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  1. Pretty much the Relay G10 Stomp was released to address the power connection and uses a setup like your other pedals. While I have the Relay G10, it would be great if a discount the cost of the transmitter was provided to customers to receive the new base since the G10 transmitter is the same in all the models of that series. Wouldn't mind sending in my older G10 receiver to receive this trade in discount. The other reason for the G10S is that you can manually set the channel instead of it being auto. This way if you have a couple G10S users in the same gig, you just make sure you don't use the same channel and you are all set. No need to worry about who's relay was turned on first and trying to keep the auto-channel feature straight.
  2. It's possible! Although I do see that it has a slightly different firmware train than the larger Spider V amps. Give it some time. If it doesn't get updated and you really want the newer firmware/feature set, you should be able to score a used V 30, especially if someone isn't paying attention and sells their V 30 for a V 30 MKII. Personally, I'd save up for a used V 60, so you can take advantage of the Relay G10T, the liberation from a cable even in a practice setting is difficult to describe, but incredible.
  3. This on a thread where the software has already been released for a newer model and fortunately our existing hardware is able to be upgrade to that version for free. As it's a new release, I imagine that continued development will continue along with Idealscale so that we continue to garner value from our existing hardware for another 2 years or perhaps longer. Coming from other product lines, including the Fender Mustang V2, and this is practically unheard of. The cabinet of my V 120 is nice and solid and quite rugged, transported it a lot loose in a truck and it's holding up very well. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, thanks for sharing yours. Hope you find that amp that you are looking for. Perhaps it'll eventually be a Line 6 product.
  4. On a PC, even if not Windows 10, be sure to select Windows 10 to see the new firmware. You'll also want to make sure you have 1.17 of the updater than the prior 1.16.
  5. I've flashed to the new firmware and it is so cool! All the same functionality as listed for the Spider V MKII. The ongoing support of this amp series is really quite astounding. Very, very well done Line 6!
  6. I'd recommend you open a support ticket or call using this link If it's correctable yourself, Line 6 support can provide you the steps, but if you've not been able to reset sounds like you need service for the amplifier.
  7. If Samsung does release an eventual Android Pie for the S7, hopefully that will bring host mode goodness. Still some articles being released that while it might be less likely, it's still possible Pie is coming to the S7.
  8. Sorry, was away from the Interweb for a bit. While you are all set with the 3.5mm cable and may not need this detail, I'm updating for others that may read this thread. For a PC and Android, the cable is USB "B". These can be had pretty cheap online for around $6.00, I have a nice gold plated one from Amazon Basics that works well for me. For iOS, the cable is USB to lighting. There is also a switch on the back of the amp that needs to be moved to the correct setting.
  9. Glad Line 6 has USB available on the Spider V besides the 3.5mm AUX connection. USB allows for a lot more flexibility in the long term if you also may be using the PC as a digital audio workstation (DAW). Besides playing backing tracks from your PC or Macintosh, you can record the Amp without adding the cost of microphones and so on to record your guitar and effects. Despite an 3.5mm audio jack on my Samsung S9, I use USB with the little Samsung adapter that was included with my smartphone to do backing tracks during travel where I don't want to lug a laptop or PC along as well. I use the excellent Android app "Audio Evolution Mobile Studio" as my DAW when on the road. But you can record by USB on the phone with pretty much any audio capture application. Same with iPhones.
  10. This is a user forum and while I do occasionally see Line 6 replies, I've never seen future plans outside planned firmware release notes. Line 6 does have a mechanism for us to let them know what features we desire. That's their Ideascale forum to post ideas and have different users up or down vote those requests. If technically possible and sufficient votes are present, you'll see them become reality eventually. I'd actually submitted the same request, you can up vote it here: Only 4 votes, so more MKII Express owners need to get in and vote, that's no where near the levels of the completed ideas.
  11. I've been pretty busy and haven't yet returned home to my DAW, but did want to list out the following: 1. You need the Line 6 Spider V serial driver. Make sure it's up to date from the Line 6 downloads. 2. When setting up Cubase, you need to have the amp plugged in and turned on. That's when you'll succeed in selecting the amp using the following detail: I find that Cubase checks the presence of the ASIO driver when the application starts. It's not present if the amp is not already "ON". If I make that mistake, I have to "reselect" using the VST audio system in Cubase 10 in order to be able to record. I suspect many, like myself prior to determining this, had the sequence of starting their computer, starting Cubase and then turning on the amp. You need to be sure the amp is on prior to Cubase.
