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  1. You do realize that I (OP) posted my question nearly 3 years ago? But thanks anyway.
  2. Have you tried the "auto-volume echo", new with firmware 2.5 and listed under "legacy" in the echo effects? That gives a nice bowing sound, if not exactly violin-like.
  3. I just think it's sad that no one here seems to be able to reproduce Yogi's tone. Sure, you can quote him but...
  4. That would be famous American baseball legend Yogi Berra.
  5. With respect, I disagree. I loved the auto-volume echo on the DL4 and the M-series. I've been waiting for a year and a half for it to appear on the Helix. And I'm real happy with the results. It works exactly as I want it to. I haven't even messed with the settings. I haven't even really explored the rest of 2.5 - I'm transfixed by the auto-volume echo.
  6. Not only was Bernie Williams (guessing at your age) a better centerfielder than any of us... He's probably a better guitarist than many of us!
  7. EVERY band has its Yoko. If you look around the room, and can't spot the's YOU!
  8. Hmmm...I'm guessing you've never been on a debate team: Them: The Earth revolves around the sun. You: No it doesn't. Checkmate. <wink>
  9. Why? What's wrong with the Helix's tuner? JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING!
  10. Thanks for the reply. I've tried those magnetic connectors - they're flaky. Some work, some don't at all. But we shouldn't have to resort to "solutions". If you look inside the receiver (G10), you'll see that the connection was designed and installed by a chimpanzee with very small hands.
  11. I'm on my third G10. It's a great unit EXCEPT if your bass player has a drunken girlfriend. Mine does. The connection between the receiver and the USB/power connector is terrible. All it takes is one bass player's drunken girlfriend to step on it and it's toast. So now I have tons of tape and foam around the connection and I scream at her (and others) anytime they get within a 5 foot radius of the unit. If Line 6 would redesign the receiver with a professionally-executed connection, the G10 would be perfect.
  12. That's Jerry Garcia playing pedal steel on "Teach Your Children". Sublime. It would be easier to achieve a pedal steel sound on the Helix if the "volume swell" worked as well as it does on, for example, the Line 6 DL-4. But it doesn't. Not for me, anyway.
  13. It mentioned "Hitler" to itself?
  14. Great news! I've exactly replicated that tone using my Helix and a guitar!!! Thing is, I don't trust you not to steal it. Accordingly, please send me your mailing address (no P.O. Box). I will mail you a NON-DISCLOSURE agreement. Please sign it, have your signature notarized and mail it back to me. Upon receipt, I will send you the audio file. You will be amazed and will finally be able to put your quest to rest. Thanks, but I don't want your car or your house.
  15. Like any computer, part of the excitement of the Helix is its expandability, its future possibilities and capabilities. It's not like buying an echo pedal or something that will be the same in 2 years as it is today. Wanting firmware upgrades is the opposite of being bored - I love what my Helix does today and I'm eager to see what else these people can come up with.
  16. Not to be rude, oh no, oh no, but you said that in the previous thread. Please don't drop out - I enjoy your snark. In the absence of a firmware upgrade, I find this to be the most fun thread on this board. It's fascinating to me how some people (the Doofus OP, in this case) have no pride and no shame and are willing to make total lollipops of themselves in public. Then we have his defenders, like "45-year old", who earnestly attempt to address OP's non-existent point. Then we have anarchists like me who just enjoy textbook examples of fallacious logic and poor behavior. Please don't stop. I don't want to read another thread about the tuner.
  17. Hey Doofus Police Guy: Let's hear you replicate THIS: I can do it note-for-note on my Helix. I could teach it to you, maybe.
  18. Yikes. The OP has a perfectly valid complaint - L6 made a commitment; they didn't follow through. It's simple. You just don't DO that in business. It doesn't matter whether he needed the Helix for a gig or because it completes the room. No way I could live without my Helix for 6 days - how about you? Maybe he should own a second Helix, just in case. But that's wholly irrelevant. L6 made a promise; they broke it. To add insult to (albeit mild) injury, the mob here - ordinarily an exceedingly pleasant bunch - jumped down his throat. If I were Joe Yamaha, that customer service guy at L6 would be having a very bad day.
  19. Buttload? Ewwww. Surely, you meant "boatload"?
  20. It's not more confrontational and abrasive. Just more granular.
  21. I think it's a great idea to make those buttons programmable. At one time I might've said "I won't buy a Helix until it has auto-volume". But I'm not nearly mature enough to hold out for just 1 or 2 or 10 missing features.
  22. This didn't work for me at all, alas. Different pickups, different output, different touch on the strings, who knows? At any rate, we're inquiring about the AUTO-SWELL.
  23. Phil... Would you please post some settings for the auto swell that you've had success with? I understand that different guitars, picking techniques and all will make a big difference. But there are so many variables that even a patient person - which I'm decidedly not - will have trouble dialing it in. Thanks!
  24. Do you have all your streaming software turned off? Itunes, youtube, daw, etc? Andreluis: you're right about hubs for firmware updates. I use one for all other Helix interactions though.
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