I've just noticed that the right hand half of the LED for the Tap Tempo/Tuner button has dimmed considerably . The other half remains bright, Is this a problem with the LED itself and can this be fixed?
  3. York Audio has issued a Hi Watt lite pack which contains a great selection of Fane sounds.
  4. Why am I unable to download patches from Custom Tone for the POD GO on to my Helix Floor? I thought they would be compatible.
  5. Would really appreciate a normalised version of Clean 2 if you can provide it. These IRs are something special and my thanks for providing them on this forum.
  6. Thanks for the downloads. I find that the volume level on Clean 2 is way below Clean 1. Based on the -18db level on the other 3 settings, I have to turn Clean 2 " output to about +3db to get a decent output. Anybody else noticed this?
  7. Missing Link Audio Peacock Overdrive for Allman Brothers tones.
  8. I can highly recommend Michael Price's Premium Helix Presets which has some killer Dumble presets for only $8.00.I bought them and can honestly say they are the closest simulation of a Steel String Singer and an Overdrive Special. Check his website for demos.
  9. When I first got my Helix a couple of years ago I remember I was able to play along with backing tracks I had on my laptop .When I tried this again recently I can only hear my guitar thru the Helix and my computer plays the backing tracks through its own headphone output. My Helix is connected to the laptop via USB. What do I have to do to get the laptop to playback on Helix?
  10. Previously mentioned some time ago that there was an audible thump when selecting any preset containing the Kinky Boost. This has still not been rectified in 2.80 and is a continuing annoyance. Surely it can be easily fixed?
  11. Any reference to fixing the long standing Kinky Boost problem where switching to a patch containing this booster results in a very noticeable thump through headphones (and presumably speakers)?
  12. Some time ago it was reported by Line6 that people were complaining about an audible thump upon switching to a preset containing a Kinky Boost block. Is this still an outstanding bug fix as I am still getting it after downloading 2.71 firmware?
  13. When viewing longer threads why is it not possible to access any pages after page 1 and why are the number of pages on that topic not shown alongside the title heading to facilitate easy access to those pages. As an example the long running thread on Fremen's Presets.
  14. Will someone who has successfully upgraded to firmware 2.50 please confirm once and for all if there are any new presets incorporating the new amps and reverbs. If so, what are the details?
  15. So, did anybody finally find out if we have any new Factory presets showing off the new reverbs and amps?
  16. This is a great sounding preset but I am unable to locate it on your website. I have tried searching under Train-King and helix presets but nothing comes up only your setlists at $15. What am I missing?
  17. Just updated to 2.30 after having done the suggested backup. When I did backup restore I didn't realise that I could select which setlists to restore and therefore the whole backup was restored including the factory presets which were my 2.21 factory presets. Realising I had somehow lost the new updated presets I decided to re install 2.30 a second time thinking that I would carefully select only the user presets to restore from backup. To my disappointment after doing this my presets still did not include the latest factory presets. How can I possibly get this fixed as I am dying to try the new amps and effects?
  18. Helix ASIO? Not sure what this is. Can you please put this in words that an old non tech savvy guy would understand.
  19. I recently downloaded Audacity with the intention to do some straightforward recording and overdubbing. Although I am monitoring my guitar through Helix on headphones, when I play back the track I have recorded I am not getting anything through my headphones only through the internal speakers of my laptop. Is this a USB issue? Help appreciated.
  20. Are you able to upload this preset yet?
  21. I renamed the file .hlx suffix and this seemed to change it to a Helix preset which I then successfully imported to my Helix. I'm wondering if all other LT patches on Customtone are going to require this procedure?
  22. I am trying to download from Customtone the preset Blix- EJ. When the patch downloads to my laptop it is not showing as a Helix preset and I can't download it to my Helix editor as I normally do with other presets. Is this because its an LT preset and not a Helix preset?
  23. delacloche

    v2.21 help

    Trying to download v2.21 but the download is all in text . I think this is because I recently downloaded a preset from a fellow Helix user who had posted it as a .text file. I cannot remember what actions I had to take to convert from text to data. All I remember it was a command on my desktop page. Help I'm dying to download the latest firmware.
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