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  1. I'd have guessed this was likely the case. in the Helix is superior so going into the FX return is likely to yield the best results.
  2. If you've got two LT's now, why not keep one on your "stable" version (2.50), and the other on the latest and greatest? That way, you can evaluate the newer version against the prior version, and when you're sure you're happy with it, just update both. You may end up having to play a few games with backups/restores etc in order to keep your presets in sync, but it makes more sense to me to do this than to deliberate avoid newer firmware on both devices.
  3. I'd say that I wouldn't be surprised if they did offer a discount to Stomp/Effects users at some point. Unlike hardware, there's practically no cost of sale on software, so any additional money you get in is effectively gravy. Obviously, you need to recoup your development and support costs and turn a profit, but it costs very little to give something back to users who have invested elsewhere in your product line, and by doing so you may also tie these users further into your product lines.
  4. Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: Yes, you run the Stomp into the FX return so that it bypasses the preamp in your tube amp. Even longer answer: You can also switch between sending into the front of your amp and the FX return, so you can still enjoy your tube amp if you wish.
  5. Try looking at Jason Sadites "Dialing In" series on YouTube. Here's one specifically dealing with the 2204 model.
  6. ^- This! I have a Blues Junior. Helix doesn't have a model for one. However, I've managed to tweak one of Helix's existing models so that it sounds close enough in my opinion, and I think in a mix it would be practically indistinguishable, and it took just a few minutes. If I was prepared to expend more effort, I could probably get it closer, but it is a law of diminishing returns. Oftentimes, close enough is genuinely close enough!
  7. In the meantime, if you are worried that it is going to break, why don't you buy an external expression pedal? (Assuming you aren't already using your LT with two expression pedals!)
  8. There's no way Line6 are going to be adding 200 odd additional amp models to Helix. I doubt that there's enough space in ROM to get even close to that number, so you might just as well switch now. What they will do is add a few more amps and effects here and there as they release new firmware. Some of them might be ones that you want, but others might not be. AxeFX is AxeFX and Helix is Helix, with different strengths and weaknesses.
  9. I don't know - why aren't "Steve Vai , Joe satriani , John Petrucci, Metallica so on" answering your question? Perhaps they aren't here! ;) Maybe they've just found a product that suits their needs and thus that's what they've bought. AxeFX has 270+ amp models. Helix has 75+. Headrush has 34+. Kemper has as many as you wish to profile. Buy the product that suits your needs. If Helix doesn't have enough amps for you, go Fractal or Kemper.
  10. Post on the Line 6 Helix Family User Group on Facebook, from a Line 6 engineer.
  11. There's a couple of posts of The Gear Page about this.
  12. Why not just create a couple of new "templates" to hold the various pre-configured blocks that you wish to reuse frequently?
  13. I hear what you are saying, and I do understand why you were under the impression that you could use any 6 blocks, rather than up to 6 blocks. I'd often see people posting here about running out of DSP, and didn't realise what they meant until I got to the point where I began to see some options were greyed out when I wanted to add a block. Then I understood! I don't have a Stomp (I plan to get one as a backup for my LT) but I have read the manual, and it does have a section on DSP allocations and how it affects what you can choose - look at the section on Dynamic DSP.
  14. As far as I'm aware the 20% tax is just regular UK sales tax, presumably because UK sales go through some sort of UK subsidiary. I guess they price in USB so that they aren't affected by currency fluctuations and thus don't have to continually update their non-USB prices.
  15. In the first instance, I would be inclined to assume that the issue isn't at the Powercab end, but rather with your USB cable or the computer you are using. So, my first port of call would be to swap out cables, and if that doesn't work try a different computer. Once you've eliminated those, you can start thinking about pointing the finger at the Powercab, at which point you should contact Line 6 support. I wouldn't do this first because they would almost certainly suggest trying a different cable/computer, so if you can get that out of the way beforehand it would speed things up a little.
  16. You can also plug a phone into PowerCab+ if your phone supports audio over USB and you have the requisite cable or adapter. For example, using a USB-C adapter for my phone, I can plug either my Pixel 2 or my Galaxy S9+ into my PC+ and play audio.
  17. So, I managed to accidentally overwrite a couple of the stock presets when playing around with MIDI command and dragging and dropping by mistake in PC Edit. Could someone please backup and upload the stock speaker simulation presets as I can't find these anywhere, and I can't see to find any way to get the PowerCab to restore to default presets without a backup. Thanks!
  18. I'm probably wrong, but that doesn't look like HX Edit to me. It looks similar to the original Helix software that came on the USB stick with my LT, (judging by the "column" on the left) but I never used this and have always used HX Edit. Helix 2.20 (original from USB stick) HX Edit 2.70
  19. $99 + VAT, if you're the UK, so $119.99. Still, good value if you've got an LT.
  20. It sounds like you have a returned unit that someone else has already played with. Did the packaging show any signs of having been opened before?
  21. Why? If the pre-amp in the amp is very clean and not colouring the sound surely these no reason why everything can't go in before the amp? It's mostly a moot point for me because my Helix LT goes into a PowerCab, which I think is an optimal solution, but as soon as HX Stomp is available in the UK I intend to get one and will run it through my Vox MV50 Clean so I can have a setup downstairs as well as in my loft. #justaskin ;)
  22. What about using a VOX MV50 Clean? Relatively inexpensive and should serve as a good platform for any modeller requiring a power amp.
  23. I'm no expert on these matters by any means, as I've only recently got a Powercab 112+ myself, but a few things I've learned are: 1. Don't use Helix cabs or IRs with Powercab when using speaker emulation. As you say, it just sounds muddy. I've not been deleting cabs or IRs from presets, just bypassing, but where I've got an amp+cab block, I've split these out so that I can bypass the cab. 2. When you're using a Helix, you don't really need to use the IRs on Powercab unless you want to free up a block but I guess its great for people with modellers who don't have IR support. When using IRs, I have found they sound more "amp-like" if you switch the Powercab to LF Flat. I'm only a mediocre bedroom player and thus don't intend to gig, but I'd imagine that if I were at some point, I might want to use IRs when going into a PA and not use the speak emulation if using the Powercab as a monitor. However, this is pure speculation based on what I've read, and with no experience to back it up! :) Regards, Dave
  24. Playing devil's advocate here, but given that the Helix LT, which isn't a flagship, has a VDI port, is that really fair? I'd mention that the Firehawk FX has VDI too, but it does very much look like Line6 has abandoned that line. I have a Variax but, to be honest, I very seldom use it with my Helix LT and given the diminutive size of the HX Stomp I can appreciate why finding space for a VDI port on the Stomp wasn't high on their list of priorities.
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