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  1. Same. In my opinion, it's best to know how to use both. With that said, HX Edit is the easiest way, though the device is pretty smartly designed as well.
  2. Right now a new HX Effects is $100 off, so it's a good time to jump on one if you're going that route.
  3. Uh ... what? HX Effects isn't an audio interface. What was your HX Effects connected to?
  4. Hopefully Phil gets a chance to test it on an actual HX Effects. I also tried doing it on the Helix Floor and I couldn't reproduce the noise. Yours is so distinctive that I was actually surprised it didn't do that. A factory reset sounds extensive but it's pretty easy to do so long as you back up your settings first. Hopefully that fixes it, but if not definitely open a ticket. One a related note, sometimes weird stuff just happens but usually me saving over the preset with a blank one and starting fresh fixes it. The other day I was using the Helix and the A note on the fifth fret of the high E string was always pitch shifted up an octave. NOTHING else. ONLY that note. I didn't have a single pitch shifter anywhere in the preset. Even if I did, I'm not aware of anything that would do that behavior. I was completely mystified, baffled, and if I'm honest a little creeped out. I deleted the preset, started over, and it went away. If it hadn't factory reset was next.
  5. That's a nice video for demonstrating what you're hearing. The link to submit a ticket is here: One thing I couldn't help but wonder, is phasers are such an odd effect what SHOULD it sound like in a dual delay? I know you countered that in your video by showing what other similar phasers did and I think you make a good point there. A few things I'm wondering: 1. The HX Effects also has an older model of the MXR Phase 90 under "legacy" models. While it's an older model, and in theory less detailed, it's still very, very similar to the original MXR Phase 90. It's one of those effects I think Line 6 did a reasonable job on prior to the Helix. It's called "Phaser" under the legacy modulation models. If you try that with the dual delays, does it still exhibit the same behavior? If it did I'd say that MIGHT mean the effect should sound that way. If it doesn't, it's more evidence that something is way wrong. 2. Is it possible your preset is simply corrupted? If you create an all new preset and add those two effects is it still there?
  6. It's kind of a preference thing, isn't it? Like you mentioned - you mentioned that a lot of people are into U2 level of drip, but you yourself weren't into it and you aren't "there yet." Yet, it's a good thing some people are or we'd never have had U2 in the first place. Tragic thought in my opinion. On one level, our love of reverb seems silly. If you're playing a room, any digital reverb is based off the idea of natural reverb, and a room ought to have plenty of natural reverb that an emulated reverb is trying to mimic - and isn't REAL better than emulated anyway?! (with our endless analog vs. digital debate where are all of the real reverb vs. simulated whores you'd expect to pop up?) And yet . . . And yet I find myself always wanting to add some sort of reverb. We've grown so used to it and honestly it seems to make every thing better. Like the need for salt and pepper at a kitchen table, no matter what the dish. Some would say even if the dish is ice cream you still might need a little salt on it. Still, I think over all I'm still kind of like you. I like a HINT of reverb. My mix is always rather low compared to many out there (imagine sub 30% mixes and often dual paths which further diminish it's strength). This is true of myself even though some of my favorte songs and performances I've ever heard practically took a bath in delays and reverbs . . . and yet . . . and yet whenever my tone has significant amounts of verb in it I can't help but feel like a damn imposter - so metaphorically dripping wet that I'd honestly be less embarassed if I'd just pissed myself live after a particularly grooving moment in the song. So I keep it just lightly seasoned. To me that's USUALLY . . . though not always . . . the sweet spot.
  7. I would open a ticket with the Line 6 service team explaining the behavior that you're noticing. If they can duplicate it, then they typically work hard to eliminate the bug in a future update.
  8. Is it possible the preset is simply corrupted? Does it do it for all Firehawk presets? Do the effects still not apply when the Variax isn't plugged in and it's only your regular guitar?
  9. It would depend on the settings of the modeling amp, but in most cases, yeah. However, since they said "empty channel" they may need a IR or cab, especially if it's a Spider V.
  10. This just isn't true at all. The amount of data it's communicating would be minimal, and it wouldn't have to be a stream. Tuner on Helix says your E string is at D - it passes that info to HX Edit. That's it. Takes less than a second. It's a simple number no more complicated than when your Helix tells HX Edit you've selected a Tone Sovereign overdrive. I think it would be nice to have. A bunch of you don't care. Cool. I don't whine incessantly about it and it's not huge to me - but I don't care that some of you don't care. I think it would be a clear improvement. Fight me.
  11. The thing is, time-based effects before heavy distortion can impact how they behave. I'm just trying to be thorough. I actually think you've been using a harder approach, though. It looks like you've been recreating the whole chain and then trying to match the whole chain to the previous chain. If it's that important, in my opinion the smarter approach is to elimination everything but one block. No amp. No EQ. No Distortion. Just one block in either the HD 500 or the Helix. Then do your best to match that one Helix block. Once you've felt you've gotten as close as possible, save it to your favorites, and move on to the next block, repeat until it's matched and save to favorites, etc. Then once you have all of the blocks where you need them try putting it in a chain and see how it sounds. From there it's a matter of WHAT is it you want more of? You'll then know how each block works, how it impacts various sounds, and if you want more or less of something it will be easier for you to season it how you want.
  12. I noticed the Helix ends with two distortions. Is that the same as the HD 500?
  13. You really wouldn't need it to. The Helix DOES process it, so you could program HX Edit to turn on the Helix's tuner and then simply mirror the data. The Helix would be the device doing the tuning, with HX Edit just passing along the info.
