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  1. I would bet that you are also activating the wah when you activate the whammy.
  2. Anyone else get an email with the subject "Edit Helix Tones on a Computer". The last editor I could find was released 5/11/2016. Are they just now sending the email about the update?
  3. +1 PeterHamm I have given away patches to people to help with 4cm stuff but I find it rediculous that people would buy patches rather than create their own. As in life, there are no short cuts. At some point, you're going to have to pay your dues. I've been using Line6 stuff since the begining and I am constantly learning new ways of doing things. Evolve or die.
  4. It's Road Cases USA 32x16. I sometimes wonder if the extra $40 for wheels and suitcase handle would have been worth it. It weighs about 50lbs. That's not a wah pedal, it's the Mission expression pedal that is built specifically for Line 6 stuff. It has a much more real feel for whammy and wah effects. I can't use it for wah, just because of having to switch it on with the other switches but it works great.
  5. Here is what my pedalboard looks like.
  6. I was considereing having the wireless at my amp and running a 30 foot cable to the Helix as part of my 4CM. I'm glad I didn't use that option. I have a G50 wireless, a Digitech Drop and a Mission Engineering Exp pedal on my board with the Helix. The cables going to the amp are longer than they need to be but I don't notice any loss of signal with 30 feet on each of the 3 cables.
  7. willsmythe37 - My only suggestion other that what you have above is to not use the cab sims. You already have a cab and speakers. At least try it first before adding them. Also, You can still use the 4CM. I use 4CM for my main crunch and metal sounds because I have a 5150 III but for Clean sounds I bypass the loop on the Helix and use a Fender Clean preamp in the Helix. One button switches off the loop and on the amp sim. Like I mentioned before, if you like any of the sounds you get from the amp that is what 4CM is for. Also, I keep my amp volume knobs on 4 (11 o'clock) which is very loud and I turn the master volume on the Helix to about 12 o'clock. That gives me plenty of room to go louder if I need to. The only reason for the Master Vol dimed is to reduce extra noise, but with the Helix it's not something I worry about. I set the amp sim level for my clean sounds based on the volume of my amp. That way they are always equaled out when changing from clean to crunch etc. and the Master volume on the Helix is my overall volume. Hope that makes sense.
  8. What you are calling "tone stacking" does not make sense to me as proven by having to use EQ to correct problems. I'm not knocking you for trying but what you are basically doing is like plugging into an ENGL head and taking the FX send our of that head and directly into the input of your Fender combo. Do you like any of the sounds you get out of your Fender combo all by itself? If yes, then use the 4CM when you want to use those sounds. Otherwise go straight into the FX return and use the Helix for the Pre-amp models. Your Combo already has a power amp and speakers. There is no reason to duplicate that sound in the Helix and have to use EQ to correct problems. I am a big proponent of not using EQ unless it's an absolute must and then, using only as sparely as possible. You should be able to correct the problems somewhere else. Most engineers would change speakers, mic placement, etc first and only use EQ when all else has failed or for a very specific application. In the end if what you are doing is not working you may need a different amp or FRFR to power your Helix. Fender combos are normally open back cabinets and for metal tones most people prefer closed back. The speakers are also most likely intended to produce clean tones, not the kinds of tones you are trying to create. Just my two cents. If what you are doing works, more power to you.
  9. Road Cases USA 32x16 case. It was a great deal. I kind of wish I got the luggage casters to make it easier to transport With everything in it the weight is about 50lbs. I added rubber feat on the bottom and took out the carpet. Using 3M Dual Lock to hold down everything. https://www.instagram.com/p/BDyV4mMNzKe/?taken-by=hollis1003
  10. I use a Pedal Python and it works great. I have 30' of cable for the 3 audio cables, a 30' midi cable that switches channels, and a 30' power cable extention cord with another 6' (3 input) that goes to my board. This is a very long run and I'm sure some people are worried about signal loss and noise from the power cable. My experience is that if you use decent cables there will not be desernable signal loss. Also, I am assuming that the outputs on the HELIX are buffered. I have not seen any proof of this, however. Also, as long as the power cable is shielded there is no noise transfered to the audio cables. If you use the cheap extension cords that are flat and feel like two small wires next to each other, you may have issues. I was using the set up before with my POD HD500 and now with the Helix and I am not hearing any extra noise or signal loss. The great thing about the Helix is that you can actually add 6dB of signal in your send if you think you are getting signal loss. Also, the Helix itself is much quiter than the POD was. My amp is a 5150 III 50watt and with the amount of gain I have I need to use a noise gate. I'm finding with the Helix I don't have to use as harsh of a setting on the gate. Anyway, hope this is helpful. https://www.instagram.com/p/BDQh3kqtzI3/?taken-by=hollis1003
  11. Just got my Helix last night and it does do Drop and more. There is a new Pitch shift called Simple Pitch that was not in the original firmware. It works great for drop tuning, or even fixing to tuning with something that is just a few cents off. I will be using it live. Awesome!!!!
