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  1. It is a fault - my Stomp had the same issue on the left most button only. I sent in in for repair under warranty and it was fixed and hasn't happened again.
  2. If you really want a single unit that runs stereo, you might want to look at the Firehawk 1500 as an FRFR monitor, eschewing the built-in modelling. However, I think you'd probably be better off with 2 FRFRs.
  3. The 1-switch looper on the Stomp is the 6-switch looper from Helix. In order to access the additional functionality on the other switches, you need to use a MIDI controller such as the Morningstar MC6 MkII. Jason Sadites has a great video describing this.
  4. Added an idea to save a block in HX Stomp with compromising the UI.
  5. I use a regular guitar stand on a small wooden nightstand.
  6. foxmeister

    Headrush FRFR

    Just had a Headrush FRFR-108 delivered. Not had much of a chance to play with it, but it has a much better build quality than I'd imagined, as I'd expected it to be quite flimsy plastic. It is small, well constructed, and reassuringly weighty for its size. It's also epically loud!
  7. Before going too much further, I suggest trying on a different PC as problems like this are usually at the PC end. That being said, have you tried the advice in this thread?
  8. foxmeister

    Helix lt

    I've already purchased Native using my registered LT, so this is what you would see if your LT has already been used for this purpose.
  9. I've not had mine freeze either.
  10. foxmeister

    Helix lt

    To register your product, follow this link: That being said, if your LT is 3-months secondhand, you *may* find that the original purchaser already registered it to gain a substantial discount on Helix Native, before returning the LT, which is a scam in my opinion! To find out, registered your LT and then go here to see if you are offered a $300 discount on Native for registered LT users!
  11. I suspect that the 6 block limit is mostly a UI choice, due to the size of the screen, to keep on-device editing as streamlined as possible. That being said, I think there are things they could have done to mitigate this without requiring a bigger screen, or smaller UI elements. For example: 1. Allowing Send/Return to occupy the spaces between blocks, much like if you have a split path. 2. Allow additional blocks on path B.
  12. I have an LT through a PowerCab+ in the attic but for downstairs, like you, I've got a Stomp into an MV50 Clean, driving two VOX BC108 cabs. It's a great combination.
  13. I see you are on HX Edit 2.71, but only on 2.70 for the firmware. I wouldn't have thought this would have made a difference, but have you tried running the L6 Updater to see if that sees your Helix and offers you the update to 2.71?
  14. "If you build it, they will come!" ;) (Though not in the case of an HX Effects sized Stomp...)
  15. I wouldn't just write off the stock Cabs - they just require a bit of work. Jason Sadites video series has some very good tips on how to do this: That being said, since you are using real mic'd cabs, having a stock Cab or an IR isn't required, when all they are are representations of mic'd Cabs.
  16. I know they didn't update the post for 2.71, which is a small bug fix, but just follow the firmware post on this site!
  17. I think the idea is that an HX Effects user is likely going to need more stomp switches than an HX Stomp user, as the Stomp user will likely have blocks that don't really warrant switches (e.g. amp and cab blocks).
  18. For most extents and purposes, Native is functionally equivalent to the Helix hardware and you can use the same presets on both. Where they likely differ is latency, but that's a different issue and not one I'm qualified to comment on. So, I'm sorry Helix Native is a more capable product than the HX Stomp, from a software perspective. Comparing the HX Stomp to the Fractal AX8 doesn't make any sense either when the Line6 "equivalent" to the AX8 is Helix LT and, as far as I'm aware, there's no direct Fractal equivalent to Helix Native (please correct me if I'm wrong!). Up to only a month or two ago, the discount on Native for LT owners was only $100, and I would expect it to go back to that at some point. If that were the case, what sort of discount could HX Stomp users expect? $50 max? Should that also be extended to HX Effects users who have a product that doesn't contain amp modeling?
  19. Purely playing Devil's advocate here, I think there is a difference between buying a Stomp and a "full-fat" Helix (which includes LT). Helix Native is the software-only equivalent of full-fat Helix, and offers considerably more capability and flexibility than the HX Stomp. So if you have a Helix Floor/Rack/LT, when you buy Native you are just getting the software equivalent of something you already have. If L6 decided to produce a cutdown version of Native that only allowed 6 blocks, this would be the software equivalent of the Stomp, though I'd imagine that such a product would be derided by most Stomp users anyway. I can't really see how it can be seen as a money grab and don't see the relevance of the cost of the Fractal FX8 in this scenario either. As I said earlier in the thread, I wouldn't be surprised if L6 do offer a discount to Stomp users to purchase Helix Native, but I doubt it would be as steep as the one offered to their more capable products - bear in mind that L6 only recently increased the discount for LT users, and I doubt that this is permanent either as they've increased and lowered the discount for LT in the past.
  20. I know I'm nitpicking here, so please don't feel the need to tell me so, but to say that consumer-friendly Linux is a failed experiment is just a nonsense. Is it a failure at the desktop, yes, I'd probably agree with you for the most part, but the Linux kernel powers the world's most popular mobile OS (Android), and a huge percentage of the world's web servers, along with set-top boxes of all sorts. Consumers are often using often using Linux, even if they don't know it, and that makes it far from consumer-friendly. All that being said, as much as I'd like to see a Linux version of HX Edit, I can also see why it doesn't behoove Line 6 to expend resources on developing one.
  21. For any given song, you need to have all the blocks you require in a single preset, as preset switching does introduce a noticeable delay that you probably can't get away with mid-song. You can then use snapshots to adjust those blocks for different parameters, so you might have a clean snapshot, a crunch snapshot, and a dirty snapshot. Since HX Stomp only allows 6 blocks, this does mean you are rather limited compared to He;ix LT/Floor/Rack/Native (where you could switch amp for more dirt), but if you use the right amp model you should be able to get by.
  22. In my experience, playing prerecorded music (i.e Spotify, MP3s, YouTube etc) through a guitar cab, either real or simulated, isn't a good experience. I have an LT and a PowerCab+ - I really like the speaker sims on the PowerCab+, but if I want to play along with music streamed from my laptop over USB, it is much better when I switch the PowerCab+ to FRFR mode, and use an IR or stock cab on the Helix, as the USB audio isn't "muddied" by the speaker/cab sims. If I didn't have FRFR, I'd much rather just stream audio to a decent bluetooth speaker, quite separate from the guitar cab - at bedroom volume levels, it's more than sufficient and will sound better IMO.
  23. On a Line 6 page, it's HX Stomp! ;) (Although I've heard good things about Amplifire)
  24. No need to apologize - humility is something that comes with age so I'm truly not judging you! I only brought it up because it is something that could ultimately hinder your efforts to get donations. Good luck with replacing your lost kit!
  25. I know you're young and as such probably convinced of your own self-importance, but a statement like this really isn't going to get you very far! Having your gear stolen is undoubtedly lousy, but having cancer, at any age, is orders of magnitude worse and that's especially true when you're a kid. To show that I'm not a sanctimonious douchebag, I've donated $30 to your GoFundMe, but please, just try to exercise a little common sense and humility in future - it will pay dividends in the long run! ;)
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