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  1. Try one of my patches and let me now if it helps: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/239880/
  2. Output mode should not matter in 4CM cause you are not using any cab simulation. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496052/ try that as a patch. should work for you.
  3. If you are using a pre-amp in the POD and bypassing the one in the amp then the volume on the 6505 won't matter. That volume knob is before the FX loop. You have to think of the 6505 as being maxed out. The power amp is always on 10. A couple hints: Keep the Master Volume knob on the POD (the one by the EXP pedal) all the way up and all the switches in the down position. Set the volume on the amp within the patch all the way up. Keep the mixer at the end of your signal chain and use it to control the overall volume. There are multiple issues with your approach (using preamps in the POD and in the 6505). What you are doing is possible but there are just many many hurddles to overcome. One big issue, and the main reason I would not suggest using your technique, is that once you have the volume set for the clean amp in the POD you are stuck at that level. The only way to change it is to go into the settings on the patch you created. As opposed to just being able to change the level on the amp. Hopefully this helps. Reach out to me if you think I can help in any way. I have several videos on YouTube with Patches I have loaded to Custom Tone.
  4. Try these patches I use: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496052/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496053/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496054/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496055/ Reach out to me if you have any questions. One thing to rmember is that the Post Volume on the amp is before the FX send.... not after the FX return on the amp. You may be doing something in the POD that is keeping the volume low and now know it. Are you using amp sims in the POD? If it helps, here is a video I did with the presets above. Good luck.
  5. Hurghanico, Thank you for pointing this out. Maybe I should have clarified because when I have used dual inputs I've had a major problem with this. If I have guitar/same as the inputs and I'm using a noise gate, I usually lose the amp in path B in a dual amp set up. Maybe I need to do my homework, but that's what I remember.
  6. The noise gate is a mono effect so it only sends a signal to path A. You would need 2 gates and have to put them after the split right in front of each amp or right after each amp. The way to do it above means that the path is being un-stereo'd after the amps. You created a stereo path but the gate combines those signals into a mono signal. That's Ok, if that's what you want. The POD HD series has a huge issue with the complexity of the routing scheme. Good luck.
  7. There is too much going to get a full understanding of what you are doing. It seems like when you are on FS5 and FS6 you don't have the FX loop engaged. Do you have those switches set up not as ABCD? I have the exact same set up you do and I have no problems at all. Please watch a few of my videos and it should get you straightened out. Here are a few patches also: http://line6.com/cus...ne/tone/494457/ http://line6.com/cus...ne/tone/494456/ http://line6.com/cus...ne/tone/496052/ http://line6.com/cus...ne/tone/496053/ http://line6.com/cus...ne/tone/496054/ http://line6.com/cus...ne/tone/496055/ PM me if you need any help.
  8. Here are a couple of videos I did explaining the 4 cable method and the patches I made. The video about the clean patches is different because of the "volume jump" complaint that people have about the 5150 III 50 watt because the amp shares channel 1 & 2. The patches for the Blue and Red channels should work with any normal amp. http://line6.com/customtone/tone/494457/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/494456/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496052/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496053/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496054/ http://line6.com/customtone/tone/496055/ Videos are here:
  9. I just sent you an email with some presets to get you started and a link to a youtube video I did about the 4CM. Hope it helps. Good luck.
  10. Here are a couple of videos of mine you might want to watch. Enjoy the amp. It's very awesome.
  11. If you private message me I can send you some patches that you can use to get started. You can also watch my videos on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt81sBhWi3QdFVNGRykjVOA
  12. Starting as suggested above (treating it like a squelch) it all depends on how much gain you are using and what style of music you play. I like a very quick reaction so I keep Decay at 0 and the threshold at 30 is just enough to keep the hiss out when I'm not playing but allows me to turn down the volume on my guitar for a cleaner sound without cutting out notes.
  13. On the Vox amps the Master volume is automatically set at 100%. If you are dead set on using the Vox for a clean sound turn that Master volume to somewhere below 50%. That's the Master volume in the Amp:Edit area, not the Volume of the amp or the Master of the POD.
  14. I think it's absolutely ridiculous that we have to do this just to get a 4CM that doesn't suck tone or volume in some way or another. I still use my POD HD 500 for practicing but I gave up on using it with my amp. Even the convenience of the Midi channel switching wasn't enough. I use a pedal board that limits my effects use but I'm much happier with the sound and not having to trouble shoot everytime something goes wrong. There are several switches on the POD that if even one is turned to the wrong way it will seriously screw up your tone. I've said it before and I will again. When Line 6 tried to make the POD HD series work for everyone they made it too complicated. They also didn't prepare for the ways some people would want to use the product. That's OK normally, it's not for everyone, but they promote the product like it works great for everyone and in some ways that it "should" work, like as a stomp box modeler before your amp or the 4CM it falls very short.
  15. I bought it used so I tried it out at the guy's studio which was great. I brought my guitar and met a really cool guy in the process. The last few times I've been to Sam Ash in Clearwater (McMullen Booth) they have had an EVH 5150 and a 2x12 to match. I would call them first. If I was closer I would meet you somewhere and let you try out mine. My time is very limited right now with newborn twins and a 6 year old, all boys. Plus my wife needs some attention every once in a while too. LOL.
