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  1. No, currently the drum loops are audio recordings that are played back, similar to backing tracks that you can play by USB or AUX In connections. There is an Ideascale vote for this feature, so please feel free to increase the vote count. There is also the metronome that has a large range of different sounds, cow bell, high hat and whatnot that is completely adjustable in terms of tempo. If you simply need a rhythm at different tempos for practice, it's present. In addition, if you have a set of miked drums, you can input that for use with the looper. Interesting, so the RELAY wireless support (V 60 and above) for cable free instrument connectivity, very flexible looper (especially with the FBV 3 foot controller), very large selection of amplifiers and cabinets and easy to use interface are much less important that tempo controlled drum loops? Line 6 does listen to their customers and several of the ideascale submissions did make it to the product. If it's technically possible to bring this to the Spider V and the votes are there, I'm sure it'll come to the amp in a free firmware upgrade. If it's not technically possible but is requested, a future product will likely have this addition.
  2. Also there is the knowledge base for the amp, while it's not formatted as cleanly has the information:
  3. Would love to see photo's of the end result!
  4. As per the post, this forum isn't the direct method of support. For fast response with the actual support team, be sure to use First I would if it was my own warranty registered gear to open a ticket here: and after confirming it's not a setting then go to to "find a service center". Good luck! I know the forums link is under the support link, but as myself and others have learned, this is not the fastest way to get support as the moderators here are not paid employees of Line 6.
  5. I suspect that those they interview had taken some time to develop their unique "tone identity" and that this was prior to the advent of the Helix. Once developed, it tends to be "why mess with a good thing" or "don't fix what ain't broke". Some love to reinvent their sound periodically and others may want to update to reduce gear complexity, but this might be more of an exception rather than the rule. Also it's a point in time review, it may be that many are already embracing Helix but had not yet fully utilized it in their performances yet and so spoke of their earlier gear. I suspect you'll start seeing more Helix as players working with Helix move into the famous and not so famous recognition from PremierGuitar and other publications.
  6. When you download the Live Monkey application, it will detect your FBV and offer the control software for installation.
  7. Keyboard and other inputs that you don't want to have sound effects applied to would be through the AUX in. Depending on your source (say a small mixer), you'd need to pickup either an XLR to 1/8 adapter or a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. Both are pretty inexpensive.
  8. Gotta save some features for the Spider VI :)
  9. I added the following idea to the Line 6 voting. It would be nice if the Spider V supported the FBV Express MKII as well as the prior Spider IV had.
  10. Submitted the idea for consideration. Vote here:
  11. Added the following idea. The Spider V may not have Bluetooth built-in, but might have enough firmware space to add basic USB to Bluetooth adapter support, perhaps even a Line 6 branded adapter. Once available, updating the Spider Remote would allow the Bluetooth adapter to be used for a more "wireless" like existence beyond just the Relay series of Guitar transmitters. There a number of inexpensive USB bluetooth adapters out there, so sourcing for them shouldn't be expensive. Also allows for injecting more sales from an existing product line. Could announce this availability (like the recently announced Spider V 20) that renews interest from prospective buyers.
  12. Here's what you might try, it works very well for me with the newest Windows 10 release and updates. Uninstall the older Line 6 driver. Install the latest Version 1.91 which was released as of 9/13/18. Make sure that the Spider Remote software is version 1.03 released as of 6/29/18. Also the Windows Spider Remote application still does not work with the tone cloud as of version 1.03. Be sure to vote for this on the Idea thread:
  13. Stillet, Interesting that you can interact with the Spider Remote but are unable to record. Just a note, unfortunately you cannot record and use the Spider Remote to edit/control your effects at the same time. Be sure to "close" the Spider Remote application or it'll control the USB host interface which will interfere with the recording ability. Also, are the Samsung products still running their "stock" OS? Some third party rooted ROM's may not implement USB correctly where as the stock OS should be working fine for recording with the S7 edge (had that prior to my S9 upgrade).
  14. Works great on my Galaxy S9 and older Galaxy Tab S3 tablet with Oreo using "Audio Evolution Mobile Studio" from eXtream Software Development. It's not the version of Android that is so important as it is that you use an device that supports full USB Host mode. Some vendors didn't implement that mode. In addition, you'll need an OTG adapter, I used the one that came with my Samsung gear.
  15. Try a set of headphones. Do you get anything? Next unplug the headphones and see if the audio comes back. The 1.05 firmware added phones/line changes that take place when the phones are detected. Your amp might be in a state where it thinks the phones are plugged in. You could try: Plug-in jack 1/4 on your v 120. Invoke firmware settings by holding “Home” button Change “Phones Mode” option from Phones to Line. This would result in the amp using the primary speaker for monitor purposes and send only line level out the phones jack. You can then try the steps to reverse it back to phones use. If it's less than a month you might also inquire with the shop on an exchange if you can't get this resolved quickly.
  16. Sounds like you should set this up as a request on and have others vote it up the recommendation priority.
  17. There was an attempt to sell to the Mondelez International corp in 2016, but that was rejected by the Hershey trust which still has 80% of the vote. Hershey did sell off two companies they bought Shanghai Golden Monkey and Tyrrells. But Hershey's the parent company is still Hershey's.
  18. It's working well with the v1.91, have you tried downloading and using the newest release?
  19. Here's the link in case it helps find it for voting:
  20. I have the V 120 and I also am very happy with the amp. Came from the Fender Mustang line. Really like the panel layout. Audio for direct recording is also much clearer.
  21. SeaRefractor

    Cube base

    Have you registered your amp? If so, go to your Line 6 account and select "Purchase History" under Hardware & Software. You should see a line saying "Cubase LE" under items with a "details" link. You'll be provided a download access code to use at MySteinberg. Click on "Create account" if you don't already have one and then provide the download code in the "Register eLicenser / Sofware & Enter Download Access Code" field. You'll then unlock and receive a separate "activation code" from Steinberg to use. If you haven't registered your amp, do that soon.
  22. I've also voted from the link. Hopefully the number of votes trips the decision to add that functionality.
  23. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 with the OTA adapter included from Samsung. Connects just fine with Oreo 8.0 installed from the latest update. I did have to use the correct USB-B cable and ensure the switch was on Android in order for it to work correctly.
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