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  1. So tonight I messed around with another goal. I decided to use the Variax with the battery, and my goal was to connect the Variax to the stomp (running off battery) and then using a variation of the four cable method connect to the Firehawk. My primary goals, though, were I wanted I setup that didn't require I utilize any of the Firehawk's effects, whether they be for amp or effects. I COULD use the effects (or amp) if I really wanted to, but I wanted to have the option to completely ignore them. So here were my two main goals: 1. Use the HX Stomp as the primary for amp/effects. 2. Retain the Firehawk 1500's wet/dry/wet configuration using all speakers. It took a bit of testing but I really think I managed to make it work. Perhaps others who are interested can test further and see how well it really did, but it sounded gorgeous to me. So here's the setup: 1. Variax into HX Stomp's left mono input. 2. Cable out of HX Stomp's left mono output to Firehawk 1500's guitar in. 3. Firehawk's FX block activated and after the deactivated amp model. 4. All other Firehawk 1500 blocks deactivated. 5. Dual cables coming out of Firehawk FX Send into HX Stomp left & right aux in. 6. Stereo Y cable coming out of HX Stomp's FX Stereo send into Firehawk 1500's FX left & right FX return. From there I had to design the HX Stomp block chain, and it looked like this: 1. Overdrive block. 2. Dual amp block. 3. Signal path split with NO merge. Signal Path A: 1. Compressor of choice 2. Outputting to left/right main outs on HX stomp. Signal Path B 1. FX block 2. Delay block of choice. 3. Modulation model of choice. 4. Reverb model of choice. 5. Output set to HX Stomp stereo send. Because the Firehawk still had the ability to check the tuning of the guitar, and because most of the time the metronome setting isn't as useful to me, I set the 3rd switch to control a block instead. So here's what I set them to though you can do whatever: Overdrive: FS1 Delay: FS2 Modulation: FS3 There you have it. It seemed to work perfectly and hit both of my goals. Something to think about.
  2. Those are excellent well thought out suggestions. There's another one though that I think should be on the list. The Variax, at least if it's the alternate tunings you most love, tends to only feel powerful when it's used in conjunction with a HELIX or some other VIDI machine. What about when that isn't an option though? Especially if you like changing tunings on the fly? The method for doing it with just the Variax itself is pretty archaic. So allow future Variaxes to connect with a phone app. In this app you could change the tuning on the fly, change the guitar models, change the location of pickups . . . all the junk that you have to hook up to a PC for now you could do in just a few seconds through the app. I mean, everyone has different things that are important to them, but to me that's by far the most important improvement possible.
  3. Strike the above, based on page 10 of the manual you can do exactly that. Check out the description of preset mode on page 10 of the manual. HX Stomp Manual - English .pdf.pdf-compressed.pdf
  4. My understanding is no. You would first have to bend over and click one button to change from snapshot mode to preset mode, but I'll mess with it today and let you know if I find out you really can.
  5. Kilrahi

    Boot time?

    As a guy who regularly goes to shows, I have to say even 30 seconds doesn't matter at all. If you're a reasonably skilled performer/lead singer you ought to be able to keep the audience entertained for well over that just by interacting with the audience. I get it feels like an eternity, but that probably has way more to do with internal nervousness than an audience who is actually running out of patience. Edit: And to the guy above, I mean, I'm sure it was an accident, but some of that fault seems to be on your band members for not making sure everyone is ready.
  6. If it doesn't work, come back and explain what it was missing/couldn't do if you can. I'm always interested in learning more about what people are creating, how, etc. To me a 16 stage phaser like the deluxe has is mind boggling. I couldn't even figure out why I'd want so many choices or what choices might be missing, but to others that's preschool.
  7. I'll admit I'm not a huge phaser fanatic. Most of the stuff I play only requires the MXR 90 at the most and that was always more than satisfying. Before I suggested it I fiddled around with the Deluxe Phaser and it seemed to allow for a lot of unusual solid sounds, but again, where I'm not a phaser nut I wouldn't claim to be the best judge of sound here. Certainly ideascale is always a great starting point. I did a quick search and it looks like you're not the first to wish for this. The more who request it I suppose the more likely it happens.
  8. I noticed the difference in tone, but I guess as proof that sound is subjective I actually didn't mind it at all. With all guitars I'm constantly twisting the tone knob depending on what I'm doing and that's all I did in this case. I do wonder what could be done to change that.
