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  1. over xmas it was 30% off the 99$ too, i bet they do it again next holiday sale.
  2. I use the Art SLA-1. Fairly inexpensive unit with solid reviews, plus it's 1u rack depth makes it perfect for 4u cases with the Helix. Works great for me. I use this to power a 2x12 and also send line out to the FOH. Using Helix rack and floor control.
  3. 3rd party IR's tend to be easier to use for me, I wouldn't say they are "better" than the Helix versions. 3rd party IR's tend to come setup for the most part, few parameters to mess with. meanwhile the helix stock cabs have a butt load of options to mess with, it can be daunting and take time to master. But its easy to get a great sound out of the stock cabs. I bought a mess of IR's but most of the time I use the cabs I've spent time dialing in to my setup.
  4. I bought the Helix rack for this very reason. I'm a big guy who beats up his stomp boxes. I didn't want this happening to my unit. I use the floor control and the mission expression pedals, no issues with these and I know my rack won't take a beating.
  5. Hey guys, I bought a space ship, i put gas in it but it blew up. TLDR use rocket fuel!
  6. I'm confused by your choice of words, whats a gizmo? Are you asking if you can use the Helix into your power amp section then yes. You can. However that seems to be the least preferred method of powering a helix. This will give you the option to use any head tone into the power amp section so you can get a wide variety of tones. I've personally tried this with a Blackstar series one. it worked alright, but doesn't quite offer the same ease of use with FRFR speakers or even a power amp to a guitar cab. My personal preference is the Helix into a power amp out to a 2x12 cab, while also running out to 2x12" frfr speakers. Pushes air like a 4x12, but gives a mix of tone and sounds huge.
  7. All of this stuff is very easy to find on the internet, so many videos on youtube. I strongly suggest that if you are getting into the world of modeling that you spend the appropriate amount of time learning how to and what to do with said device. Seems pointless to me to dive into a new world and not spend the time researching about it. I only say this because you are literally asking the simplest questions with a helix setup. If you can't search how to do this then you are going to struggle a lot more with the device and learning how to use it. The helix can be set up so many different ways, each way has different challenges and procedures. RTFM, learn to google, have fun gaining knowledge about your craft.
  8. Ok thanks, sounds like maybe I got some stuff confused. Oh well. Still rocks!
  9. For whatever reason I thought that some of the effects had actual analog circuits built into the Helix, thought it was mostly for some of the distortions/od's. But I can't find any info to support that claim. So is it all digital? I don't care either way, I love my helix. I just want to know for a discussion I am part of.
  10. It really is that simple. Is your floor monitor a PA type speaker (frfr)? If so then ya, it should sound very similar in the FOH and Monitor.
  11. same thing happened to me with the new update. Just did mine about a week ago. glad to have found this thread, hoping for a response. I know its going to be something with assignments in the command center. But have been busy and not worked it out yet.
  12. I use the Peavey PVX12p https://peavey.com/products/index.cfm/item/665/118109
  13. Well when you words like "nasty" I have to either think you're young and inexperienced or you just don't have a clue about how to tweak and adjust sound. Pretty silly if you have a Marshall tube head and all you get is nasty tones.
  14. Used a Marshall tube amp and it sounded nasty? I think you have some learning to do with what the Helix is meant to do and how to use it. There is nothing wrong with using a Tube amp as your power.
  15. My preferred 2x12 Cab at the moment is a Marshall 1936 with a G12t-75 and a V30. I play mostly 90's and 2000's hard rock. I also have a Jetcity JCA24s+ with Eminence Legends V1216's. Sounds great too! Both cabs work great with my power amp and a helix.
  16. If you have a Boss or another volume pedal you can use it instead of buying multiple Mission expression pedals. I have one mission for expression, and the Boss for volume. Works great. I added a USB mixer to my setup as well. Makes things easy to use and control with my PC.
  17. With these types of speakers you get what you pay for, regardless of speaker size. You can bet that in most cases the more expensive item will sound better and/or have better build quality. For me I chose 8" monitors, I just can't stand the sight of a tiny speaker I want to rock out on. It's all about preference and $$$.
  18. You get what you pay for. Decide on a budget, figure out how much desk space you can live with giving up and pic the best you can for the parameters you want. You're asking us to decide whats more important, smaller foot print or saving money. That's a personal decision you have to make.
  19. I've run a handful of different setups, they all sound different and had different patches due to needing to adjust EQ settings. My current rig Helix Rack -> Art SLA-1 (100w SS amp) -> Mesa Thiele 1x12 cab. I love it, can get soft and sweet, to loud AF. I've run the same setup thru a 2x12 with Celestion GT12T-75's, and a Marshall 1960A with the same speakers. Not using any cab impulses when doing this. I've also run it thru Tannoy 802's, studio monitors using cab impulses. As well as going into PA speaker, Peavy PVX12p's. I've even used the Helix thru a Blackstar series one combo, using only the power section and cab. My main point is you need to learn how to setup eq's, frequencies, etc. Nothing will sound amazing right out of the box, there is just two many variables. What I did when I started was watch youtube videos, match what they did, and then adjust to personal taste once I understood what I was doing. As for what type of speaker to buy, studio monitors should be great for what you want to do. I will say that if you comprimise and try to find something in the middle, the results will show that. If you want PA speakers then buy proper PA speakers, if you want speakers you your desk buy proper studio monitors. Otherwise you're going to land in the middle and find its not great at doing either job but OK at doing both.
  20. Well there you go! sounds like all you need to do now is create the next Stairway to Heaven!
  21. Get some pads for the studio monitors, its surprising how much of a difference it makes and they're cheap. You could even find stands to go next to your desk to save you the trouble of buying a new desk.
  22. Not a vet at all, but I've put probably 1000+ hours playing on it. Maybe 5% of that time turning knobs. My thoughts are you don't need to be a pro or vet to get killer tones. I spent some time up front reading and watching youtube videos on how to set up patches. I use all the stock options, no impulses or anything added. Stock cabs sound amazing to me.
  23. Well that amp came in a day late... thanks holiday shoppers! I ended up running it thru 1x2 Mesa Boogie Thiele cab. I intend to run it in stereo to a 2x12 cab but didn't feel like tearing down my wall of cabs just yet. So I opted for the easy cab I had lying around. First off I used my old patches, just bypassing the cab impulses. I was blown away instantly. I don't what exactly it is about using a guitar cab that I like over my Tannoy 802 monitors, but it felt like I was jamming at rehearsal. Didn't feel as blended as I had been used too, I get why but just forgot that feeling I guess. I spent a couple hours trying different heads, absolutely love it. Felt inspired to jam, even used the looper to do some creative stuff. Which I don't do much anymore, seems like all I do is lessons and song learning for cover bands. Can't wait to try it with a 2x12 and 4x12. Helix -> Art SLA-1 -> Mesa Boogie Thiele 1x12 -> Korg tuner (always on)
  24. I had similar issues, what I ended up doing was using two different amps, one for Distortion and one for clean. Then using the master volume on the clean amp to get what I could. At one point I even added a EQ at the end of the chain to boost my signal. Only turning it on when it was using the clean mode. I'm sure this isn't the right way to go about it but it worked for me.
  25. Thanks for the heads up, I'm sure I'll be turning knobs for hours tonight! Tweaking and playing till the wife throws dinner at me.
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