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  1. your fine. I loosen the locking nuts, tune it, lock them back down then use the bridge tuners to fine tune it and when tuning before playing. I find I only need to loosen the locking nuts when changing strings or on the rare occasion that the bridge tuners won't bring it in tune.
  2. Throwing cash at the screen isn't working :( I would pay 1000 for this.
  3. very cool! just to verify it's the 30 can zipperless cooler here?
  4. i have a jtv-89f and use xvive when I'm at my guitar lessons and it works great. Haven't tried it gigging or in the studio though. I plug into the helix when not in the lessons.
  5. May be an old thread but it's the first real answer to the question. Thanks!
  6. same here and my restore from 2.3 went fine also
  7. the only time i had any issues like this is when I had the editor open and connected to the helix. Only one program at a time can be connected to it. Shutting down the editor worked for me.
  8. the little knobs on the bridge are for fine tuning. when you reach the max/min those will turn use the allen key to loosen up the locking nut then use the tuners, lock the nut then tune with the little knobs. Here is toneking explaining it or search for floyd rose tuning on youtube.
  9. That's correct, but the TU3 has a single red light when the helix tuner isn't activated. So, yes, it's on but It's not active.
  10. I use a TU3 plugged into send 1 and set the helix tuner to 'Send 1/2', when I activate the helix tuner it outputs to the tu3.
  11. There is an installed program on your system. It has access to the disk. Dropping a .hlx file to disk and reload them in reverse order of drop would be trivial. Even cross platform this is the most basic of system programming. The hlx files are so small I wouldn't even try to do diffs. I would just drop a full hlx file for every change. This could also take advantage of the hlx import code already available in HX Edit. Communication between edit and the hardware wouldn't have to change at all.
  12. +1 more memory for extra stuff... ;)
  13. I would think if you just bought it you wouldn't need to backup the presets. Update following the upgrade process linked by @AlexKenivel. The instructions will restore globals including default presets? edit: I couldn't find the 2.12 version either including trying 'archived'
  14. saks

    Static at times

    Just info on what happened on my system: I added a new usb device this morning and started getting static this afternoon ( first time I played since this morning and the first time I've ever had static ). I swapped USB ports 4 times rebooting the helix each time and it went away on the fourth port. Not sure what that means, if anything, but there it is /\o/\.
  15. i like to do re-amping and mixing of IR's. Although the Helix makes this super easy...Native makes it stupid easy.
  16. at my age using one foot is a challenge ;)
  17. very cool! I don't have a second expression pedal so assigned the feedback to the tone knob on my variax, works great.
  18. The new editor alone is worth the update
  19. win7/64 Most of the issues I've had are when audio was actively playing and I switched the playback device to the helix. With or without editor open. If I don't do that then everything works. I usually work with helix as the audio device, helix editor and protools open with no issues. What is really weird is every time I hang up a skype call my usb hub resets :/. I have all power management off. ( don't forget to open advanced options and ensure harddrive power option is off ( set to zero ) Every time I add a new usb device windows auto sets it to go to sleep and I have to go back through the device manager and all USB devices to disable power management. My startup process: Helix editor is pretty much always running. ( I do computer stuff from home ) 1. Ensure no youtube videos are open in any browser. 2. Ensure helix editor is connected ( if not then I unplug the usb from the back of the helix and plug it back in ) 3. Switch playback device to helix 4. Startup protools ( which is set to use the helix )
  20. I use the Matrix GT1000FX-2U through 2 x XiTone 12" Passives. I wanted the 2U because it's quieter when recording ( fan sound is all but non-existent ) Amp: Speakers:
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