  12. I mean the last 12% of heal down is uncomfortable. I put dual lock (which is like velcro) over a half inch thick under the heal to make it more comfortable. For certain FX, like Tom Morello fast Whammy bends it's too far to travel. You have to be really fast. Shortening the length of the sweep by calibrating the heal to start at 12-15% would make it much easier. Also, it would feel more like a real wah pedal. From the research I have done, it looks like I need a Mission expression pedal.
  13. Hello. I have not seen this here yet so pardon if this is a repeat. The search did not find anything. How do you calibrate the Expression Pedal on the Helix. I don't see it in the manual. The sweep is way to far in the heal and I am putting dual lock under the heal so that it doesn't go all the way down. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
  14. So what is the brand of case you are using and what are the dimensions? Also, does it have rubber or PVC feet under so that it does not slip? Thanks!
  15. I am looking for a case much like the one by RoadCases or Thon (they are in Germany and it doesn't look like they ship to USA). I want the Helix to be able to stay in the bottom part of the case so that it is protected from drunk people and my singer (who dropped an entire drink in a glass container right next to my POD HD 500 at our last show). The only other thing I would like is to have room for my Relay G50 wireless receiver either at the top or side. Any ideas? Here's what I have found, most options seem to be just a few inches short one way or the other. http://www.amazon.com/Rockcase-Warwick-Aluminum-Large-Pedalboard/dp/B000960KU0/ref=sr_1_14?ie=UTF8&qid=1457455362&sr=8-14&keywords=pedalboard+cases
  16. Thanks again everyone. I love the guitars I have and I don't need or want a Variax. The Whammy DT works very well but takes up a lot of space on the floor. I'm looking to only have the Helix on the floor, nothing else. I plan on having my wireless on top of the amp and have a 30' cable run to the Helix just so it looks cleaner and I don't need a separate pedalboard. Luckily I have 3 good guitars so I will be able to compensate. We only have about 5-6 songs that are in drop C or standard D but they don't sound good up at Drop Db/Eb standard. I play everything else in Eb and use a D-Tuna. I have used the POD HD 500 to tune for songs that are a little off, like some Black Sabbath and AC/DC stuff for practicing but I would never use that live. Way too glitchy. So although the Helix is not a solution it's not a breaking point for me. Being able to copy blocks will make life much easier. I plan on having 20 preset or more for live setting using the 4CM and then copying those presets and adding amp modelling for practicing with headphones at home. Not having to individually set up amplifiers for 20+ presets will make things much faster.
  17. Well, It means I will need to buy a Drop pedal or just bring a 3rd guitar that is specially set up and tuned for Drop C. Ugh. Don't want to have to do either of those.
  18. Thank you for the responses. It really helps. I've been using the Whammy DT for tuning down for certain songs and it has been pretty flawless. Although it's not the same as having global amp settings, being able to copy and past blocks is pretty awesome. Hopefully my pedals will sell fast. I'm about halfway there.
  19. Hello, and thank you in advance for any information you can provide. I am selling all of my pedals for the purchase of a Helix but there are two questions that I cannot find the answer to on forums or in the user manual. 1. Does the Helix do the drop tuning thing? I want to be able to drop my guitar down at least a 1/2 step like the Digitech Drop pedal can do. I saw the video of Glen DuLaune where he had a button he hit for "Eb" tuning. Looking in the manual the Helix can do harmony stuff, but it is really intended for drop tuning and does it track as good as the Digitech pedal? 2. Does the Helix save global presets for FX and amps? For example, if I set the phaser a specific way I like it, can I set it globally so that whenever I pick that phaser on another patch it comes up exactly how I like it? Pete Thorn mentioned something about this in his demo of the Helix but I did not see how to do it in the Manual. I would also like it to do this for the amp settings. These too things are kind of important. I will probably get the Helix no matter what, but for the price the FX8 is looking pretty good.
  20. Try placing the FX loop right after the mixer and boost both sides of the mixer up to +6dB. This compensates for a loss of volume that is created by the FX loop. Not sure why it happens, but it sucks. Luckily the solution is pretty easy.
  21. Using this currently but I change it around all the time. 4CM with an EVH 5150 III 50 watt into a matching cab with 65 watt cream backs. All pedals are in front of the POD.
  22. It works. Here is a clip of my band doing some Van Halen. I am using a Line 6 G50 wireless, Digitech Whammy DT and the POD HD 500 in 4CM. I use the method described above with the mixer before the FX loop and each side turned up 6dB. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grkFGZFf4k8 I use the amp for the guitar tone and the POD is sending midi to the amp to switch channels. No one can tell the difference and I think it sounds pretty good.
  23. I agree with Tboneous. The sweep/feel of the Exp pedal on the POD is to large. I like the feel of a real wah much better. And, the custom Chrome sounds the best on the POD, most like the Jerry Cantrell wah, which is the setting I use on my 535Q.
  24. Go to Custom tone and look for my uploads. My username is the same "hollis1003". The tone name is: PODHD 4CM Dirt VH style http://line6.com/customtone/tone/239880/
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