  16. I can't imagine what the problem is. It's either something really simple or your POD is not working. Without seeing the screen and how you have things set up diagnosis is almost impossible.
  17. It could be many different problems. Are you using footswitches to turn the fx on and off? Are you using edit? Can you post the patches? Have you tried downloading patches?
  18. I wouldn't blame the POD for this, I would blame the iPod. I use a laptop and run the headphone out into the POD and it's plenty loud. The iPod maxes out for your "safety" too. The one other thing I would mention is that it could be the headphones you are using out of the POD. I never have to turn my volume out of the POD above 6 to hear everything perfectly. I use AKG K240 studio headphones and they sound great to me.
  19. For my distorted patched I try to leave everything whatever the default is. I have found that the way I have this set up is "zero sum" so to speak. I don't have attenuate the signal going into the input of the amp and I don't have to mess with the signal in the fx loop of the amp and it sounds the same as if I was plugged straight into the amp and the FX loop is off. At least to my ears. Because my pickups are a little hot, with Channel 1 and 2 being shared on the 5150 I have the gain on 6. This makes the clean channel distort a little. So for a more clean sound I use a different method that lowers the input volume but also increases the fx volume at the mixer by 3.5 db
  20. It's all about how you set up the POD. First, input 1 guitar, input 2 Variax. Dual amp path with both amps off. FX loop located before the amp in path A. Path A set for 0% panning and 0db and Path B set for mute. The switches are set with the FX loop on Line and the 1/4" output on Line. i like this set up because there is no loss of signal and I don't have to attenuate or boost the signal anywhere. For the clean channel I have it set up differently because I want a less hot signal going to the input of my amp and I boost the signal going into the FX loop of my amp at the mixer in the POD. The amp is off and I just put the FX loop before the amp.
  21. Yes, it is that easy. Glad you got it working. Using the POD for my channel switching is a huge reason I am using. It sounds great, don't get me wrong but it takes up a lot of real estate on the floor. I am using regular pedals too.
  22. Unfortunately your manual is inadequate. It does not fully explain how to achieve midi control. Your POD is always sending out a midi signal. For example... patch 1A might be 001, patch 1D might be 004. With my amp, the 5150 III, you put it into a "learn mode" and you hit the footswitch to send the head the signal, then you tell/teach the amp what channel you want it to change to. I put a video up on youtube of exactly how to do it. I don't know if it will help you, but it might help you understand: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFSm6O9htJQ&feature=c4-overview&list=UUt81sBhWi3QdFVNGRykjVOA I'm usually very good with this sort of stuff but your manual is no very descriptive. I would suggest contacting Deizel or using a forum specific to them. Rig-Talk.com has a forum just for Deizel. It's not your POD's fault. EDIT - I just double checked the manual. Look on page 16. Looks very easy. Just hook up the midi out on your POD to the midi in on your amp. Then hit the preset on your POD, change the channel on the D-Moll, then hit save twice. Now every time you use that preset (2B for example) the D-Moll will switch to that channel. You cannot save 2B to 3C and expect when you hit 3C you will get the same the channel. You will have to program that separately. Hope this helps.
  23. Another trick is to save several different versions in 3-4 presets so you can just change presets to compare instead of changing on the fly. A - pre amp - cab sim - mic B- pre-amp no cab sim C - full amp cab sim D - full amp no cab sim I would actually write down the EQ settings on the amp and then transfer those over from pre-amp to full amp, then tweak from there.
  24. Yes, I am the George Hollis on YouTube. Thank you. Starting recommendations: Guitar POD (no FX loop) - Start with Pre Models and cabs with no mic 1/4" out (do not use loop) Output mode: should be Combo Pwr Amp (if you have an open back combo) or Stack Pwr Amp (closed back combo or cabinet) Just because you are going back into the fx loop of your combo does not mean you should use the fx loop in the POD. By going into the fx loop on the amp you are bypassing the pre-amp on the combo. The combo still colors your tone. The power amp, speaker and cabinet all color the tone. That's why I say start with bypassing those parts in the POD and letting the output mode re-color or re-EQ those. A 1x12 combo alone will never sound like a 4x12 cab, it physically cannot on it's own. If you use a 4x12 cab in the POD you will be simulating that but you need the output mode to re-EQ for a combo style speaker and cab. The most important thing is to try different things and listen for what sounds good to you. Little trick........... Put the looper in the front of your chain in the POD. Record yourself playing your favorite riff. Then you can just re-play that loop while you are messing with the sounds.
  25. If you are not using the pre amp in the amp then there is no reason to use the 4CM. Here is where I would START. You are right on using the fx amp return. Use the Pre-amp versions, your amp is providing the power amp and the tone shaping that provides. Use the cab sims but use the combo amp output. Also, try using no microphone. If you are using more clean type sounds that sound good through your amp normally, then you may want to use no cab sims. If the cab sims and microphone are not being used then the output on the POD doesn't really do much. You said you have the FX loop in the POD but it must not be engaged. That is only needed for 4CM so just remove it because it's using up DSP for no reason. Use one sound that was good through headphones, then start playing with all the other stuff running through your amp until you get it to sound right.
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