  9. Yeah, I'm in the same boat as both of you (Steve/Alitz) and I don't think that Line 6 blames us for being disappointed. You'd have to be naïve to do that. All products take compromises and their belief (based on some research - which is far more than I've done) not including a VDI port was the best bet for the device. They'd argue it serves more customers needs, but I doubt they'd argue it serves every customer perfectly, and some completely fall through the cracks. The good news is it interacts with devices like the Firehawk, Firehawk 1500, POD HD 500x, and Helix really well and I've found I'm able to retain Variax control through those (not without SOME compromises though, as Alitz pointed out - I still haven't been able to figure out a way to get a four cable to work while retaining Variax control - but I haven't quite given up yet as I have a new idea for tonight). As a nice room unit the HX Stomp is incredible and part of that is its small size. Last night I attached my Variax to the PC and reprogrammed it with my favorite custom tunings, and then used the Stomp. The battery wasn't so bad (I literally hadn't touched it in forever but once it was charged up, worked great). Switching tunings with the knobs isn't so bad once you get the hang of it. I still despise creating an alternate tuning from the Variax itself and will continue to wish on stars for a better method, but hey, first world problems I guess.
  10. I have no idea if someone has already created a quick go to version, but the "Deluxe Phaser" in the HX Stomp should allow you to create a voicing like this. You'll have to fool around with it until you hit upon the exact sound though.
  11. I'm curious, what is the advantage to doing this at the pedal level rather than at the master EQ level?
  12. So I take it rather than have the coloring of a Helix amp model you would rather all of the amp sounds come from your own amps? That's entirely possible, if a little more complicated. You're going to have to really love using cords going back and forth. However, assuming you are using the full Helix model you should still have enough send/return options to make it work. It's important to remember that in addition to specifying at the ends and beginning of signal chains their inputs and outputs, you can also insert send/return blocks within chains that utilize the 4 send/return loops available on the full Helix. I think these are what you'll have to experiment with to get it to sound how you want.
  13. Interesting. Both Helix's would certainly get the job done. My personal recommendation, based upon how you described yourself, is that the LT is more than sufficient for your needs. Yes, the primary Helix is built like a tank - but the LT is hardly weak sauce. Heck, you could throw on a 60 MONTH accidental damage warranty from most music stores for about $300 bucks and still come in under the floor AND be protected from all sorts of other things if accidental damage was what you're worried about. I'd even recommend taking a look at some of the other ideas out there that cost less based on how you described yourself. Helix's capabilities are insane and go far beyond what I think even most users who buy it ever end up doing with it. It's a complete bargain for what it does - you just might not need what it does. Maybe a Firehawk or the old HD500X would suit you just fine (other than you'd have to kiss goodbye the option of having two guitars plugged in at any one time for some of those options). Of course, the BIG risk there is that you get the gear bug, fall in love with tones but suddenly realize now that you understand it you want more - and find yourself dreaming after a Helix. That was my story right there. At any rate, my suggestion would be the LT. It's the unit I keep eyeing from a distance. I've seen them both in action, but I already know I'll never use all of the capabilities of the LT - might as will save $500 and not get the MEGA mega option. If I ever break down and buy the full blown Helix it means I won the lottery, or just straight up lost my mind and decided that family budgets are for the weak.
  14. Well, this gets more and more complex. Let me help with what I CAN answer. Others can weigh in on the rest. Question 1: Okay, I don't know if there is a simpler way to have the SAME chorus on for both amps, but in my opinion, after splitting the chain the easiest way is to simply duplicate the exact same chorus with the exact same settings on the second path. That way when you switch between paths you have the same sounding chorus and that chorus could be wherever you want it to be in either path. Helix makes it easy to duplicate a block (and I know because the HX Stomp does that too). Question 2: Why are you opposed to splitting the paths? Does that impact you negatively somehow? To me that's your best and simplest option. That way you're handling your complexity with one or two buttons instead of like . . . 5 or something. If you split the paths you just need simple stomp boxes to select the path you hear. It seems to solve everything you're trying to do quite easily. See the youtube video below for more information:
  15. Well, I think I understand what you're asking, and PeterHamm pretty much answered it above. To be clear, I don't have a Helix, but based on my understanding of the product, as well as my experience with the older and far less versatile (but still a very beloved and versatile workhorse) Pod HD 500X, this really isn't a big deal, and yes you can. Off the top of my head you'd basically split the signal into two paths. One path would be your "dirty" path with whatever effects you wanted and then going out one of the Helix sends to your dirty amp. The second path would have no effects and go out another Helix send to your clean amp. Your guitar signal goes into the Helix. Then you could use the Helix to switch between these A and B paths. I mean, a bigger Helix expert can clock me off I'm off here, but it should be a cake walk.
  16. Thank you for confirming what a lot of us had theorized. It makes sense. I do think there is a possibility for some sort of device that would give Variax owners more instant control of their right - something that connects to an app that lets you change models or tuning on the fly, etc. that we'd just eat up . . . BUT like anything else, I have no idea how successful Variax products are in general to you let alone how financially successful a modification product would be. If nothing else, including some sort of Bluetooth/other connection to an app in future Variax models might be something to keep on the drawing board if it isn't already. FYI loving the Stomp so fare . . .
