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  1. Just wondering, because in my studio Helix is the main audio interface and there's lots of equipment im feeding from it... Is there analog difference (circuit or DAC) and subsequent difference in output quality between Main 1/4" Outs and Sends 1-2-3-4? Is the XLR out delivering the same quality like 1/4" (not counting difference between balanced and non-balanced connections)?
  2. Raise a Helix to be unflattered 4-outs USB-audio interface in just one option in Global Settings. Welcome to a different mixes for Mains/Headphones without losing DSP path. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Add-USB-3-4-to-a-Headphones-Monitor-in-Global-Settings/958806-23508 With this feature Helix can be the only one audio interface in 95% of home project studios. Yeah, of course you can do USB 3/4-Headphones transfer using main screen DSP path for it. But that's very sad to be strictly limited to use only half of DSP power for guitar processing when the second half of DSP is just routing. Let it be!
  3. Got the same problem - BSOD after few seconds of Helix USB connection to my 168% stable before desktop. Asus Ram Cache II software just devastated 6 hours of my researching through WTF is going on. After removing this crappy utility, issue was gone. So... Be clear with everything that caches most useful HDD files to RAM - that's not compatible with USB audio...
  4. Trying to figure out, what headphones I should buy for working with my Helix. Already tried HD650 and find them nice, but I want to have closed type and something more flat than my HD650 (already done custom calibration service for them, and they very close to be flat but still there is a little tonal coloring). Trying to choose between: 1)Shure SRH1540 https://www.shure.com/americas/products/headphones/srh1540-premium-closed-back-headphones 2) Neumann NDH 20 https://www.neumann.com/homestudio/en/ndh-20 3) German Maestro 450 Pro You can find them on this page, just scroll a little bit down: https://www.german-maestro.de/Englisch/Products/Logic/Headphones/ 4) Audeze LCD2 https://www.audeze.com/products/lcd-collection/lcd2-closed-back Anyone experience about named headphones?
  5. Recently changed my stock Line6 piezos to Ghost set. With a every other guitar part, for sure. Now I have Warmoth Custom build instead of Variax Standart. Good news that I have 2TEK bridge and never experienced any kind of bleedings or warbles in Alt tune. I decreased the Strings Volume settings in Workbench software from 100% to 61%, otherwise my Lester looks like digital overloads at high punches. (On a clean line sound without amps). Anyone experience about yours settings of gain to match "before-ghost" output? I don't have nearby "true strat or tele or LP" to plug in my Helix and finetune. May be I can do it approximately, but prefer to stay realistic and clear. I created 2 banks with a Neutral Body, to play my guitar without modelling, and this way I need to reduce Volume till 38%, to make my guitar with Lester pickups modelling being similar gain with 61% Lester. WTF?
  6. I'm glad to hear that my stupid WD-40 idea was busted at start. Thank you I will try to search post by Chad about footswitch cleaning and shAre link here.
  7. Hello to everyone! I'm experiencing some glitching problems with two my most useful footswitches: Tap and "Next Snapshot". Very often just one pressing of switch produce multiply commands. Usually, FS works just once on the depressing moment, but my can make 2-3 taps on press, and one more on depress. Working by feets very gentle and accurate makes a situationa little bit better, but still no any warranty that next Snapshot will be +1 from previous, not +4. So, what I can try after reading through this topic: 1) Buy a WD-40 (or what else can you advice?) And simply spray in a small gap around footswitch button. Than try to move button everywhere around, press/depress couple of times and pray the God to clean dirt inside. 2) Fully disassemble my Helix and perform FS cleaning from inside, using WD-40 or contact cleaner, like it was done by Happy Lucky Peter:) Just bliss me with advice, before I will touch Saint Helix Rest:)
  8. Recently changed my stock Line6 piezos to Ghost set. How much should I decrease the Gain settings in Workbench software? Anyone experience? I don't have nearby "true strat or tele or LP" to plug in my Helix and finetune. May be I can do it approximately, but prefer to be realistic and clear.
  9. Check - maybe you have selected "32 bit" in Helix ASIO Drivers. Changing this option to "24 bit" solve my 64samples crackles.
  10. Question is much seriously, that you first imagine. I have +/- 1-2 bpm float around Master Sync Tempo from REAPER DAW. Doesn't matter - USB or MIDI sync I used to. This tempo changes non-linear in time, and Tempo chaotically jumps from 95 to 96, sometimes 2bpm steps... Each time I have the HORRIBLE glitch with slight pitch changes of my delays repeats the sound. Like a frog in a wah, or deep modulated chorus. It can easily ruin reamp take or make my live sound stupid. Do anyone experience same glitches with delays? Almost every delay pedal can't change BPM without pitching already produced repeats sound. If you play ambience-rich sound, you can't ignore this aspect... Any Ideas?...
  11. +1 awaiting for some ideas cause i tried everything to solve my code 39 problem. HelixEdit working fine some days. but in one moment all gone, except code39:(
  12. So... Is it Possible to have Graph Tech Acousti-phonic preamp on Variax, achieving separated raw piezo (without a DSP-delay) output? Graph Tech FAQ tells, that we can't use Hexpander Midi with Variax DSP at the same time from the only sets of saddles, due to impedance issues. How do you think, what about acousti-phonic? Same story? The main desire - achieve truly immediately response, little bit faster, then modelling sound. Magnetic pickups is nice solution, but i'm not sure about magnetic field influence on string sustain, and not ready to drill my Vax700.
  13. I own 700 Fujigen Black. Having much pretty feelings about looking. I think. quite so also has to look guitar, that can sounds like ~20 another guitars:)) And quality is also high, very comfortable to play on this neck, i think it's a better choice to "universal honest not painting" guitar . Have no playable expirience on VAX Gen2, but very very interested in how far JTV goes from 700. I'm read all this topic, and what I can in final says: 1) It means that 700 MIJ like an physical guitar better then JTV MIK. 2) But quite obviously, that DSP and electronic hardware goes far from 2003 year, when VAX Gen1 have been released. So, have powerful bases to think, that JTV have much better modeling, than 700. (lol, you can just compare iternal DSP size:)) And so, main question - did difference between older brains of 500/700 and newer JTV HD, have so AUDIBLE proof, that is worth it that changing 700 to JTV. Who have expirience to direct comparing same models on 700/JTV - please let me know about what you have found. When i play through my studio monitors on 700, i can't say that sounds low-quality or guitars sounds plastic or like a bad parody. All sounds pretty cool, authentic and different, and some tibres may be better that a real guitars. (For example - some light equalization in a process of miodeling can make Lester sound much better than middly-frequency importunate real true Les Paul, and it's mistery, whether have refused to themselves this line6 or not:))) ----Some may be offtopic---- P.S:. But when you play on real guitar with magnetic pickups, you have some difficult sense (about wooden resonance on your knees and lack of some little little predelay) - and for me, this sense, IT"S NOT occasion to have all this guitars and to serve them. Goodbye my Fender Jazzmaster AVRI'62, Goodbye my big woode ndreadnote semi-acoustic. Only, what i try to hold - real 4-string bass tuned to B and Ibanez MMM1 tuned to drop A to black/doom/metalcore/another high-gain deals and tranquility to having classical passive magnetic pickups. But from E and high, VAX is better choice, when you need result, not guitar fetishism or G.A.S.
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