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  1. Sold...thank you to everybody that looked!
  2. If anybody is looking at purchasing a FH1500 and FBV-3, I'm selling mine. I love it, but I've traded in the rock n roll lifestyle. I'm too old, and it's too loud, not to mention, it weighs a ton. LOL I'm in Houston, so I would prefer a local sale if possible. Everything works perfect, and it is in damn near mint condition. It's only seen 5 gigs, and it's been sitting in my home studio ever since. Just way overkill for me. Matt
  3. You have two options. First you can go into the master volume output section of the app, and turn down the global guitar output. That is was controls the level going out of the XLRs. In doing so, it will also lower the overall level of the guitar coming out of the amp. You can you use the master volume to make up for this loss. The other option, is to make sure that the individual patch volume of each patch is not set to 100%. As a good rule of thumb, I generally set all of my patch levels to about 65% (+ or - 5%). This allows me some headroom, so that I can level the different patches against each other. Again, if you need more volume; bump up the master on the amp to make up for the volume loss from turning down the guitar master output, and lowering the patch levels. Hope this helps. Matt
  4. I too would love to have this feature. But I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work as intended when it comes to the wet/dry/wet configuration of the amp.
  5. Best I can tell, it just gives you the fancy LED indicators (which are useless for outdoor gigs during the day). I could be wrong though. My other guitar player has the FBv shorty MKii, that he's using for his HD100 rig. I might try to plug his in to the FH1500 so that I can do a comparison.
  6. I experience this too...pretty much one of the only flaws that I have experienced. That and it's a tad slow to switch patches. Other than those to niggles, I love this damn thing!
  7. I haven't experienced this behavior. Have you updated to the latest firmware?
  8. I haven't experienced this issue. I do notice a slight delay however when I switch patches. I've learned to compensate for it by adjusting my timing when swapping patches, but there's still a split second where the sound audibly drops. I'm lucky enough that I'm in a pro level situation that includes a second guitar player, so the drop out is not really noticeable when we are both playing at the same time. However, if I was the only guitar player in the band, it would be an issue. I really hope that Line 6, looks into the patch switching latency issue. Again it's very minor (maybe 0.2 of a second) but it's enough to drive me mad when I'm practicing in the studio, without another guitar there to fill up the gap. One thing that I've been experimenting with, is putting a 90 milisecond slapback ducking delay, on the mixing board, and assigning it to my guitar channel. It really helps to mask the dropout to the audience, but of course it's still audible coming out of my amp. But with this work around, I at least feel better that the audience isn't experiencing the drop out, so it's just a mental battle that I have to overcome. LOL
  9. Lower the guitar output, in the levels section of the app. This will lower the level coming out of the XLR. It will also lower the level of the guitar coming out of the amp, in which case you would need to raise the overall master level of the amp to compensate.
  10. Excellent! I'm going to update it tonight. If I'm not mistaken I believe it's on version 1.0. I'll figure it out tonight and report back to you guys.
  11. Are sure you don't have that reversed? I thought the new firmware sent the monitor inputs back to FOH, and thus would create a loop issue if one was using the monitor ins for a vocal aux feed from the board. Because of this, I did not update my firmware and left it stock. In doing so, I was able to send the xlr outs to FOH, and I was able to use the monitor input (i only used the left one, thus mono) to hear my vocals from the aux feed. It worked like a champ, with no loop feedback issues.
  12. Solid state has improved tremendously! The new modeling technology has grown exponentially in the last 5 years or so. My guitar player was running his SVmkiiHD100 rig this weekend next to my FH1500 rig. He had the biggest grin on his face for 2 days strait. The tones I'm getting out of it are just unreal; or in this case insanely "real." What really had him envious though, was the fact that I was running my aux send back to the FH1500 and not only using it for my guitar amp, but for my vocal monitor as well. One piece of gear and a foot controller connected via cat 5. Small simple and loud as hell. He had his HD100 head, Marshall 4x12 cab, FBVshortboard, and about 6 other pedals tied to to huge pedal board, plus his vocal monitor, and took up half the stage. I had it all in once nice convenient package with a small foot print, and had the same volume, feel and tone that he did. It's just extremely well thought out tech. If you have the time here is a 45 minute in depth video that was posted on youtube last week, that really gives you an idea of what all this amp is capable of.
  13. I would start with the FH1500...The tone and models are excellent! Give it a shot and dial in some tones and see what you think. If you find yourself still wanting more flexibility down the road, or if you can't get the tone you're looking for, you can always add a Helix and use the FH1500 as your FR amp solution. If you do it this way, you may save yourself $1500 by not buying the Helix. However, if you do end up adding a Helix to the mix, you're not really out any $, because you needed the FR monitor anyway, and now you have a built in backup unit in the FH1500 for your live shows, in the event that your Helix decides to take an unexpected dump on you at a gig.
  14. Having owned both; I like the Firehawk more. My guitar player has the SV mkii HD100 head, and he had his first experience with my FH1500 this weekend at our gig. He was absolutely blown away, and is now considering getting one for himself.
  15. Figured it out. Same procedure as the Firehawk FX. Just hold down the preset switch you wish to assign it to on the FBV3 until it starts blinking. Then remove your foot from the button, and then press again until the blinking stops. Much easier than using the menu in the app.
  16. I found it last night. Looks like it's at the end of the FX routing chain. I assume that if i change it in any preset, that it carries over to all the others just like the Variax settings?
  17. Is there a global EQ setting anywhere? I'm looking for the ability to adjust the overall EQ of the entire amp to make up for differences in the different venues that I play. For instance the venue I'm playing tomorrow has a very lively and bright room, so I'm going to need to turn down the treble on every patch. That's pretty cumbersome. Is there a way to do this globally, either on the amp itself or from the app? Thanks, Matt
  18. I've just about got my presets dialed in the way I like them. Just need to do a bit more tweaking with overall EQ and volume matching. I did get a chance to run an Aux feed out from my StudioLive 16.4.2ai into the monitor inputs on the Firehawk 1500. I will say that it sounds extremely good! I did have to fiddle around with the levels quite a bit to get a nice blend, but now they are close enough that I can control the blend from my aux send on the board. This is such a great tool! I have eliminated the need for another stage wedge now. Anything that speeds up my setup and teardown time is a winner in my book! I have two gigs this weekend, so I'm gonna give this thing a real run for it's money. LOL
  19. So have a few presets that are very close to being dialed in the way I want them. The only thing left to tweak is overall volume and eq per patch to get the levels matched. I would like to do this from the knobs on the amp and not the app. If I make changes to a preset, how do I go about saving it, if I don't have access to the app? Can this be done utilizing the FBV3 Footswitch? Can it be done with the user interface on the amp itself?
  20. So the amp and the board both showed up a couple of hours ago. Got it all plugged up along with my JTV59. Couldn't really dive too far in to it. I was able to hook up the ipad, stream some tunes, grab an Alice in Chains patch, and play at the lowest possible volume available (I had it shipped to my office, don't wanna tick off my boss by playing loud LOL)...and my initial impressions; I'm blown away!!!! I can't wait to get this thing home and really dial in a few sounds. I'm also going to experiment with running my vocals from an Aux on my StudioLive 16.4.2ai back to the Firehawk. I'm really hoping they come out clean so I can ditch my vocal monitor and run everything through the Hawk. I'll post up another update tomorrow!
  21. Mine should be here tomorrow along with the amp. I hope this thing is easy to dial in, I have gigs Friday and Saturday night. LOL I'll post back next with my impressions.
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