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  1. I'm suprised this hasn't been advertised well, but you can now download from the following and when checking seems to be the tone cloud. You can then save these to a folder and use the IMPORT feature.
  2. I didn't even know that the Custom tone supported the Spider V yet. I'll give this a try and let you know if I run into any issues myself. This may actually solve the concern of accessing the "tone cloud" from the Spider Remote PC application if these are links to all the same tone cloud presets. UPDATE: I'm able to save the file and then IMPORT or LOAD/SAVE. Also, it is the files from the tone cloud. Not sure if this is the key, but I do have the Version 1.91 Line 6 Driver2 (serial driver) installed along with the Spider Remote. This is current at this time, but please always check to see if there is a newer version.
  3. By pressing the looper button on the front of the amplifier. The Express MKII doesn't control the Spider V 60-240HC looper function.
  4. Good question. I have to work with it longer to really say as I've not flexed it enough to fatigue and break the wires on any of my patch cords. I think if you make sure you at least have a spare in case of breakage during a gig, I don't see it being an issue. As long as that cable is also rated to support PoE (Power over Ethernet) then I would expect them to be able to suppor the controller as well. Too small a gauge could be an issue with power traveling to the controller, not just communications. Just look to make sure the manufacturer doesn't recommend that it not be used for PoE installations.
  5. Unlike smartphones, amps only require updates for issues to be fixed or for new features to be delivered. You'll note that a new firmware was just released for the V 20 but that is different enough that the firmware doesn't apply to the V 30 or higher. As for feature additions, these are possible and is why ideascale is used to inform Line 6 of great ideas, but until they are close to being released Line 6 keeps it close to their chest. Why provide the competitors a description of a feature and possibly have them scoop them on the feature release? Purchasing a product on future "unrealized" capabilities tends to lead to unmet expectations. Coming from a Fender Mustang V2 series amp and the discontinued "Fender Fuse" software that has not been updated for some time and frequent inability to connect to their Fender cloud media library, the software for the Android as well as the PC software from Line 6 are at least from the same year and work with the current OS releases. Granted I still have the Fender amp and use it periodically (I leave it at work for practice during breaks and don't worry about it being "borrowed") The Spider V is used for everything else.
  6. I'm using a Cat6. The difference between Cat6 and Cat5e is the number of twists per inch as well as a new dielectric (+ shaped plastic running the core of the pairs) for better separation, higher frequency and signal clarity. The gauge of the wire may also be different. One disadvantage is Cat6 will be generally stiffer than a Cat5e cable. Other than allowing greater speeds for data networks, I don't see how it would damage the hardware unless it's not made correctly. Performance in terms of the controller will be almost nothing, so I'd go for what is cost effective. I happened to have spool remnant of Cat6 from my home network rewire. Simply put I am sure Line 6 is using the standard "if it isn't our cable, we cannot guarantee it won't damage" due to the possible miss wiring, cross-over and other issues customers using a third-party cable could run into. Since I don't have a warranty on my second hand controller and it didn't come with a cable, it was worth a shot and worked out for me. YMMV...
  7. Just to double-check. What cable is it that you are using? Is it an Ethernet like cable, or a USB? I happen to be using a blue CAT 6 cable I found as my controller also happens to be a used one. USB is only for connecting to a PC for firmware or to act as a controller for a software application. You more than likely have the correct cable. I'm just asking just in case..
  8. There is the workaround, there are bluetooth streaming adapters that can be connected to the headphone jack. Simply a wired/wireless solution with no further integration into the Spider V amp than that.
  9. Sounds like you need to perform the "Calibrate" function from the FAQ: FBV Express Mk. II: 1) Hold D while powering on the FBV. Upon release, the pedal display will read 1. 2) Press and hold the pedal toeswitch until the 7 segment display changes to 2. This should occur instantly. 3) Set the heel to the heel (minimum) position, press the D button. The 7 segment display will change to 3. 4) Set the toe position (maximum) and press the D button. The tuner LEDs above the 7 segment display will light. 5) Move the pedal and verify that the tuner LEDs sequentially turn off as the pedal moves to the minimum position, and refills when moved to the maximum position. 6) Press D to exit I had to do this on mine after a firmware upgrade, but it worked correctly afterwards.
