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  1. I had same issue. There is a twistable, silver casing surrounding the switch. Tighten this and all others. Hope this helps! :ph34r:
  2. http://www.audioasylum.com/reviews/Tubes/Groove-Tubes/12AX7-M/tubes/172557.html Found this too. Still stunned by the quietness of this amp now (until I hit the strings LOL). Mullard tubes seem to be the name everyone likes though. I am impressed and just got a major education on pre amp tubes. My DT50 212 sounds like a symphony ... of destruction ... LOL.
  3. DT50 212 --- amp went out on me after about 2 months, a quick gurgle as tubes burned out ... then nothing. Thusly, I looked at the tubes ... the EL's were glowing bright, 12AX7's were out. Went to Guitar Ctr and after being assured they'd work, I got the Groove Tube russian brand. I would avoid chinese brands also. Russian just seems better sounding to me. Easy to replace and took about 1 minute of careful pressure to install. Unplug too ... duh?! LOL. I immediately noticed that the factory 'hiss' was nearly gone (like 90%), and the sound was more colorful. I looked online and noticed the EH stock brand was much cheaper than the GT brand. As well, each topology was more defined. 3 and 4 are now my fav's. Wonder how the sound will be if I replace the EL's with a high quality brand? Bribrew
  4. I have a handheld dB meter at home. Ya it was $60 but does the job. I sit away from amp, turn it up to a volume representing band rehearsal, then adjust volume to nearly the same levels. Also, set the foot-pedal to adjust the amp volume on HD500. IT can create an instant adjustment ... on the fly so to speak. The big mistake here is that sometime a little extra 'umph' is needed when playing leads ... use compression and or distortion levels to get yourself cut through the mix.
  5. I never owned a Vetta either, but the DT50 212 is ungodly loud. The tube effect on my strat and LP is unmatched. Also, I have HD500 ... its the real deal. The learning curve is high as Zap said, but I find the tweaking fun. Go to a local Guitar Center and give it a good, 3 hour look. Also, spend time in the forums researching. All reviews are good, but look on youtube for hands on reviews where peeps are actually using it. I did all this and eventually made the jump ... haven't looked back since ...
  6. Yes even a better answer. In a live situation ... heavy duty cables.
  7. Zap is correct. As I understand there is more code in 1 HDxxx amp than there is in those model packs all put together.
  8. I use an extension cable, as it likely cheaper method.
  9. I had same issue. For me it wasn't Line 6, I had failed to update drivers for UNO midi interface. Once I went to their website, obtained Win7 drivers, it was a snap. Be sure all drivers are loaded for all devices being used. Reboot all, then try again.
  10. http://www.uberproaudio.com/who-plays-what/105-joe-satriani-guitar-gear-rig-and-equipment There is much in the list from link above that is part of the HD500. Id say go with the Marshall 6100 head (JCM 800??) and boss effects listed. Hope this helps ...
  11. maybe turn off cabs and use just the head or pre-amps. Experiment around ... there are no rules ... let us know how it works out. There is a LINE and AMP switch you can mess with too. Its near the PAD/NORMAL switch.
  12. I had horrible humming from my DT50 212. Turned out to be the power strip. Changed to another wall outlet and it was fixed. In standby I never had the issue. Hopefully they can fix your amp ... these are sweet amps .... best of luck!
  13. http://line6.com/support/topic/202-cd-input-work-with-hd500-and-dt50-212/ Similar question answered a few posts down ... Essentially, it would not sound very good due to rerouting of internal circuitry and valves with each patch. Sound would constantly change.
  14. Wow ... L6 is the most friendly company for musical stuff I've ever used. GTFO really? Chalk one up for no credibility on that post.
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