  12. No worries on the production in my opinion. The Spider IV was out for 6 years prior to the Spider V and the V 240 HC was released later than the V 240.
  13. FBV 3, or the FBV Shortboard MKII are the only two methods beyond pressing the looper button on the front of the amp. The method of operation is pretty close to the same. In other words, if you find a Shortboard MKII at a very good 2nd hand price, definitely pick it up.
  14. I use Cubase 10 Elements with my Spider V 120. I'm not in front of my DAW at this time, but when I have the opportunity I'll put together a quick list on how I have it configured. Yes, I'm using the latest edition of Windows 10 along with a Lenovo IdeaCenter ( 27" AIO setup with maxed out memory and storage)
  15. Calibration? If you've tried calibrating multiple times then it's time to contact Line 6 support
  16. Now with the custom tone site you can download and upload tones from the cloud.
  17. Is it just me or did Line 6 forget to notify us that there is now a custom tone "web" access for Mac/PC presets that map to the tone cloud?
  18. I'm suprised this hasn't been advertised well, but you can now download from the following and when checking seems to be the tone cloud. You can then save these to a folder and use the IMPORT feature.
  19. I didn't even know that the Custom tone supported the Spider V yet. I'll give this a try and let you know if I run into any issues myself. This may actually solve the concern of accessing the "tone cloud" from the Spider Remote PC application if these are links to all the same tone cloud presets. UPDATE: I'm able to save the file and then IMPORT or LOAD/SAVE. Also, it is the files from the tone cloud. Not sure if this is the key, but I do have the Version 1.91 Line 6 Driver2 (serial driver) installed along with the Spider Remote. This is current at this time, but please always check to see if there is a newer version.
  20. By pressing the looper button on the front of the amplifier. The Express MKII doesn't control the Spider V 60-240HC looper function.
  21. Good question. I have to work with it longer to really say as I've not flexed it enough to fatigue and break the wires on any of my patch cords. I think if you make sure you at least have a spare in case of breakage during a gig, I don't see it being an issue. As long as that cable is also rated to support PoE (Power over Ethernet) then I would expect them to be able to suppor the controller as well. Too small a gauge could be an issue with power traveling to the controller, not just communications. Just look to make sure the manufacturer doesn't recommend that it not be used for PoE installations.
  22. Unlike smartphones, amps only require updates for issues to be fixed or for new features to be delivered. You'll note that a new firmware was just released for the V 20 but that is different enough that the firmware doesn't apply to the V 30 or higher. As for feature additions, these are possible and is why ideascale is used to inform Line 6 of great ideas, but until they are close to being released Line 6 keeps it close to their chest. Why provide the competitors a description of a feature and possibly have them scoop them on the feature release? Purchasing a product on future "unrealized" capabilities tends to lead to unmet expectations. Coming from a Fender Mustang V2 series amp and the discontinued "Fender Fuse" software that has not been updated for some time and frequent inability to connect to their Fender cloud media library, the software for the Android as well as the PC software from Line 6 are at least from the same year and work with the current OS releases. Granted I still have the Fender amp and use it periodically (I leave it at work for practice during breaks and don't worry about it being "borrowed") The Spider V is used for everything else.
  23. I'm using a Cat6. The difference between Cat6 and Cat5e is the number of twists per inch as well as a new dielectric (+ shaped plastic running the core of the pairs) for better separation, higher frequency and signal clarity. The gauge of the wire may also be different. One disadvantage is Cat6 will be generally stiffer than a Cat5e cable. Other than allowing greater speeds for data networks, I don't see how it would damage the hardware unless it's not made correctly. Performance in terms of the controller will be almost nothing, so I'd go for what is cost effective. I happened to have spool remnant of Cat6 from my home network rewire. Simply put I am sure Line 6 is using the standard "if it isn't our cable, we cannot guarantee it won't damage" due to the possible miss wiring, cross-over and other issues customers using a third-party cable could run into. Since I don't have a warranty on my second hand controller and it didn't come with a cable, it was worth a shot and worked out for me. YMMV...
  24. Just to double-check. What cable is it that you are using? Is it an Ethernet like cable, or a USB? I happen to be using a blue CAT 6 cable I found as my controller also happens to be a used one. USB is only for connecting to a PC for firmware or to act as a controller for a software application. You more than likely have the correct cable. I'm just asking just in case..
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