  10. On the previous Spider, yes you could use the Looper with the MKII Express. Spider V requires the use of the FBV 3. Would love to have the looper added with the two peddle press to reuse my existing FBV MKII Express. Now it's waiting for the FBV 3 to go on sale as the extra features don't currently warrant a purchase at retail over the functionality I currently have with the MKII Express.
  11. This is where the PC Spider Remote and the Mobile device Spider Remote need to get closer to parity. With the PC version, I can backup all the presets. I've done this for factory and also for any modified sets. Alas no tone cloud connectivity. Smartphone I have to deal with the backup individually but have tone cloud connectivity. Let's hope this continues to move towards unity of features across both platforms. Mind blown! Line 6, if you hadn't thought of this you should pick it up and carry it to a touchdown! Imagine the ability for customers to widen their sound stage using transmitters and multiple amps! Add some additional code flexibility for one to designate one V 120 as left and the other as right and you'd have a very wide stereo sound stage. Figure out the ability for the wireless to communicate patch changes and the floorboard would only need to be on a single amp. Adam_T, you get the double gold star award!
  12. Added the following idea to Ideascale. If the technology in the Spider V amp allows USB pass-through to the G10T with a possible firmware update and change to the Line 6 updater, that would be great!.
  13. The Relay G10T USB Charging Cable UPC: 98-033-0077 wouldn't provide an update capability, just charging only when away from the amp?
  14. I'd purchased a G10T to work with the Spider V 120 that I own. It works great, but the question I have is how does one update the firmware on the transmitter? The Line 6 Updater only sees the Spider V amp.
  15. Greenscreener, looking forward to your idea request so that I can vote on it.
  16. I record with a Sennheiser e 835 Dynamic Microphone with an XLR to 1/4″ cable with no problems at all. Preamp? It's there, just need to take advantage of it. I created a preset that uses the "Tube Instrument Preamp" from type Clean in Amp selection. Increase drive and volume and get fantastic vocals. You can use the compression and eq as well. Frequently use the Spider 5 V 120 as a PA with this preset when not using it for gigs. When doing this with Cubase, I don't use the compression and eq settings so that I can control it in software. I do use the compression and eq options when using it for vocals. It's really amazing what you can use a FRFR setup to do.
  17. Even Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and other cloud providers have experienced disruptions. I receive an error message on search, so I'm sure that it'll be resolved soon. All the prior presets I'd saved locally are available. When you have access again, if there are some critical ones I recommend you save locally. Never know if you have connectivity during a gig.
  18. Chunil Corporation is also used by Marshall in addition to Line 6. Here's the specs (if the link copies correctly, uses flash at the site) It's actually quite a flat range driver. It's 40W as the tweeter horn is the remainder of the amperage. It's 60W for the V60, but that is the total of the bi-amp configuration. If you replace it, you'd want one that is also fairly flat or the modeling calculations Line 6 developed will be skewed.
  19. Sounds like it. That's a bummer, hopefully getting it returned or exchanged doesn't put you off of Line 6 gear.
  20. Should just work out of the box. That stated, when you attempted a firmware upgrade using the PC, did you have the connection to the SQUARE USB-B connector? A connection to the iOS port won't work with the PC app. The USB-B cable is also commonly used with printers, so you could borrow that if you happen to have a printer connected by a cable. I've always had good luck with Line 6 gear. If you purchased it locally I'd exchange it for a new one.
  21. I don't have an expression pedal to check, but the FAQ talks about a tweak-able parameter being assigned to the external expression pedal. Looking through the Spider Remote application thought, I don't see that this parameter can be assigned. That stated, I have the lower end FBV MKII express, so the app may only allow me to modify based on WAH and VOLUME because that is what is detected as supported by my controller. I'll keep an eye out for a used FBV 3 to try this sometime.
  22. Be sure to up vote, I've looked at the number periodically and don't see this increasing at the rate of the posts lamenting it's missing.
  23. When checking on the JM4 features, I see "With up to 24 minutes of recording time, and storage for up to 100 recorded jams, JM4 Looper lets you capture all your riffs and musical ideas." The Spider V looper is "60-second looper for layering guitar tracks to play along with" No, there is no comparison. The looper function is fun, but it's not JM4 replacement. That said, if you go to a V120 or higher, you can run the direct outs to the JM4 Looper and use it like a DAW.
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