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Jtv-69 5 Way Toggle Piezo Pickups Will Not Stay On Position 2 Or4

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Just purchased a JVT- 69 and noticed when using the mag pickups the 5 way toggle switch works perfect but when I switch to the virtual instruments position 2 and 4 don't work right. In either position the instrument is intermittent. I have to hold the switch a little out of that location to get it to work and then when I let go, it goes back to the instrument on either side of that position even though it is still in position 2 or 4.

I updated to the latest firmware and It seemed like it got worse. Has anyone else had this issue. It currently renders the virtual Side of the instrument almost unusable. I have not found anything on this issue other that one other guy made a video on YouTube and his was really bad (hence his cursing in the background).

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Charlie You are probably correct in your assumption and I thank you for your quick reply. I have created a ticket and now I am waiting for a response. Meanwhile if anyone has any knowledge to weather this can be recalibrated either with software or physically without voiding the warrentee please educate me. I would love to resolve this without having to send it back.

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I just purchased a brand new JTV59 from Sweetwater and it has the same issue right out of the box.  When I first tried it it was cold from being in the delivery truck.  After is warmed up, the problem went away.  The next morning it was back.  After being plugged in for a couple of hours to the power supply it was fine again.  I was suspecting a cold solder joint on the switch and removed the cover.  The black wire at the top has a dull solder connection, which could be the culprit.  Rather than taking a soldering iron to a brand new guitar, I contacted Sweetwater and they arranged to replace the guitar.  If your guitar is out of warranty, I would look at the connections, or enter a ticket with Line 6.  It's always better to have a trained Technician work on your guitar.


PS: I also have a v700 that I love. 

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Even in a perfect world JTV59 2/4 model switching can be a delicate flower, IMO.  Workaround for me is simply program/load models that I know I’ll need in 1/3/5 positions and rarely ever use the tuning knob on/off switch to toggle 2/4.  



Please note - I dunno anything 1st hand about JTV69 hardware I’m speaking only about JTV59.  

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