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  1. It's working well with the v1.91, have you tried downloading and using the newest release?
  2. Here's the link in case it helps find it for voting:
  3. I have the V 120 and I also am very happy with the amp. Came from the Fender Mustang line. Really like the panel layout. Audio for direct recording is also much clearer.
  4. SeaRefractor

    Cube base

    Have you registered your amp? If so, go to your Line 6 account and select "Purchase History" under Hardware & Software. You should see a line saying "Cubase LE" under items with a "details" link. You'll be provided a download access code to use at MySteinberg. Click on "Create account" if you don't already have one and then provide the download code in the "Register eLicenser / Sofware & Enter Download Access Code" field. You'll then unlock and receive a separate "activation code" from Steinberg to use. If you haven't registered your amp, do that soon.
  5. I've also voted from the link. Hopefully the number of votes trips the decision to add that functionality.
  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with the OTA adapter included from Samsung. Connects just fine with Oreo 8.0 installed from the latest update. I did have to use the correct USB-B cable and ensure the switch was on Android in order for it to work correctly.
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