  14. Kids ... gotta love 'em, eh? I have so many similar
  15. I think if they can figure out a way to do this, they probably will without us asking. Same with reducing DSP. The limits of hardware and modern tech are the key drivers here sadly. Just a tip that you may already know, the "tracking" option controls latency. Lower (X fast) for less latency but lower sound quality. Increase (X Stable) for more latency but better sound quality.
  16. I have one too . . . and I did consider the FX Send return which TECHNICALLY if you wanted I guess you can use as an out hole for a regular amp. So I stand corrected. It can do both simultaneously, you just can't use the FX loop anymore unless you somehow get really creative there too. I love the Firehawk, but yes, it's easier to pass a kidney stone than carry this behemoth around.
  17. I know this is old as hell but . . . WTF is this post? The Line 6 Firehawk 1500 is an amp. There's no 1/4 out period - and if there was in most cases sending it to another amp would be far too kinky. Yes, you can use the Firehawk 1500 WHILE also using the XLR main outs to FOH or other similar setup. So that works great. Let's come back to this post in another year. I think that'd be cool.
  18. I feel like after the most recent batch of added verbs those people look like clowns. I hate clowns.
  19. My understanding is it's doable to capture a lot of the frequencies, but an IR can't mimic distortion. So it'd be like the cleanest Tubescreamer you'd ever heard in your life.
  20. Trying to get back to your original question - I've never created IRs. It's not my thing. I'd rather fiddle with tools others make. Nevertheless, while I was reading back up on EQs as cabs after our discussion I happened to notice Craig Anderton's book of Helix tips (available at Sweetwater) has a section on page 270 called, "Create Cab Impulse Responses from Other Cab Sims" and describes the process as "easy." I'd highly reccomend you grab the book for tons of reasons - and maybe that section does exactly what you want. It even includes the appropriate sized impulse responses to use in your DAW to capture the cab you want, and step by step instructions. Pretty awesome. You'll also need a DAW. If you happen to not have one, Reaper is cheap and/or free and works great. Edit: Looks like Craig beat me to it. Either way, I highly reccomend you buy the book.
  21. I mean, you're right we're def getting way off topic here - but @rd2rk's original claim was that an EQ is the perfect sculpting choice to fix imperfections in an IR. While they did call an IR a "fancy" EQ, their more important point wasn't suggesting an EQ as a substitute but rather as a subtle tone shaping technique after applying an IR of choice that gets you close to where you want to be. I think that's a very reasonable and valid claim and impossible to deny. However, if we want to get in deeper and REAL - with me going into what is largely "no man's land" of lonely opinions - yes, I think the "time" aspect of an IR is extremely overrated. It's the frequency aspect of it that is far more vital. I'm right there with @craiganderton's advice (amazing book by the way man - worth the price of admission several times over - and just to be clear the only point I'm saying we would for sure agree on is that an EQ can be used as a reasonable substitute, I'm not trying to claim you agree on the time aspect being "overrated") in the book of Helix suggestions that in a pinch a well sculpted and crafted EQ can absolutely substitute for a cab if you are short on DSP and need a quick and dirty fix. It honestly works very, very well. Better than common sense would say it has any right to, particularly in 2022 where some people would hold the right IR and its sonic power above even Jesus. Now, don't misinterpret me there either. If I have a choice, and plenty of processing power, I'm always going to choose an IR cab over an EQ, but IRs and EQs are very closely related to each other. Still, what matters is what you enjoy and like, so if my take on things ever sounds like hot garbage to you, absolutely, ignore it and do what sounds good to you.
  22. It's an oversimplification to say that an IR is JUST an EQ, but it's a much more egregious exageration to say an IR is FAR more than an EQ.
  23. According to the Powercab manual, only the XLR of the 212 Plus is stereo. The XLR on the 112 and 112 plus are mono outputs. If you weren't using the Plethora X3 you could easily use the HX Stomp's FX send to either go to the Powercab OR do to a stereo output to two monitors. Where you do want to implement it, your options might become more limited. I still think you might be able to get there though. @PaulTBaker's idea to use the HX Stomp headphone out to go to your monitors is a creative idea that might work. The headphone jack of the Stomp is stereo, but it's output isn't as hot as the Stomp's other outputs. Still, if it's turned to max and using the volume adjustors on your monitors it might get you there. ANOTHER option might be available if you don't need the Plethora effects to be stereo. In that case, you can use one of the HX Stomp's sends (left send or right send) to have the Plethora in the FX loop in mono. You could then use the OTHER HX Stomp send to go to the Powercab since you don't need it to be stereo. This would eat up two Stomp blocks leaving only six, but with the Plethora it might make up for it. You could then use the HX Stomp's main outs to go to your monitors in stereo.
  24. Same place really. Helix went on to model every thing I ever craved. They hit my final wish list with the King of Tone and that was over two years ago now, and then knocked it out of the park with the pitch shifting/freeze options. Only thing left untouched is a Freqout pedal which was never high on the list in the first place. I admit to being a LITTLE anxious about this release just because Eric Klein indicated it was a mind blowing update. Because I can't imagine WTF would actually blow my mind at this point I'm hyped in a weird way . . . but if tomorrow they said, "Sorry fellas, we were trying to activate a digital air fryer but had to give up due to hardware limitations. We're done. We hate our jobs. No more updates." I honestly wouldn't be broken up about it.
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