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  1. Ain't capitalism wunnerful? Not only is it picking your pocket , it is killing the planet. Relax, the Corporate coup d'tat is nearly complete.
  2. You say "potato " and I say "potato " . . . . cab or FRFR . . . . shut up and pass the salt and the ketchup ( or is it catsup?) . . . :P
  3. Which is why if I had the cash I'd buy an AX FX II . . . . great patch btw. Mel Gibson at the end was a nice touch. . . :P
  4. Don't know the riff but that is a really cool shirt . . . :P
  5. Don't feel too bad. Baseball great Henry Aaron worked in a sheet metal factory during the off season for while before he got paid better. He turned out OK. Now, get back to work before Yamaha puts the lash to you! :)
  6. What? . . .no pictures of Fred Flintstone recording on granite discs?
  7. I would love to see Line 6 do a model of Brian May's Deacy amp. And maybe take a look at ( from the LA punk band X) Billy Zoom's rig while they are at it.
  8. I watched Pete's demo of the Helix . . the problem I have with Pete's demos is that he makes everything sound great :) . I could spend the whole day watching Thorn, EHX's Bill Ruppert, and Line 6's Sean Halley as long as the pizza guy delivers. I was very impressed that Pete used the Helix in a bunch of different configs with no loss of quality. Thanks for posting the vid.
  9. So . . here's whats going on . .I'm using my POD with a Boss GP 10 ( for the guitar emulations with my Roland ready Strat ). I'm putting the GP 10 into the guitar In on the POD with the output of the GP 10 at halfway. I have the POD xlr out to a pair of Yamaha DBR 10's and a Behringer Eurorack 12" sub. I use the GP 10 strictly for guitar modeling with no effects or amp models from the unit. Everything was fine, then a few days ago I turn everything on and the POD has lost at least half of its volume and it hasn't come back. The GP 10 is fine, I tried using the AUX input and the FX return on the POD to see in the Guitar input was bad: no difference in volume. I am at a total loss as to what is going on with my unit and would appreciate any help/suggestions/insight from anyone who has had a similar problem. Thanks in advance.
  10. Iceberg ahead Captain!! I have been eyeballing the Helix since its announcement and avalanche of PR. I am glad I have waited so far. I do love the interface as it is total brilliance instead of having to deep dive menus on a computer but I am concerned about all the bugs and problems with a new release . I do hope you get some help with your problem. I'm still hanging on to my POD HD 500x for now.
  11. Welcome to the Land of Planned Obsolescence . . . now go buy more stuff!!! It's the Next Shiney Object fluttering across the screen. Maybe P T Barnum was right all those years ago.
  12. Congrats guys . . hope you have a great time . . please work out the bugs and let me know how it goes . . . I'll be watching youtube for your posts.
  13. Brian May's Deacy amp would be cool, too.
  14. Budda Zen drive and an Ampeg Jet would be fun. I still love the Zen drive from the old Vetta days, was one of my faves when I had a Vetta.
  15. sounds great . . that opening riff sounded juuuuuust a bit King Crimson/Belew/Frippish . . .which is sweet.
  16. Amen . . he isn't an employee of anyone ( that I know of) and he doesn't pull his punches if he thinks a piece of gear is junk. Yes, he's cranky, cantankerous and his reviews are rather long but for the most part they are worth the ride. I don't always agree with him but he does respond to questions quickly without the hyperbole of a salesman trying to make his commission . No, he's not some shredder infatuated with his speed which is fine by me as all that distortion hides a lot of defects. I'm not knocking the other guys who do demos but they never really seem to be blunt about gear if they don't like it, as if they are afraid the manufacturer won't send them anymore. Happy summer . . .
  17. Send a Helix to Tony Mackenzie, not just to guys who are flogging the product to fill their own pockets ala Chappers and the Captain .
  18. Pop the popcorn, order a pizza . . this is gonna be a little while longer. Probably end of July/August at the earliest. Yes, Helix looks great, a bit like the Axe FX Edit, the extra effects loops, expression pedal options, on the fly editing , dual dsp chips ( hopefully strong ones that won't collapse after a few firmware upgrades). Helix could be the answer to what I've been hoping from Line 6 for a long time now: The Vetta III ( minus the speaker cab). I think the only thing that would keep me from buying this would be if Roland does a new version of the VG 99. But then, they would be killer combined together :)
  19. I know about the Standard, I don't think that is what the guy who I quoted was talking about. The JTV prices have been dropping lately so that is usually a sign that something new is in the pipeline and they want to run out the inventory. I can wait. My Dream Rig is really a Parker Adrian Belew DF model into a Roland VG99 ( its amazing that these still sell pretty high on EBay still considering how old they are. Belew still uses one as does Vernon Reid) into a Fractal . .but like I said, its a dream.
  20. It does hint at a new Variax . .which is why I will be canceling my order at Sweetwater for a JTV 69 tomorrow. I have a sneaking suspicion that something is up. The guys at Sweetwater said the Helix dropped on them with no warning from Line 6. Mitch made a demo with the Helix and the sales guy I spoke with said it left the building afterwards.
  21. I go away for a week from my PC and come back and all hell has broken loose! Line 6 is swinging for the fences, so to speak. And about time, too. After seeing the Helix intro video on Line 6 home page and the Sweetwater demo vid I was impressed. A power switch, multiple effects loops, multiple expression pedals, a much bigger edit screen, DUAL DSP CHIPS fer chrissakes!! I looked at my Pod HD 500x and said " nice knowing you". Now that I've taken a breath or two my skeptical mind kicks in . . . hmm . . will the dsp chips go cripple after the first couple of software upgrades ala the Pod HD 500 and drive me nuts? Will the roll out be plagued by a cascade of snafus? Will the joystick ( a great idea btw) snap off after a couple of pushes? The mind boggles at the possibilities. My hope is that none of this will come to pass. I've always been impressed with Line 6's ideas, loved my old Vetta II, hated the Pod HD 500 sans X, and like the 500x much better. I somehow got the feeling that the tech folks were insane geniuses and then sent their ideas to the budget bean counters and thats where all those great ideas went to die, get snipped, scaled back, or outright embalmed. That doesn't seem to be the case this time. In the case of the Helix, I bow to your boldness. now let's see if it will fly . . .
  22. Nice work . . sounds like King Crimson after spending a few months in the Middle EastOk. I'll bite. After all, this is what it's all about. That's a nice song you have there, the first link, called finish-2. Original? Here's a heavily processed clean tone that I find myself reusing in several of my songs, with minor tweaks each time. This one, Ekpyrosis, uses this tone the most prevalently, along with a bass and drum track. Very simple and short. The attached patch should work on other pods besides an hd500x. Attached Files 929bytes 1 downloads
  23. The "new POD Head" would really be a Vetta III . . I can only wish.
  24. I have the same thing . .thought maybe it was a bug in the model. It is very pronounced. I was hoping to use it with the Supro and make a mini Keith Richards tone with it. In fact the hum is so obvious I first thought my Pod had an electrical short happening in it.
  25. It's nice to have an AC30 that isn't Top Boost. Fawn is one of my faves atm in the new model packs. Wish they would've included some Matchless amps and the Budda amp since Line 6 is recycling some of the old Vetta amp models and wringing some more cash out of them.
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