  17. In terms of the FBV3, it only controls internal Firehawk 1500 functions and effects. So with it, you can't use the FBV3 to control the HX Stomp's wah. However, you can do the latter. You can easily use the Firehawk's effects, including its internal Wah, all controlled by the FBV3. Then the HX Stomp controls its own stuff.
  18. I know this is an old post, but it is what I latched on to long ago as a method for connecting the HX Stomp to the Firehawk 1500. It surprises me with all of the gyrations that apparently happened in this post there was no real discussion about how well the above type of setup would work. After trying it, I can't hear any problems with it at all, and since the HX Stomp is largely a baby Helix I can't fathom any reason the Helix couldn't pull it off either.
  19. Yeah, I tried it two different ways. Most of the time I do not add an amp or cab model in the HX Stomp. The amp/cab is the Firehawk's with the FX chain after it. However, I have messed around with disabling the Firehawk's amp/cab and instead using the HX Stomp's and it sounded great to me too. I also tried stacking them up out of curiosity - I wouldn't say it was definitively BAD to do so - but you do color the sound more aggressively and if it sounds like garbage there are so many parameters to tweak and I personally had no idea how what would interact with what. It wouldn't be my go to choice for a unique sound, but I'm sure someone out there more skilled than me could dial something pretty cool in. Either way, it seemed a no brainer that you could either 1. Use the Firehawk's amp/cab with no amp/cab selected in HX Stomp OR 2. Use the HX Stomp amp/cab models with the Firehawk's disabled - both seemed completely viable, and if you feel like the HX Stomps sound better that is a motivation there. I'm definitely interested in other people's setup experiences because what people like is partially subjective, BUT I'm also not currently anywhere but at home messing with it and I'm not really in a place where I can pump the volume to maximum levels. I assume the above setups would still stand up in a loud environment but I can't say that I know they would.
  20. I've been enjoying my Firehawk 1500 with the FBV controller and a Variax for several months now, but when the HX Stomp came out I saw it as an excellent chance to both have an expansion of the Firehawk's effects, and to have a puny little Helix to take on the go or use with headphones in the bedroom. Based on some of the previous posts about connecting the Helix to the Firehawk 1500 I was worried that it would be a bit of a hairball but it didn't seem to be a problem at all and I was curious what methods everyone else had tried. Because I wanted to retain the Variax VDI input control (which the Firehawk 1500 has but the HX Stomp does not) this is how I set it up: 1. Variax into Firehawk 1500 VDI input. 2. FX block in Firehawk effects chain turned on and placed after amp block. 3. Left & Right sends on Firehawk FX Send out to Left & Right input on HX Stomp. 4. Left & Right outputs on HX Stomp to Left & Right Returns on Firehawk 1500. My thinking was to use the HX Stomp primarily for its effects with the Firehawk for the amp and distortion settings, and then if I needed more effects than what HX stomp allowed to simply use the additional effects blocks within the Firehawk. When I tried that setup it seemed to work perfectly, but it also seemed to work just fine to have the HX stomp handle the amp settings as well. Best of all, I was able to use the Variax without needing a battery and still set its tunings within the app. Has anyone else on this board experimented with different ways to mesh these two? What worked best for you?
  21. I got mine last night and used it for several hours. Same as above, it just feels warm. Not scary warm, just warm. You could cuddle up against it on a cold day and get some benefit from it beyond just its excellent sounds if that's what you're after.
  22. I suspect there are hardware limitations involved here that would prevent such a software update, but if not, I agree it's a great idea.
  23. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    Yeah. So does calling them a fascist.
  24. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    He's not assuming. That's the literal meaning of the words you used. You should say, "Hey, that's not what I meant, I misspoke" because clearly the words you spit out blamed Line 6 for fanboys. There is no other way to interpret that. Edit: Ugh, not only did you double down on it but then you repeated it. Do you just not understand the words you write?
  25. Kilrahi

    That's it???

    Fanboyism is an attack meant to critique tribalism of those who like a group and give it the benefit of the doubt where they can. It is meant to condemn them for their lack of objectivity. However, it is just as illogical to become the extreme negative examiner of a product. You have not demonstrated any unique abilities to objectivity. For example, further up in this post you made a blanket statement that no one at Line 6 actually cares about the customers of their products. That type of blanket statement is not supportable and not logical. If you're going to be disgusted when people aren't objective, to be fair you should also spend some time being disgusted with yourself. PS: And Phil_m's response that holding Line 6 responsible for fanboyism is also poorly placed. Your bias is making you further hate the wrong party.
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